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Palm species

If there is one plant synonymous with the tropics it is the palm tree. It is a very popular and sought after plant, available in lots of different varieties. There are many different palm varieties that you can order directly here on Green Bubble

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The palm family is a special family that has over 4000 different species such as the Hawaiian palm tree, Chamaedorea Elegans, Caryota Mitis and the Yucca. Originally, these special plants come from tropical and sub-tropical environments. Today, palms can be found all over the world and there are even hardy palms. The palm tree is now also a popular houseplant because of its special appearance, a true tropical houseplant. Naturally, the 'indoor palms' are a different size from the 'real' palm trees. All types of palms have beautiful leaves that are deep green in color and have a fan-shaped appearance.

Aside from the exotic beauty of the palm tree, people found out about 5000 years ago that the palm is also a very useful plant. Several palm species produce fruits such as; dates, palm peach, moriche and of course the coconut. 

The water requirements of the indoor palm

It is important that the palm tree always has a moist soil. Therefore, water this indoor palm once a week in winter and twice a week in summer. Avoid placing the palm in a layer of water, as this can cause root rot. It is better for the house palm to be watered several times with small amounts of water, since the soil can absorb large amounts of water poorly. Feel the soil more often in the beginning to make sure that the house palm still has enough water. 

Due to the tropical origin of this indoor palm tree, we recommend that you water it often. By nature, this plant likes a moist environment and it doesn't easily find that in our (living) rooms. The more often you water the palm plants the better it is, preferably use lukewarm water.

The amount of water depends on a number of factors, such as the location and the size of the palm. Therefore, in the beginning, test with small amounts of water how much your indoor palm needs.

The perfect location for an indoor palm tree

The palm tree prefers a spot with plenty of light but not direct sunlight. The plant is best off with 3 to 5 hours of light a day, so do not place the palm directly in front of a window. Too much direct sunlight will cause the leaves of the palm to turn yellow and increase the need for water. If your palm gets yellow leaves, we advise you to find another spot with a little less direct sunlight. If your palm has not grown any new leaves for a while, it probably does not get enough light. This is a shame, so move the palm tree to a spot with more daylight.

Pruning the palm

The leaves of the palm plants will eventually become less attractive. The ends of the palm tree will turn brown. This is not caused by touching, as many people think, but in nature palms get this too. Especially the older leaves at the bottom of the palm will eventually become browner. A palm plant grows from the core and this process goes fairly quickly. The older and often less beautiful leaves can be safely cut off. We advise you to do this directly at the trunk. These leaves will not recover and will only cost the palm energy. Be careful not to prune the trunk itself, as it will not regrow. For the appearance of the palm tree, you can also cut off the brown tips at the ends of the leaves.

Diseases that can affect palms

By nature, the palm grows in moist conditions and this is where it will grow best and stay healthy. A dry environment makes the indoor palm susceptible to spider mites and draughts can lead to mealy bugs. Should your house palm suffer from this, we recommend that you combat it as soon as possible with a biological or chemical pesticide. 

Different species indoor palms at Green Bubble

At Green Bubble we sell a nice selection of different house palms, each with their own beauty, namely:

Brighamia insignis - 40 cm

The nickname of this crazy palm is also called the Hawaii Palm. This palm tree is also only found in Hawaii and is therefore "endemic". If you are lucky, this palm plant will give you small yellow flowers in October and November to bring the tropics all the way into your home!

Kentia Palm - 80 cm

The Kentia Palm also known as the Howea Forsteriana is native to the islands east of Australia. Because this indoor palm is easy to maintain, we often see it in offices as well.

Areca Palm - 110cm

Madagascar is the original home of this Areca palm. This palm is also called Gold Palm or Butterfly Palm. This is due to its beautiful pinnate leaves that are a bright green color. In nature, these palms can grow as high as 6 to 12 feet!

Chamaedorea elegans - 120 cm

This indoor palm originates from Mexico and will not grow much larger than 120 cm. Its nickname is dwarf palm because 120 cm is not very large for a palm tree. This indoor palm does have the looks of a real palm tree and is also easy to maintain.

Pole palm - 100cm

The Stick Palm plant originates from Southeast Asia and is an easy to maintain indoor palm. There is almost no other palm houseplant that can stand darker than the Stick Palm. Ideal for a dark corner of your living room.

Cycas Revoluta - 75 cm

The Cyras Revoluta has various nicknames, such as the Fern Palm and the Peace Palm. Especially because of its graceful leaves and thick stem it is a real eye-catcher. This variant is also very easy to maintain, it grows slowly and needs little water.

Buying a palm tree at Green Bubble

Do you want to buy a beautiful and healthy palm tree as houseplant? Then you're at the right place at Green Bubble! At the moment you buy one of our palm species you want a beautiful and fresh plant. At Green Bubble we work directly with growers so we can guarantee the freshness of our palm houseplants. We strive to deliver healthy and quality plants to our clients every day. As a result, you'll get your houseplant palm delivered as fresh and good as possible!

Want to buy a Palm tree but don't feel like going to your local garden store? We understand that, so we send your Palm directly to you for free! Buying a Palm tree is easy in our web shop, where you can buy a Palm tree of the highest quality! 

Ease of ordering and great houseplants, that's what Green Bubble stands for. Do you want to buy a cool palm tree? Join the Green Bubble! 


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