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The biggest misconception is that an orchid is difficult to care for. The opposite is true! With a little extra attention, it can even bloom several times a year. In this article you will find some general tips that will make your orchid happy.

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The Orchid is perhaps one of the best known ornamental flowers we know in the Netherlands. Originally this houseplant comes from Southeast Asia and Australia. Nowadays there are between 25,000 and 30,000 different species. These species differ from each other in color, size, their flowering frequency and the manner of growth.

In nature, this easy houseplant grows mainly in trees, crevices and rocks. These species are called air plants or, epiphytes, they get all their nutrition from the environment through their air roots. It is thought that the orchid is a difficult plant to care for, but this is not true! When the orchid is in the right place this houseplant can last for years.

Watering the Orchid

There are many different types of Orchids, which means they also need different care. However, for the majority of these houseplants the same care applies. Despite the beautiful flowers of the Orchid, this houseplant doesn't need much water. However, the potting soil of the Orchid should always be slightly moist. However, avoid a layer of water in the pot this is not conducive to the health of the Orchid. 

We recommend that you always pour the water on the substrate and not on the plant itself. It is also better to water this houseplant with rainwater. The water from the tap contains calcium and the Orchid does not like that. It is not necessary but it will have a positive effect on the Orchid. 

The best way to water is to take the plant out of its pot (if possible) and put the whole root ball in the water for 5 to 10 minutes. By doing this the roots can absorb the water well and you also prevent the plant from standing in a layer of water. Let the plant drain well afterwards otherwise you will still get a layer of water at the bottom of the pot.

When you are going to water the Orchid, we advise you to do this in the morning, so the houseplant has the whole day to absorb the water.

The best location for an Orchid

The location is important for an orchid, it prefers a place with a lot of light but no direct sunlight. When this houseplant receives too much sunlight it will become duller in color and its leaves will be damaged. This tropical appearance does not like a place in a draught or close to a heater. These two factors can cause damage to the plant and an increased risk of pests.

It's also best not to place the Orchid near your fruit bowl, the gases released from ripening fruit are not conducive to the Orchid. These gases cause the orchid to age faster, a shame!

Repotting the orchid

It is best to repot an orchid once every 2 to 3 years. This houseplant likes to stand tight in the pot, so don't repot too soon. We advise you to repot this houseplant in spring, in this period the Orchid is at its strongest and can catch up with any damage. When repotting, use only special potting soil for Orchids. This potting soil is light so the roots can find their way well. 

Always ensure that the new pot is 20% larger than its predecessor, so the plant has enough room to develop.

Feeding the Orchid

The first two months after purchase the Orchid does not need extra nutrition. It can still rely on the nutrition from fresh potting soil from the grower. During spring and summer you can give the Orchid an extra 'food boost'. Only use special orchid nutrition for this purpose and never give more than is prescribed. In autumn and winter it is better not to give this houseplant extra nutrition. During these periods the orchid is at rest and extra nutrition can only cause damage.

The leaves of my Orchid discolor

The leaves of the Orchid can discolor due to several factors, often it is a warning. If the Orchid drops its buds it is due to cold, too much water or too little light. The minimum day temperature is 16 degrees Celsius, below this 16 degrees the roots are no longer active so the buds will fall out.

Too much sunlight can cause the gloss of the leaf to disappear and the leaf may even burn. Do the leaves become dark green in color? Then the Orchid is not getting enough light, move the plant in this case.

The flowering of the Orchid

The majority of the Orchid family flowers once a year and for 6 to 10 weeks. When the Orchid has finished flowering, it is best to cut off the spent branch. Of course you want to enjoy this flowering again. After you have cut off the dead branch it is best to give it less water for a few months and to put the houseplant in a less warm place. Because of these factors the Orchid will become 'afraid' of dying and will grow new shoots. In nature they would do this to take care for offspring. As soon as you see the new shoots coming, you can put the houseplant back in its familiar place. You can also give the Orchid the usual amount of water. From here the Orchid will develop and new buds will appear. Patience is a virtue!

Is the Orchid a poisonous houseplant?

Despite the fact that there are many varieties of Orchids, there is almost no poisonous variety. Nevertheless we advise you not to eat the flowers.

Common illnesses with the Orchid

The Orchid is sensitive for mealybugs. The right location will help a lot. Make sure the orchid does not stand in a draught. Regularly spraying the Orchid will help prevent these insects, because they cannot stand moisture. If you are still bothered by pests on your houseplant, we advise you to fight them with a biological or chemical pesticide.

Types of Orchids at Green Bubble

At Green Bubble we mainly sell the Phalaenopsis Orchid. In the Netherlands the Phalaenopsis is also called the Butterfly Orchid. This is partly due to the appearance of the Orchid. The Dutch translation of Phalaenopsis also refers to this appearance, 'Phalaina' means moth and 'opsis' means similar. Freely translated it looks like a moth. The flowers look like a flying moth/butterfly.

With the right care, Phalaenopsis can flower 2 to 3 times a year in periods varying from 2 to 6 months. So you have almost the whole year round a great houseplant stand.

Phalaenopsis come in many different colours from a speckled to a striped pattern. At Green Bubble we have more than 20 different species in our assortment. Enough choice!

The Orchid as a cut flower

Would you like to put the flowers on the table or in another spot but the plant is too big for that? Orchids in a vase are also very beautiful! You can simply cut off a branch of flowers and put it in the vase. You can easily enjoy them for three to four weeks. The same applies to these flowers: do not put them in the full sun or in a draught.

Propagating the Orchid

Propagating an Orchid is a complicated process which needs time and knowledge. There are several methods to propagate an orchid. You can divide, sow and meristem this houseplant. The seeds of the Orchid are so fine that you hardly see them. If you manage to secure a seed, it can take years before you have a flowering orchid. 

You can also propagate the Orchid by keiki's, this is the 'easiest' way. A keiki is a plant that grows from a sleeping eye of the flower stem. You have to remove the top skin of the eye very carefully with tweezers. When you have removed the top skin, a dot will remain from which the new Orchid will grow. After about 7 to 9 months when the keiki has its own root of at least 6 cm you can cut it from the plant and put it in its own pot. 

Buying an Orchid at Green Bubble

Are you looking for a beautiful and healthy Orchid as a houseplant? Then you've come to the right place at Green Bubble! At the moment that you buy one of our Orchids you want a beautiful and fresh plant. At Green Bubble we work directly with growers so we can guarantee the freshness of our houseplants. We strive to deliver healthy and high quality plants to our clients every day. This way you get your houseplant delivered as fresh and good as possible!

Do you want to buy an Orchid but don't feel like going to your local garden shop? We understand that, which is why we send your Orchid directly to you, free of charge! It's easy to buy an orchid in our web shop, where you can find different orchids of the highest quality! 

Ease of ordering and great houseplants, that is what Green Bubble stands for. Do you want to buy a cool palm? Join the Green Bubble! 


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