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The Dracaena is the perfect beginner's plant. It is a very strong plant that can grow anywhere and needs little care. It does not mind at all if you forget it once in a while, this sturdy trunk will take care of itself.

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The Dracaena, dragon tree or dragon plant, is an old familiar houseplant. The Dracaena was given the name dragon tree because the leaves of some Dracaena species can have a red colour. The dragon tree originally comes from areas in Africa and Central America. The Dracaena is a plant that looks beautiful and tropical and at the same time requires very little care! So the Dracaena is an ideal easy plant for, for example, an office or for someone who is not very good with plants but still wants to enjoy a bit of green in their home. 

The Dracaena is a very popular plant because of its tree-like character. The leaves of the dragon plant grow out of the trunk at the sides. The Dracaena needs very little care and can survive without too much water. Because there are many different varieties of the dragon tree, there is a suitable variety for everyone. For example, there are Dracaena species with more green leaves and Dracaena species with a more desert-like appearance!

Caring for a Dracaena plant

The Dracaena is good news for the real plant killer! The Dracaena is a plant that requires very little care. The plant can survive several weeks without water. Nevertheless, it is important that the Dracaena gets water every now and then. If you read the Dracaena care tips carefully, you will enjoy this strong, tropical-looking plant for years to come. 

Watering a Dracaena

The Dracaena is a plant that needs very little water. In the winter, the dragon plant only needs watering once every 3 to 6 weeks. This depends on the temperature in which the plant is standing and how dry the soil is. So only water the Dragon Tree in the winter when the soil is dry! Too much water can quickly lead to root rot in the Dracaena.

The moment the leaves develop brown spots and yellow edges it is a sign that the Dragon Tree is getting too much water. The ugly leaves of the Dracaena are easy to prune and make sure that you give less water afterwards. The moment the dragon plant gets too much water for a longer period of time, the trunk becomes soft at the bottom. This is the beginning of the end for the dragon plant! Watering the Dracaena will not be necessary any time soon, this is only to maintain beautiful leaves and to remove dust particles from the leaves! 

The perfect location for a Dracaena plant

The location of the Dracaena is not very important. The Dracaena is a real shadow plant and can easily grow in a place where there is always shadow. Do not place the Dracaena longer than 3 hours in direct sunlight. Should the dragon plant turn yellow, it is a sign that it gets too much light. At that moment, move the dragon plant to a spot with more shade! 

Re-potting the Dracaena

Are you planning to repot your Dracaena plant? Read the following tips carefully so that you can be sure that the dragon tree will not suffer any damage while being repotted! The Dracaena can best be repotted in the spring or around summer. This is because the Dracaena has just a little more energy in those months. Possible damage can therefore be better repaired by the Dracaena. Harming a Dracaena is something that fortunately does not happen so quickly. This is because the Dracaena is not very attached to its roots due to its low water requirements. 

When you repot your Dracaena, it is wise to choose a pot that is about 20% larger than the breeding pot or the old pot in which the plant used to be. The new pot will give the Dracaena more room to grow and it will have some extra nutrition! 

Pruning the Dracaena

A Dracaena does not get ugly leaves that quickly. This will only happen when the Dracaena gets too much water or too much light. The leaves of the Dracaena turn yellow when the plant receives too much light. These leaves can easily be pruned off at the stem. Leaves of the Dracaena plant can also turn brown because of too much water. These can also be easily cut off. 

Nutrition for the Dracaena

Feeding a Dracaena is not necessary in the autumn and winter months. The plant needs little water and little extra nutrients. You should only feed your dragon tree in spring and never give it too much. Too much feed is counterproductive for the dragon plant. 

Dracaena diseases

The Dracaena is not very susceptible to diseases if the plant gets normal amounts of water. The moment you give the dragon tree too much water, the leaves can become a bit weak. This makes the Dracaena plant more susceptible to diseases such as scale insects or mealy bugs. When you see that the dragon plant gets a bit of wool or scale insects, make sure that they are removed as soon as possible. If the lice get out of hand, it is always possible to use chemical pesticides.

All you need to know about the Dracaena plant

At the moment you are looking for a Dracaena, it is smart to read up on it. Here are a few facts about the dragon tree! 

Taking Dracaena cuttings

It is quite easy to take a cutting from a Dracaena. Cut the head of the tree at about 10 cm and place the head in a glass of water. Make sure that there are about 6 leaves on the head cutting of the Dracaena. In the spring, you have the best chance that the cutting survives. During this period, the plant has more energy. As soon as enough roots have grown on the cutting, you can put the mini dragon tree in airy soil!

Is a Dracaena poisonous?

Would you like to buy a Dracaena but do you have small children and/or pets at home? Then you want to be sure that the Dracaena plant is not poisonous! Some species of the Dracaena are slightly poisonous, if pets or small children take a bite of the Dracaena leaf, this can cause nausea.

Different Dracaena species

There are many different Dracaena plant species available at Green Bubble. Take for example the Dracaena Marginata. This is one of the most popular species of Dracaena. The care for all Dracaena plants species is the same!

Dracaena Marginata

The most well-known and oldest species of Dracaena is the Dracaena Marginata. It is known for its red accents in the leaves and pointed tip. This dragon plant is very easy to use as a houseplant. It hardly needs any care and is therefore ideal for every plant lover! 

Dracaena Fragans

The Dracaena Fragans is a very beautiful and green Dracaena. This Dracaena is known for its beautiful green appearance and, in certain types, yellow accents. This dragon plant is also very easy to take care of. The Dracaena Fragans comes at Green Bubble in 3 different types. The Dracaena Green, Golden Coast and Yellow Coast. So there is for every plant lover a beautiful Dracaena!

Buying a Dracaena plant at Green Bubble

Of course you buy a Dracaena at Green Bubble! When you buy a plant you always want the healthiest and most beautiful choices. We at Green Bubble strive to send only the highest quality plants every day. All Dragon Trees we sell are always fresh from the grower.

Nothing makes us happier than a happy customer and a healthy plant. 

Do you want to buy a Dracaena but don't feel like going all the way to the shop? At Green Bubble you can easily order all your houseplants online. We make sure you never have to drag plants around again. 

Ordering a Dracaena is quick and easy in our webshop. When you order a dragon plant today, you'll receive it quickly at home! 

Ease of ordering and beautiful houseplants, that is what Green Bubble stands for. Do you want to buy a beautiful Dracaena? Join the Green Bubble!


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