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Plants for the office

Plants for the office can be ordered quickly and easily in our webshop. Choose from our wide range of beautiful, easy and air-purifying plants.

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Are you looking for an office plant or maybe you are looking for an office plant for your own home office?  Then you've come to the right place at Green-Bubble! Office plants are becoming increasingly popular, we are namely increasingly busy and spend less time outside in the fresh air. In the place where you spend most of your day you deserve at least a healthy green friend, an office plant! 

Looking for office plants? At Green Bubble you shop the most air purifying plants

Office plants have many benefits. First of all, office plants purify the air and therefore create a healthier work environment. The second advantage is that employees often actually feel better at work. This in turn can result in a reduction of absenteeism.

At Green-Bubble we have a wide range of the most diverse office plants, from small to large and from green to multi-colored. Actually, any houseplant is a good purchase for your office. Yet we have made a selection of the office plants that stand out the most. These office plants are real eye-catchers and will inspire you to come up with the best ideas. 

Why you need an office plant!

A study has been launched by NASA on the effects of plants and what they contribute to human health. It was concluded that office plants have an air purifying function. The plants filter toxic substances from the air that are often contained in paint or utensils such as benzene and ammonia. Not only do plants have a positive effect on air quality. Another study by NASA has shown that plants also have a good effect on our productivity. Beyond these results, an additional study has shown that plants also have a great psychological impact on our waking attitudes and moods. And say, beyond all these benefits, the necessary greenery will add a neat and natural look to your office.

Why companies order office plants

Did you know that computers, printers and copiers pollute the air? This is because they emit harmful substances. These toxic substances, such as carbon dioxide, are simply inhaled again. This has a bad influence on the health of your employees. Plants absorb toxins and thus improve the quality of the air in the office. In addition, plants for businesses increase humidity. This also prevents complaints. In most offices there is a dry air, which causes dry eyes and respiratory problems. In addition, plants create atmosphere in the office, which improves the mood of your employees.

Positive effects of plants in the office

Besides the fact that office plants have an air purifying effect, they offer many other benefits, such as:

- Increased productivity
- More creativity
- A better sleep rhythm
- Better concentration
- Less fatigue
- Less eye strain
- Less absenteeism

Different types of office plants

As you probably know, there are hundreds and perhaps thousands of different office plants, each with its unique appearance and special features. There are a number of office plants that are extremely popular right now. This is not without reason but it would be a shame to forget all the other green gems! 

Green-Bubble has a large selection of super cool office plants. Often the range is so large that you sometimes can't see the wood for the trees. That's why we like to give you a hand! Below you'll find our favorites among the office plants!

Which plants are suitable for the office?

Actually, all plants are suitable for the office, but there are some that offer extra benefits for businesses:

Sansevieria Laurentie as an office plant

The Sansevieria Laurentie is native to faraway Africa and is also known as woman's tongue. This green houseplant has beautiful long stems with white stripes on the side. 

The Sansevieria Laurentie is the definition of an easy houseplant and is therefore true easy-care office plant. Even the biggest survivors need occasional attention. 

Absolutely do not over water the Sansevieria Laurentie! This houseplant is not at all thirsty. Do you doubt whether you should water? Then rather skip it once. In terms of location, the Sansevieria Laurentie is not the most difficult of plants, it doesn't really matter where you put this beauty. In the sun or in the shade, this green houseplant will be satisfied very quickly! 

Dracaena Compacta as an office plant


The Dracaena Compacta is a perfect plant for those with less green fingers and therefore ideal as an office plant. Originally this Dracaena Compacta comes from Africa but nowadays it can also be found in the tropical regions of Asia and Central America. The Dracaena has elongated and pointed leaves. It is also better to care for this houseplant too little than too much. The Dragon Tree is susceptible to pests when given too much water. In terms of water requirements, this houseplant is not the most difficult, it uses little water. You only need to water it when the soil feels dry. 

This houseplant will also do great in a place with less light. The Dracaena Compacta needs a maximum of 3 hours of sunlight a day. 

Ficus Gin Seng Bonsai as an office plant

Ficus Gin Seng is a beautiful Bonsai of which part of the roots grow above ground. This houseplant is a true Asian blend. The word Bonsai originates from Japan and means tree in a pot while Gin Seng is Chinese and stands for air roots. So it is very diverse!  Ficus Gin Seng Bonsai needs quite some attention and care. Ficus Gin Seng Bonsai is not that thirsty, once a week a watering is enough.  Make sure you only water a little bit at a time, otherwise your new office plant will be flooded.

The Ficus Bonsai loves to sunbathe. It is important that you place this cool houseplant close to a window. 

Areca palm as an office plant

The Araca palm is a star in purifying the air, so you want to have it in your office. Healthy and a super office plant and that at the same time!  The Areca Palm certainly doesn't need a huge amount of care, but this tropical friend also needs attention from time to time.  The Areca Palm likes water very much, so it drinks quite a lot. Make sure the soil is always slightly moist. However, the houseplant does not like it when its roots are in the water. So don't give it too much water all at once!  Place the Areca Palm in a light spot but not in direct sunlight. Even though it is a tropical houseplant, direct sunlight does not make the palm more beautiful.

Monstera Monkey Leaf hanging plant as office plant

Do you want something other than a standing office plant? Then the Monstera Monkey Leaf is just right for you! This special hanging plant comes all the way from Mexico and is extremely popular. How could it be otherwise... Have you seen the leaves? 

Besides the fact that the Monstera Monkey Leaf has a super appearance it is also an easy houseplant. Of course, this does not mean that this green houseplant does not need attention. 

The office plant Monstera Monkey Leaf is not super thirsty. As long as the soil around the houseplant is slightly moist, then this beautiful houseplant is already satisfied. Give the Monstera a splash of water every week. In return, this air purifier will give you fresh and pure air to live in! The Monstera Monkey Leaf is not that picky when it comes to location. Place the houseplant in a bright spot but not in direct sunlight. 

Air plants painting as office plants

Air plants are very special office plants because they literally live on air. These trendy office plants are native to Central and South America and Mexico where they can be found on rocks, trees or other plants. When you buy these air plants, you get them delivered as a painting, so it's also a super cute decoration piece. 

The best way to water the air plant is to spray it. Air plants are quite sensitive to water and need to be 'dried off' after such a sprinkling. If too much water remains between the leaves the air plant will rot. An important factor in the care of the air plant is the air. These plants are called air plants for a reason. The air plants get much of their nutrition from the air, so they should absolutely not be placed in a closed container / pot.

Alocasia Wentii as an office plant

The Alocasia Wentii originates from Southeast Asia and is a super cool office plant that attracts everyone's attention with its huge leaves!  The nickname of the Alocasia Wentii is not for nothing 'Elephant Ear', this is due to its large and beautiful leaves. Due to its tropical origins, the plant is accustomed to sufficient humidity. Make sure that the potting soil is always moist but not wet, because this can cause root rot. The Alocasia Wentii will become a beautiful healthy plant when placed in a bright spot without direct sunlight. 

Sustainable production processes of the office plants

Our office plants are grown by growers who primarily use sustainable production processes. By doing so, we try to keep our ecological footprint as small as possible. In addition, almost all of our pots and baskets are made from recycled materials. You can choose whether you want to order pots with your office plants, which is easy!

The maintenance of office plants

The maintenance of office plants varies. It depends on what kind of office plants you want to order. There are different types of office plants. Green Bubble for example offers easy office plants that need little care, ideal for an office where everyone is too busy working.

Ask us for advice about office plants

Aside from the types of office plants mentioned above, we at Green-Bubble have a lot more to choose from when it comes to an office plant. When you want to pimp up your office with an awesome plant, it's sometimes difficult to make a choice from our large selection. Therefore we are happy to help you with your choice. Call or Whatsapp us for advice via 06-23740835 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also fill in our contact form.

Ordering large quantities of office plants

Would you like to completely furnish an office building with office plants? Good plan! For larger orders it's best to contact our plant service directly.

At Green Bubble we make ordering office plants a piece of cake. Among other things, we offer complete office deals, consisting of large packages of office plants. These packages come with advantageous quantity discounts. But also self-composed packages are an option. All office plant packages are shipped free of charge and delivered to your desk.

Buying an office plant at Green-Bubble

Are you looking for a beautiful, healthy and rock solid office plant? Then you've come to the right place at Green Bubble! At the moment you buy one of our special appearances you want a beautiful and fresh plant. At Green Bubble we work directly with growers so we can guarantee the freshness of our office plants. We strive to deliver healthy and quality plants to our customers every day. As a result, you'll get your office plant delivered as fresh and good as possible!

Want to buy an office plant but don't feel like going to your local garden store? We understand that, that's why we send your office plants directly to you for free! Buying an office plant is easy in our web shop where you can find different kinds of office plants of the highest quality! 

Ease of ordering and great office plants, that's what Green Bubble stands for. Do you want to buy an awesome office plant? Join the Green Bubble! 


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