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Combi deal plant + self-watering pot

What is Wickplants?

All our Wickplants plants have a wick inside the plant (a Wick). When the plant is thirsty, it raises the water itself by means of the wick. So your plants never get too much or too little water again!

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What is Wickplants?

Wickplants is a unique concept, where you never have to water your plants again! How so! All our Wickplants feature a wick inside the plant (a Wick). All Wickplants pots come with a water reservoir, a frame and a water meter. This way, you can hang your Wickplant with wick in the frame of the pot. This way, the wick, which is in the Wickplant, hangs in the water reservoir. This way, the Wickplant can fetch its water itself, by means of the wick, when it is thirsty. Using the water meter, you can see whether the water reservoir is still full. So you never overwater your plants again and your houseplants will last longer! All you have to do is top up the water reservoir once in a while and choose a good spot for the plant. Otherwise, the plant will take care of itself!

How do I put together my Wickplants combi deal?

When you get your Wickplants combi deal delivered to your home, the Wickplant with wick are in a specially designed shipping box! The unique interior means the green houseplants stand firmly in the box and can't move. Houseplants don't mind spending a day in a dark box. So we make sure your green friend is delivered to your home tip-top in good order. The ornamental pot comes in a shipping box, with a water reservoir, frame, water meter and decorative stones to complete the combination!

Wickplants step-by-step plan

  1. Place the frame in the ornamental pot
  2. Place the Wickplant with wick in the frame
  3. Fill the water reservoir in the small hole of the water meter
  4. Place the water meter in the frame
  5. Distribute the decorative stones over the frame
  6. Enjoy your new Wickplants carefree!

Note! Make sure that the plant's pot, which contains the wick, is not under water. Only the wick should hang in the water!

When should I refill my water reservoir?

All Wickplants combi deals come with a water meter. This water meter hangs in the pots' water reservoir. When the water reservoir is filled, you will see that the red bar of the water meter is all the way up. Check the position of the water meter once a week and your plants will stay beautiful for longer. When the red bar of the water meter comes down slightly, this is a sign that the water reservoir is almost empty. This is the time to refill the water reservoir.

How do I refill my water tank?

But how do I refill my water reservoir once my Wickplant is fully installed? Very simple! Remove the decorative stones, which are on the frame, slightly to the side by the water meter. Remove the water meter from the frame. Now you can refill the water reservoir through the hole of the water meter. Then put the water meter back in the frame and distribute the decorative stones neatly over the frame again. Is the red bar still not fully up? Then add more water to the water reservoir.

Note! Make sure that the plant's pot, which contains the wick, is not under water. Only the wick should hang in the water!

How often should I refill my water reservoir?

This depends on the Wickplant, its location and the time of year. Every houseplant needs more water in summer than in winter. So with Wickplants, you no longer need to keep track of this. Only the water reservoir will empty a bit faster in summer than in winter! Besides, a large houseplant drinks more than a houseplant around 50 cm high. So in that, the water meter reading is enough to keep track of. And worrying about how much water a plant needs no longer applies. The plant takes care of itself and gets exactly the amount of water it needs.


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