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Straw baskets

On our site, we have a wide range of wicker baskets in all shapes and sizes!

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Are you looking for the perfect basket for your houseplant? We advise you to take a look at our range of Wicker baskets. Wicker baskets are often used outside but inside they will also look fantastic. A houseplant in a wicker basket will give a calm look and fits perfectly with an urban interior. Actually, a wicker basket is in place within every room because say it yourself they are really fantastic, aren't they?

Why you need a wicker basket!

A houseplant in a wicker basket is really an eye-catcher it makes your green friend even more beautiful! By placing your plant in a wicker basket you can easily make a playful corner, combine small wicker baskets with larger ones and vary with color and braiding technique. It's easy to create your own botanical corner!

The history of wicker baskets

Wicker baskets are braided and this is an age-old technique that goes far back in time. Because reed is quite perishable material, no centuries-old baskets have been found. Nevertheless, there are indications that wicker baskets were made and used far back in time. For example, prints have been found in which wickerwork can be seen. In the time of prehistory, wickerwork was used for all kinds of purposes, for example, walls of houses were braided but baskets were also braided for storage. In these times, wickerwork was also popular because you did not need tools for it, everything was made by hand.

What are wicker baskets made of

In terms of appearance, there are many different types of wicker baskets, this appearance is due to shape, color but also due to the type of material that is used. Not all wicker baskets are necessarily made of reeds, there are many different materials that the baskets are made of. The most common material is Teen. Toe is a willow species of which there are three different variants:

  • Grey toe: This is the natural and unprocessed product, with Grey toe its bark is not removed and is therefore dark in colour.
  • Buf Teen: These branches are boiled and after 24 hours they are peeled with a machine so that the bark is off. The color of these branches is then reddish brown, this is a common color in the wicker baskets.
  • White Toe: This variant is the most common, the toe is put in the water so that it still grows. Then the bark can also be easily removed. The color is quite light.

Rattan is also a commonly used material for wicker baskets. Rattan originally comes from the Rattan palm. It is the stems of this palm that is used for braiding. The Rattan Palm is a climbing palm species and grows 25 to 40 meters in one year! Rattan also has a processed form called Pitrite. In the core, Pitrite is rattan, but because it is cut to different thicknesses, it gets a different appearance. Also, Pitrite is often bleached to give it a white or lighter color.

Finally, reed is also widely used, the reed is mainly used for indoor baskets. This is because reed is a lot less hard, because reed is a more vulnerable material. This makes the reed extremely popular for baskets because reed is easy to color and shape. So there is always a suitable wicker basket for your green friend.

Suitable houseplant for in a wicker basket

In fact, every houseplant is suitable for standing in a wicker basket. Nevertheless, we have made a top 5 for you of houseplants that come into their own even more beautifully in a wicker basket!

Wicker basket for a Cactus

Our all-time favourite houseplant to place in a wicker basket is the cactus. A cactus is a super cool houseplant that you really can't ignore! The cactus is a super easy houseplant that drinks little water, so you almost never have to water it. Actually, this houseplant is indestructible but too much water can kill it, so pay attention to this! In terms of location, you can place this easy houseplant anywhere as long as it is in the sun. The cactus is a sun worshipper and does not like drafts or wind.

Wicker basket for a Monstera

There are many different types of Monstera houseplants which will all look fantastic in a wicker basket. From small to large, a suitable basket can be found for every hole houseplant! With the Monstera houseplant you can easily transform your living room into a real urban jungle. Because of its amazingly large leaves, it is a top addition to any houseplant collection. The bigger the leaves, the bigger the holes become! You may not expect it, but this tropical houseplant does not require a lot of care. As long as the soil around the houseplant is slightly moist, then this beautiful houseplant is already satisfied. Give the Monstera a splash of water weekly. Also in terms of location it is not very picky, puts the houseplant in a light place but not in direct sunlight.

Wicker basket for a Palm

The palm is pre-eminently a great houseplant to put in a wicker basket. A wicker basket itself gives a summery atmosphere, but a palm does this completely. The perfect match! Create an 'exotic touch' in your urban jungle with a hip palm, the size does not matter. Palms do not need a lot of care, but it is and remains a tropical houseplant of origin. This means that he cannot do without attention. Due to its tropical origin, the palm likes a moist surface, but beware, the roots should not be in a layer of water. This will result in root rot and you want to prevent this! The palm desires a spot with sufficient daylight but not in the direct sun, this is just too much of a good thing for its beautiful leaves.

Wicker basket for a Pancake Houseplant

Pancake houseplants are real must-haves nowadays! Great nice room plants with a stubborn appearance. This trendy houseplant is characterized by the round leaves on the stems, which are reminiscent of pancakes. Pancake houseplants are super easy to handle and you will also enjoy them for a long time! Give this houseplant a splash of water once a week and it will be completely satisfied. Be careful with too much water, because he will not be very happy with this. Place the Pancake Houseplant in a light spot but from the direct sunlight these will not like his pancake leaves very much!

Wicker basket for a Sanseveria

The Sanseveria what a great houseplant, it becomes even more beautiful when you place it in a wicker basket. The Sanseveria is also called Vrouwentong and is a real easy-care houseplant. This green houseplant has beautiful long stems with white stripes on the side. Perfect for a retro or minimalist interior. Very handy, the Sansevieria Laurentii is super easy to care for! It is important that you never give the Sanseveria too much water, because it can kill it. If you are in doubt about a new watering, we advise you to wait a while. The Sanseveria can stand anywhere, in the shade, in direct sunlight or in partial shade it really doesn't matter. Super easy!

Ask us for advice

When you want to pick up your living room, bedroom, balcony or garden room with a crazy wicker basket, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice from our large range. That is why we are happy to help you with your choice. Call or Whatsapp us for advice via 06-23740835 or send an e-mail to [email protected] You can also fill in our contact form.

Buy a wicker basket at Green-Bubble

Are you looking for a beautiful wicker basket? Then you've come to the right place at Green Bubble! The moment you buy one of our beautiful wicker baskets you naturally want a beautiful wicker basket. At Green-Bubble we strive to deliver beautiful and high-quality wicker baskets to our customers every day. This way you get your wicker basket delivered as beautifully and well as possible!

Do you want to buy a wicker basket but don't feel like going to the local garden store? We understand that, that's why we send your wicker basket directly to you and that for free! You can easily buy a wicker basket in our webshop where you can buy different types of wicker baskets of the highest quality!

Ease of ordering and cool wicker baskets, that's what Green Bubble stands for. Do you want to buy a crazy wicker basket? Join the Green Bubble!



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