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Combi deal plant + sustainable elho pot

Natural beauty and simplicity meet functional and sustainable design with our beautiful combo deals from Elho.

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When creating a green oasis in your home or office, it is essential to choose the right combination of plants and pots to create a harmonious and stylish look. Our plant + pot combinations offer the perfect solution, pairing carefully selected plants with high-quality pots. This way, you can effortlessly create a stunning, personalized space without searching.

Why choose a plant + pot combo deal?

Finding the right pot for your plant can be a challenge. Our combo deals save you precious time and effort by carefully providing matching pots, so you can enjoy your new green friends right away.In addition, our plants are carefully grown and selected to thrive in the included pots. This means you not only get a beautiful plant, but also a healthy one that will grow well in its matching ornamental pot.We understand that every space is unique. That's why we offer a variety of plant species and with different types and colors of pots.
This way we make sure you can choose the combination that best suits your needs.

Our Most Popular Plant + Pot Combinations

Tropical Beauties: Bring a touch of tropical paradise into your home with a combination of eye-catching houseplants such as the Strelitzia Nicolai in Elho Vibes Fold Round blue pot or the Ficus Lyrata on stem in Elho Vibes Fold Round pink pot.

Surprise: For those who like variety and surprises, we offer a range of small plants selected by us in stylish Elho pots. This is how you create your own mini jungle!

Up high: opt for a combi deal with the Elho pot Pure Coupe. This pot literally puts your houseplant on a pedestal. We have the Pure coupe pot in various colours. So there is something for everyone.

Elho prioritises sustainability

Sustainability and love for nature are a priority with Elho pots. The pots are made of 100% recycled plastic and produced with wind energy. These sustainable flower pots not only last longer, but also reduce the impact on the environment. At Green Bubble, we offer a wide range of flower pots made of recycled plastic in different sizes, colours and designs for indoor and outdoor use. Will you choose an indoor pot with clean lines and modern colours from the Fold collection or do you prefer the marble effect of the Ocean collection? Choose your favourite Elho pot at Green Bubble.

Extensive collection of flower pots

In addition to their durability, Elho flower pots also offer numerous stylish designs and sizes, so you can find the perfect pot to suit your personal taste. From sleek, modern designs to more traditional and rustic styles. Elho has something for everyone. For example, the pots are available in different shapes, including round, square and oblong pots. The styles range from classic to modern. Elho offers flower pots in various colours, including soft pastel colours (soft pink, baby blue, and mint green), bright colours (red, yellow and blue) and neutral shades (black, white or shades of grey). Besides these colours, elho also offers flower pots with patterns and textures, such as ridges, a marble pattern, matt or shiny.

Ocean round collection

At a time when the impact of plastic waste on our oceans is becoming increasingly apparent, it is important that we all do our bit to combat this pollution
Elho has taken a remarkable step with their Ocean Round pot. This pot is not just a decorative ornamental pot, but a powerful symbol of environmental awareness and innovation.We are all familiar with the disturbing images of polluted oceans, where plastic waste accumulates and has harmful effects on the marine ecosystem. What many do not know is that a significant proportion of this waste consists of abandoned ropes and lost fishing nets, also known as marine debris. This waste floats in the seas and forms a deadly trap for marine animals.Elho has responded to this ecological problem by introducing the Ocean Round pot, which is manufactured using recycled marine waste. This unique pot not only reflects the colours of the oceans, but also helps reduce this harmful waste. The Ocean Round pot is a wonderful example of upcycling, turning waste into a true work of art. The use of marine waste results in different shades of colour and a striking marble effect on each pot. This makes each Ocean Round pot unique and adds to its aesthetic appeal.

Vibes Fold Round

Looking for an eye-catcher that both beautifies your interior and contributes to a greener world? Meet the Vibes Fold Round pot by Elho, a masterpiece of aesthetics and sustainability. This pot has everything you're looking for to brighten up your home and nurture the planet.The pot is available in a variety of beautiful pastel colours that instantly grab attention. The trendy rib pattern adds a contemporary flair to your interior, making it a sought-after eye-catcher.

Pure Coupe

Have you ever dreamed of a way to literally put your plants on a pedestal, making them the centre of attention? With the Elho Pure Coupe, you can make that dream a reality. This versatile pot provides the perfect opportunity to showcase your plants both indoors and outdoors, adding a touch of elegance and style to any space. Whether you are looking for a beautiful decor piece for your living room, an eye-catcher for your patio or a stylish addition to your garden, this pot fits perfectly with any setting. Thanks to its weather resistance, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, making it ideal for any season.

Jazz Round

Meet the Elho Jazz Round pot, an indoor flower pot that not only adds elegance and style to your home, but also has a natural pattern that fits seamlessly into any interior style. What makes the Elho Jazz Round pot truly special is the delicate and natural pattern that adorns the pot. This pattern adds a touch of sophistication and organic beauty to your interior, making it the perfect addition to both modern and classic interiors. The subtle design draws attention without being overpowering, giving your plants all the attention they deserve.

Vibes Orchid

Orchids are beautiful and elegant plants that require special care and attention. As an orchid lover, you understand the importance of the right environment for these delicate flowers to thrive. That is why there is good news: a pot has been developed especially for orchids in close cooperation with orchid growers and experts. Let me introduce you to the pot that gives your orchids optimal growing conditions.The design of the pot is tailored to the specific needs of orchids, giving them the best growing conditions. From the air-permeable structure to the right size, this pot is designed with orchids in mind.

Order your Plant + Pot Combi Deal today!

When choosing our plant + pot combi deal, you are not only choosing greenery and beauty in your space, but also convenience and quality. Whether you want to beautify your home, office or a special occasion, our combinations offer an instant and affordable solution. Order your favourite combination today and discover how easy it can be to incorporate the beauty of nature into your everyday life. Feel the refreshing power of plants with our Plant + Pot Combi Deal!


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