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Animal-proof houseplants

Which houseplants are safe for your pets? We've collected them for you. These plants in this list are safe for your dog and cat!

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Pets often love houseplants. There are a number of houseplants that are (slightly) toxic to pets. Pets are sometimes incredibly curious about a houseplant and would love to taste a bite of each green leaf. Houseplants and pets may seem like an impossible combination for this reason, but who says you have to choose between houseplants and your pets? 

To make it easier for you to make the right choice, we at Green Bubble have made a selection of all animal-friendly houseplants. These green houseplants not only bring atmosphere into your home, but also make sure that you can leave your four-legged friends at home alone. Animal-friendly houseplants are not toxic to humans, so they pose no danger to curious children. 

Animal-friendly plants generally do not require much attention. Of course, this differs per houseplant. After all, every plant can use some love now and then. So if you are not a pro at keeping houseplants alive, pay close attention to which houseplant you choose. 

What is an animal-friendly houseplant? 

With a baby or pets in the house, it's extra important to know what houseplants you're getting. Some houseplants are toxic. There are no specific characteristics that allow you to distinguish a poisonous plant from a pet-friendly plant. Poisonous houseplants can cause various reactions in your baby or pet, such as skin irritation. This you obviously want to prevent. So study carefully which plant is baby- and animal friendly before you make a choice. Green Bubble is happy to help you on your way. 

Different types of animal friendly houseplants 

The banana plant is an example of an animal friendly houseplant. Dogs and cats love to chill under the large leaves of this tropical houseplant. In the summer, this is the ideal place for your animal friend to lie in the shade. 

Are you looking for a flowering animal-friendly houseplant? Then an orchid will suit you perfectly. The orchid requires little care and will survive in any home. The grass lily is also animal friendly. This houseplant is not only animal friendly, but also has an air-purifying effect. Be alert, though, because if your pet eats too many of these leaves, he may become nauseous. 

Top 10 animal-friendly houseplants 

We have made a selection of 10 animal-friendly houseplants, this way we can help you make a choice. 

1: Kentia palm 

This shaggy, large green palm is a suitable houseplant for the office. The Kentia palm is a perfect addition to your urban jungle. Due to its air purifying effect, this green houseplant has a positive effect on your productivity during the day. This animal-friendly houseplant is perfect for the office, living room or bedroom. The Kentia palm is an exuberant houseplant that adds a tropical atmosphere to your

interior. This green houseplant does not require much care, but it does like water very much. Make sure that the soil of this houseplant is always slightly moist, it will be happy with that. 

2: Areca palm 

The areca palm is also called the gold palm. This green houseplant is 180 cm and can grow up to 210 cm high! This tropical friend does not need a great deal of care, but even this palm needs love now and again. The areca palm gives, in exchange for your love and attention, a freshly purified air back to you. This beautiful green plant has beautiful green leaves year round and does best in normal daylight. This animal-friendly houseplant is a perfect addition to your interior. 

3: Melon plant 

The melon plant is a South American houseplant and is characterized by its unusual appearance. The melon plant got its name from its beautiful green striped leaves. The melon plant is animal friendly, so your pets will not be at risk when you have this houseplant in your home. This green houseplant is related to the pancake plant. The melon plant has succulent properties that make them economical with water. However, they do require much more water than succulents and cacti. 

4: Pancake plant 

The pancake plant is officially called Pilea Peperomioides. This trendy houseplant is characterized by its long green stems and round leaves, which resemble small pancakes. This animal-friendly houseplant does not need direct sunlight and wants a little water every now and then. If you water this houseplant too much, it won't be too happy with you. Because of its size, the pancake plant can't beat the areca palm, for example, in terms of air purification. This cool green houseplant gives a fresh touch to any room in the house. 

5: Olive tree


The olive tree has been coveted for centuries for its delicious olives. This houseplant will last for years and you can put it in the garden in summer. This green houseplant is 100 cm when delivered to your home and can grow to a height of 110 cm. The olive tree originally comes from the Middle East and can become hundreds of years old. The tree is a symbol of peace, loyalty and love. Are you not very good at taking care of plants? Then an olive tree is a good fit for you, because this beautiful plant needs little water and care. The olive tree is also animal friendly. 

6: Banana plant 

Transform your living room or bedroom into an urban jungle with this cool houseplant. The banana plant is officially called Musa and can be recognized by its large green leaves. This houseplant is not only an eye-catcher in your interior, but is also animal friendly. In addition, the banana plant has an air purifying function, so this houseplant would also be perfect for an office space. This green houseplant loves water, but make sure the roots are not flooded. Put this green friend in a warm and sunny place, that's what it likes best.

7: Orchid 

At Green Bubble we have many different kinds of orchids. An orchid is very easy to care for and with some extra care this houseplant can bloom several times a year. The orchid has an attractive appearance to animals and babies, but fortunately the orchid is an animal-friendly houseplant. It is important not to overwater the orchid. If you want to make sure you are not overwatering your orchid, you can give three ice cubes a week. Never place an orchid in full sun, this houseplant can burn. That would be a shame! Preferably give the orchid a spot in normal daylight. 

8: Calathea 

The Calathea originally comes from the tropical rain forests of Central and South America. This animal-friendly houseplant exists in different species, each with a unique appearance. The leaves often have beautiful drawings, from colored edges to pink stripes. It is important that this houseplant does not get too much light. Do not place this houseplant in too dark a place either, or the leaves will droop and your green friend will stop growing. Make sure the soil of this houseplant is always slightly moist. 

9: Bromelia (pineapple plant) 

The Bromelia is also known as a pineapple plant. It is said that the pineapple plant has an effect on snoring, so this houseplant is perfect for the bedroom. A pineapple plant doesn't need much attention, but it does need a nice warm spot. Yet it is important that you do not place this tropical houseplant in direct sunlight, the leaves may burn. This houseplant comes with a height of 50 cm and does not grow further, because the pineapple plant is a one-time bloomer. This houseplant is animal friendly and kid proof, however, the little pineapple on top of this houseplant is not edible! 

10: Grass Lily 

The grass lily is officially called a Chlorophytum Comosum, just so you know. The grass lily is an animal-friendly and air-purifying houseplant. Be careful with your pets though, the leaves look inviting, but can cause nausea if your animal friend eats too much of it. The water lily needs weekly watering and does best in a sunny spot, but not in direct sunlight! When the water lily is delivered to you, this houseplant will have a height of 20 cm. 

Why you need an animal-friendly houseplant: 

Do you love houseplants, but are afraid they won't mix with your pets? No worries! There are plenty of animal-friendly houseplants that your cat or dog won't take a bite of. These animal-friendly houseplants will give your home a unique touch without putting your pet or baby at risk. Many of these green houseplants have an air-purifying function. Win win! 

What are air purifying houseplants? 

A large portion of our selection of houseplants are not only animal-friendly, but also have an air-purifying function. Ideal for an office space or the bedroom. But what is

an air-purifying houseplant? NASA has done research on how houseplants work. There are several types of houseplants that have a very strong air-purifying function. They filter substances like benzene and ammonia from the air. 

Air purifying houseplants also provide higher humidity. For people who find it difficult to care for a plant, there are air purifying plants that require little attention. Think for example of the Sansevieria.


Buy an animal friendly houseplant at Green Bubble 

Are you planning to make a room in your house a bit greener, but do you doubt which plants are suitable? At Green Bubble you order the most beautiful animal friendly houseplants. Our plants come directly from the grower. This allows us to guarantee the freshness of our green houseplants. 

With our selection of animal friendly houseplants you can easily create a nice atmosphere in any room or office. These green houseplants not only have a special and beautiful appearance, some of these plants have an air purifying function. 

You can order your animal-friendly houseplant easily in the webshop. We deliver all our plants in unique shipping boxes. Thanks to these boxes, the plants can't move during delivery. This way we ensure that you can receive your new houseplant in perfect condition.


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