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small houseplants

Small houseplants are ideal if you want to add a little green to your interior. Especially if you don't have much room for a large houseplant, because you have a small space. At Green Bubble you will find a wide range of plants.

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Houseplants do a lot for your interior, they immediately give a whole new atmosphere to a room. The fresh green colors of houseplants give your room the fresh touch that you might have been looking for for a while. Do you already have a number of large houseplants in your home, but would still like more green in your interior? Then small houseplants are perfect for you! Because of the size of these houseplants, you can place a lot of them, they take up little space. 

Small houseplants not only take up very little space, they are also very easy to maintain. An example of such a small houseplant is the pancake plant. A pancake plant is a small houseplant with round leaves.  This green houseplant likes daylight, but definitely not full sun. Water it weekly and you and this houseplant will become best friends! The pineapple plant is a tropical houseplant and this houseplant needs exactly the same care as the pancake plant. With these houseplants you will give a tropical atmosphere to every room in the house. 

Small houseplants in the living room 

Perhaps you already know exactly where you want to put your new houseplants. Small houseplants obviously take up little space, which is nice if you can't choose between all the trendy houseplants. You can put the small houseplants in different places in the house. In the living room you can give your green friend a place on the dining table, but you can also choose an original place for your new houseplant. For example, you can place it in the kitchen, on a cabinet or on a special houseplant stand. Among this selection of small houseplants are also a number of hanging plants. You can also hang these houseplants from a hook on the ceiling or wall. 

Freshen up your bedroom with small houseplants 

Small houseplants not only fit into any living room, but are also perfect for giving your bedroom a fresh touch. You can place these houseplants, for example, in the windowsill or on your bedside table. Note that not every houseplant likes to stand directly by the window. The green houseplants not only give your room a cozy atmosphere, but some small houseplants also have an air purifying function. Think of the Philodendron Atom. These kinds of air-purifying houseplants have a positive effect on the quality of your sleep. 

Top 10 small houseplants 
Melon plant 

This South American houseplant is related to the pancake plant and is notable for its unusual appearance. The green striped leaves of this melon plant resemble small watermelons, hence this name. Don't worry about your pets and children with this houseplant, as the melon plant is an animal-friendly houseplant. Because of its succulent properties, this houseplant can use water economically. However, this houseplant has a greater need for water than succulents and cacti. 

Hanging plant Monstera Monkey Leaf 

This hanging plant is a real eye-catcher. The name Monstera probably looks familiar to you, because the Monstera is a very popular houseplant. This green houseplant also has holes in the leaves, but slightly different from the ordinary Monstera. The classic Monstera has holes at the end of the leaves, in the Monstera monkey leaf the holes are more towards the grain. The tips are closed. This Monstera monkey leaf comes from Central America and is part of the Araceae family. 

Pilea Peperomio plant 

The Pilea Peperomioides, better known as pancake plant, is a trendy houseplant with sturdy green stems and round leaves. These leaves look like little pancakes. That's how the pancake plant got its name! This houseplant is not only very nice to see, but also animal friendly. Your curious pets are not in danger when they take a bite of one of the leaves. Preferably do not give the plant direct sunlight and make sure the soil of the pancake plant is moist. Another fun fact about the pancake plant: you can easily take cuttings from it. This way you'll have a few more pancake plants in no time. 

Ficus Tineke (rubber plant) 

This rubber plant is officially called Ficus Tineke. This ficus houseplant has strong, large leaves. This houseplant is perfect as a table plant, but also fits in any office space. The Ficus Tineke not only looks good, but also has important properties. This houseplant has an air purifying function. This houseplant ensures that the air in your room is purified and that you do not inhale harmful substances. Ficus Tineke prefers normal daylight. Water this houseplant weekly. 

Caladium Red Heart 

The Caladium Red Heart has a special look. The red veins make the leaves really stand out. If you have animals or curious children in your home, then this houseplant is not a good match for you. This is because the Caladium Red Heart is not an animal-friendly houseplant. It comes with a height of 40 cm and with the right care it can grow to a height of 50 cm! Water this cool houseplant weekly and avoid placing it in full sun, it doesn't like this. 

Banana plant 

This little houseplant is really indispensable in your mini urban jungle! The banana plant is 30 cm high. Thanks to its height you can use it as a table plant, but be careful! This houseplant needs a lot of sunlight. Also, this houseplant consumes a lot of water. Make sure the banana plant stands in moist soil and does not dry out. If you follow these steps, the banana plant will grow into a houseplant of 80 cm. The banana plant stands out because of its large leaves and has an air purifying function. 

Philodendron Atom 

This Philodendron likes to climb up along a moss stick, for example. You can also choose to keep the houseplant small by guiding the shoots of the Philodendron Atom back. The dark green leaves give this small houseplant a tough appearance. When you receive this small houseplant it will have a height of 30 cm. The Philodendron Atom can grow to a height of 50 cm, if you give it the right care. This houseplant prefers half sun and half shade and needs a lot of water! 

Pineapple plant 

The pineapple plant is also called Bromelia. This small houseplant brings a cozy atmosphere with its tropical look. A funny fact about the pineapple plant: it seems that this houseplant has an effect on snoring. So it's best to give this houseplant a place in the bedroom. A pineapple plant does not need much attention. Yet it is important to know how to best care for this houseplant. Do not place this houseplant in direct sunlight, as the leaves of the pineapple plant could burn. That would be a shame! 

Spiral cactus 

Cacti require little water, so only water this small houseplant once every two weeks. This spiral cactus has a height of 40 cm when it arrives at your home. It loves the sun and therefore finds it no problem to stand in the window sill! Don't have a green thumb, but are you ready for new houseplants? The cactus is indestructible and requires almost no care. Just remember that every houseplant needs a little love now and then. 

Grass Lily 

The official name of this fun houseplant is Chlorophytum Comosum. The grass lily is not only a cool houseplant to look at, but it is also animal friendly and has an air purifying function. Despite the fact that this houseplant is not toxic to your pet, your animal friend may get nauseous if he eats too many of the leaves. Water this green houseplant weekly. The water lily likes sunlight, but not direct sun. This houseplant is a real must-have! 

Order small houseplants at Green Bubble 

Are you ready for a new look for a room in your house, but don't know if you have enough space left for houseplants? No worries! For the small houseplants that we have selected at Green Bubble there is always room! They take up very little space and generally don't require as much attention as larger houseplants. Each small houseplant brings a tropical atmosphere with it to give your interior a fresh new look! 

The small houseplants in this selection each have a unique appearance and special properties. You may well be able to recognize and distinguish between the various types of houseplants, but there are so many that even we sometimes find it difficult to make a choice. A large proportion of these small houseplants do not require much attention. In addition, there are a number of animal-friendly houseplants to choose from. 

Order your new green friend through our webshop. You will receive your houseplant within 1 to 4 days at home in a special shipping box. These uniquely designed boxes prevent your houseplants from falling over during shipping. This way we can assure you that your houseplant will be delivered in perfect condition! 



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