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Olea Olive trees

Originally, the olive trees from the Olea family come from areas around the Mediterranean Sea, but today you see these wonderful, hardy trees in many Dutch gardens. The Olea olive trees are true sun worshippers and prefer to be in the full sun all day.

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Olive tree Olea species

Originally, the olive trees of the Olea family come from areas around the Mediterranean Sea, but today you see these wonderful, hardy trees in many Dutch gardens. The Olea olive trees are true sun worshippers and prefer to be in full sun all day. The Olea olive tree generally needs a lot of water. Especially in the summer the tree may get some water almost every day on hot days.

The olive tree Olea Lorc

If you want to give a Mediterranean atmosphere to your garden or roof terrace, then this Olive Tree Olea Lorc is a perfect match. We have the Olive Tree Olea Lorc in the length of 190cm. This super cool olive tree is suitable for almost any garden or roof terrace because of its size and beautiful foliage. The Olea Lorc has a tight, often fairly straight trunk which gives the olive tree a somewhat neater appearance. On delivery the length can be between 170cm and 200cm. The Olea Lorc is hardy to about minus 7 degrees Celsius and loves being in the sun.

The Olive Tree Olea Cap

If you are looking for something larger, then we have the wonderful Olea Cap for you. This large Olea olive tree is already tens, if not hundreds, of years old.
The Olea Cap has developed a thicker, more robust trunk over the years and is available in a length of 220cm. Unfortunately, we cannot grow to the centimeter, so upon delivery, the length of the Olea Cap will be between 200cm and 240cm. The Olea Cap is hardy to minus 7 degrees Celsius.

The Olive Tree Olea BP

That the Olive tree can survive for a long time is already known. The Olea BP olive tree of no less than 220 cm can therefore provide your garden with a Mediterranean vibe for years. Place this tree in full sun and make sure it gets enough water. Upon delivery, the tree will be between 210cm and 220cm.

The Olive tree Olea Old Skin branched

The name of this topper gives it away a bit. This Olea olive tree has an "old skin" and is equipped with branches. The olive tree Olea Old Skin branched has a robust appearance with a thick trunk and often 2 large branches that run from the trunk. The Olea Old Skin branched is delivered in a length between 210cm and 230cm and will therefore certainly stand out in your garden. Put him in a sunny spot, make a refreshing drink and imagine yourself in Spain.

The Olive tree Olea Europea Bonsai

Wow, what a picture the Olea Europea Bonsai is. It is a beautiful olive tree that attracts attention everywhere by its height but also by its beautiful trunk. This trunk is proof of years of growth and stability. Olive trees are known and appreciated worldwide for their fruits (the olives) and for the summer atmosphere they bring. We have the Olea Europea Bonsai in two different lengths, namely 225cm and 250cm (XL).

The XXL Olive tree

For the slightly larger gardens we have a large pearl ready. The XXL olive tree is a gigantic olive tree of up to 260cm. This amazing olive tree offers great looks as well as a nice shady spot where needed. The Olea Europea XXL is a real drunkard, especially in the summer the olive tree may receive liters of water to stay healthy.

The Olive Tree Olea Europea XXXL

The largest in our assortment ... and what a tree. The olive tree Olea Europea XXXL lives up to its name. This mega olive tree deserves a nice spot in your garden where you can dream away to sunny Spain. The trunk of Olea Europea XXXL is also huge and shows decades of stable growth.

The Olive Tree Olea Pom Pon

A real eye-catcher, that's this Olea Pom Pon! You will never find two of the same Olea Pom Pons because they are all unique! The Olea Pom Pon branches itself from its trunk from which several small trees form, each with its own canopy. This gives the olive tree Olea Pom Pon a rare appearance.


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