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Outdoor plants

We can go out again! We can do it all year round, but still... Give your terrace and balcony a complete metamorphosis where the colors splash off. Choose a mix of different colours and go for cheerful spring bloomers like the Kalanchoe!

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In addition to a large number of houseplants, Green-Bubble also has a nice assortment of outdoor plants. It's not that these plants can only be placed outside, in fact many of these outdoor plants need to be brought back inside during the winter months. All outdoor plants on this page will also do fine indoors. These outdoor plants have been specially selected because they are strong plants that can withstand higher temperature changes than other plants in our range.

Brighten up your garden or terrace and make it the place to be as soon as the sun starts shining again. To make it a little easier for you, we have listed our favorites. 

Cacti as outdoor plants

Cacti are the ideal outdoor plants, they are easy to care for and yet always bring a special 'vibe' with them. The Euphorbia Erytrea Cactus looks like it's straight out of a cowboy movie and the Spiral Cactus has such a special shape that you keep looking at it.

The Cactus is an outdoor plant that requires little care, so you only need to water it once every 2 weeks. Never water the Cactus if the soil has not dried out yet. Cacti are quite sensitive to root rot. The only way to kill a cactus is to water it too much. In the winter months, the Cactus can easily go a month without water. Too little water rarely leads to problems for the Cactus, so wait a little longer before watering again when in doubt. 

The Cactus is also a true sun worshipper, a place for this outdoor plant in the (full) sun will do just fine. Build up the number of direct sun hours gradually, we recommend you to put the outdoor Cactus outside in the spring so it can get used to the intensity of the sun.

The Philodendron as an outdoor plant

The Philodendron originates from the rain forests of South America and belongs to the Arum family. The Philodendron is originally a climbing plant and will grow well along a mesh rack. This is a super fun way to place the Philodendron in your garden as an outdoor plant. With proper care and positioning, you will enjoy this plant for a long time. It can always happen that something does not go quite right in the care. This outdoor plant will show this by means of its leaves. 

In the spring and summer the soil of the Philodendron should always be slightly moist. In the winter months, the soil may feel a little drier for about a week before you give the Philodendron new water.

The Philodendron is not a real sun worshipper. It does not like direct sunlight, especially the bright sunlight in the afternoon. We advise you to build up the direct hours of sunlight and start in the spring.  

The olive tree as an outdoor plant

The olive tree or Olea Europaea is a special plant which brings a certain atmosphere with it. The olive tree belongs to the Oleaceae family and originally comes from the countries around the Mediterranean Sea.  Nowadays there are many different types of olive trees, so there are winter-hardy trees that survive the Dutch winters outside, an ideal outdoor plant!

The olive trees are quite thirsty plants, this is because they need a lot of sunlight so they also evaporate a lot of water. In the summer months it is therefore advisable to water your Olive tree several times a week. The soil in which the Olive tree as an outdoor plant stands should always be slightly moist. The Olive tree will give off signals when there is too much water, the leaves will turn yellow or brown. Take immediate action and be more precise with watering. 

The Mediterranean climate is dry and warm and naturally the Olive tree receives direct sunlight for entire days. This light allows Olive trees to develop and grow well as outdoor plants. The intensity of the sun and the number of hours of sunlight are a little different in the Netherlands, so your Olive tree has a little more trouble developing. You can help the Olive tree with this by choosing the right location. The Olive tree will develop best when placed in full sun. 

The Yucca as an outdoor plant

The Yucca plant is native to Central and South America and belongs to the plant family: Asparagaceae. This green houseplant has beautiful pointed leaves and is nice and easy to take care of, even as an outdoor plant. The Yucca is a really easy outdoor plant and can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. Of course also this green plant needs his love now and then! The Yucca is not a thirsty plant because it has a water deposit in its stem. It loves a splash of water when the soil is completely dried out. When in doubt about watering again, we advise you to wait a while. The Yucca is better off being a little too dry than too wet. Let the Yucca soak up the sun, this outdoor plant just can't get enough of it. A light spot is wonderful for the Yucca.

Citrus trees as outdoor plants

Citrus trees are known and appreciated worldwide for their fruit and will do great as an outdoor plant. The Citrus tree can be placed outside in the summer months, but in the autumn and winter months it is better to bring this bright little tree inside. In May and June the Citrus tree will have white/pink flowers from which the brightly colored fruits will grow.

Originally the Citrus tree comes from the Mediterranean and it is one of the oldest crops in the world, these trees have been cultivated for about 4000 years.

Watering the Citrus tree is somewhat different than with "normal" plants. The Citrus tree is used to dry periods interspersed with periods of rain. Make sure the soil is not too moist. When the Citrus tree develops fruits it uses a lot more energy and also needs more water.

Naturally the Citrus tree is used to warm and drier climates. In Spain, for example, the Citrus tree receives sunlight all day long. Because of this sunlight the Citrus trees can develop well and stay healthy. In the Netherlands there is less sun and the sun is also less powerful, so the Citrus trees have more trouble with their development. It is therefore important that the Citrus tree is planted outdoors in a place with as much sunlight as possible, preferably in full sun. 

Cycas Revoluta as an outdoor plant

The Cycas Revoluta is also called the Fern Palm and originates from Southeast Asia. This plant creates a tropical atmosphere in your garden as an outdoor plant. The graceful leaves on the sturdy and robust stem make Cycas Revoluta very popular. Partly because of its strong trunk, the Fern Palm can stand well outside in spring and summer. 

As with the other Palms, the care of this easy houseplant is not very complicated. Water the Cycas Revoluta weekly and you will enjoy this robust houseplant for a long time. Furthermore, the Cycas Revoluta likes to stand in sufficient light. The plant comes from the tropics where the sun shines very brightly! So give this green houseplant a nice spot with plenty of sunlight.

Philodendron scandens as an outdoor plant

If you are looking for an outdoor plant that grows to a great height, then the Philodendron scandens is just right for you! It is a real climber and is considered a climbing plant. This piece of South American jungle is certainly not the biggest attention seeker, but of course you want to keep this outdoor plant in good company. Make sure this true jungle outdoor plant is in moist soil at all times. 

When it comes to light, the Philodendron is not the most difficult. This outdoor plant prefers to stand half in the sun and half in the shade. The Philodendron is not so happy with direct sunlight, so take this into account!

Ask us for advice

When you want to pimp up your garden or balcony with a cool outdoor plant, it can sometimes be difficult to make a choice from our large selection. That is why we are happy to help you with your choice. Call or Whatsapp us for advice via 06-23740835 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also fill out our contact form.

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Ease of ordering and great outdoor plants, that is what Green Bubble stands for. Do you want to buy an awesome outdoor plant? Join the Green Bubble! 


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