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Air-purifying houseplant

You will make your house fit for a home when you buy an air-purifying houseplant. These plants give a fresh green tint to your interior and keep the humidity level high. And not only at home, but also at the office, these plants are very

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Air-purifying plants are becoming increasingly popular these days. Besides the green and decorative function that plants have, there are certain types of air-purifying plants that filter toxic molecules out of your home! Various studies have shown that there are a number of air-purifying house plants that are able to filter toxic substances such as Formaldehyde from the air to a very high degree. Plants that purify the air also help to increase the humidity in rooms. This, in turn, is good for your health! 

Air-purifying houseplants generally require a great deal of maintenance. This is because they often originate in tropical rain forests where it is nice and light and the soil is moist. Most air-purifying plants therefore need a lot of water and like to be sprinkled now and again! They require some love, but the plants also give something back by purifying the air and providing your home with a beautiful green air purifying houseplant. At Green Bubble you will find a wide range of air purifying plants. If the air purifying plants are in stock we take extra good care of them so they stay beautiful!

Different types of air purifying plants

If you are looking for an air-purifying plant, there are many different types available. Think, for instance, of air-purifying plants for the office or air-purifying hanging plants. Sometimes you don't expect certain types of plants to also purify the air! 

At Green Bubble you will find a large assortment of different types and species of air purifying plants. Think of air purifying plants for the office or the top 10 air purifying plants! Our air purifying plants vary greatly in size. There are very large air purifying plants, but there are also very small air purifying plants. 

The best air purifying plants

There are many different air purifying plants, but certain species are definitely the best. These air purifying plant species have been tested in a laboratory by NASA. These air purifying plants purify certain toxic substances from the air with great force. The top 10 air purifying plants are as follows: 

10 Gerbera air purifying

The Gerbera is number 10 of the best air-purifying plants! This beautiful air purifying flower is very good at filtering trichloroethylene and benzene. These substances come from exhaust fumes and cigarettes, for example. An air purifying plant such as the Gerbera helps remove these substances from the air.

9 Ficus as an air purifier

Ficus is a plant that comes in many different shapes and sizes. It is a perfect air purifying houseplant that helps to filter out substances such as Formaldehyde, Benzene and Trichloroethylene. 

8 Hedera / ivy air purifying

The Hedera or Klimop is a beautiful green, air-purifying houseplant. This air purifying plant deserves place 8 in the top 10 because it is very good at filtering Formaldehyde!

7 Aglaonema air purifying

The Aglaonema is an air purifying houseplant that is known for its beautiful variegated leaves. The air purifying plant is easy to maintain and filters substances such as Benzene and Trichloroethylene from the air.

6 Sansevieria air purifying

The Sansevieria is a well-known air-purifying houseplant that is also very easy to maintain. The Sansevieria, which is also known as the lady's tongue, filters Benzene and Formaldehyde from the air! 

5 Dracaena Marginata purifies the air

The Dracaena is an easy plant that also purifies the air! This air-purifying houseplant filters out substances such as Formaldehyde and Trichloroethylene. This air-purifying plant absolutely deserves a place in the top 5! 

4 Ferns as an air purifier

Several species of ferns are perfect air-purifying houseplants. Some fern species such as Nephrolepis are even called the best air-purifying plants! In addition to removing toxic substances from the air, this air purifying houseplant also increases air humidity!

3 Calathea as an air purifier

At number 3 is the Calathea air-purifying houseplant. This beautiful tropical plant is known for its lively character. At night, the leaves of this air-purifying houseplant move! The Calathea filters Benzene and Formaldehyde from the air.

2 Areca palm air purifying

We have arrived at the absolute top air purifying houseplants! The second best air-purifying houseplant is the Areca palm or Dypsis Lutescens. This tropical palm traps a lot of toxic substances with its large leaves. The Areca palm also helps to increase the humidity in the air! 

1 Spathiphyllum as an air purifier


The Spathiphyllum is the best air-purifying houseplant. This plant really filters all types of toxins from the air. For example, the air-purifying Spathiphyllum filters Formaldehyde, Trichloroethylene, Benzene, Ammonia, Xylene and much more. However, the Spathiphyllum does need a nice amount of water to grow well. 

Air purifying plants office 

Air purifying plants for the office are ideal. In an office there are often many toxic substances that air purifying plants like to eat. Think, for example, of cleaning products and paint. These products emit formaldehyde and xylene which can be harmful to people in the long run. Plants that purify the air like the Spathiphyllum are a perfect solution to these toxins in the office air! So is the Areca palm. This tropical palm is a champion at purifying the formaldehyde from the air. 

People who smoke and automobile exhaust in the vicinity of an office also cause the release of toxins such as Benzene. Air purifying plants filter these toxins that come in through a window or the air conditioner, for example.

Air purifying hanging plants

Besides air purifying house plants which you can place on the table or on the ground, there are also air purifying hanging plants which you can hang from something. These air purifying hanging plants are ideal for adding an extra dimension to your space. Be careful when watering these air purifying hanging plants. You don't want the pot to overflow and start dripping!

There are many different types of air purifying hanging plants. Take for example the Monstera hanging plant. This air purifying houseplant is usually seen as a normal houseplant but the plant also comes as a hanging plant! The air purifying Monstera is an air purifying houseplant that requires little attention. It does well in the shade and needs a little water weekly. Another air-purifying hanging plant is the Rhipsalis. This hanging plant purifies the air and is easy to care for. This air purifying hanging plant is ideal for a dark place in the house for example. 

Buy an air purifying houseplant at Green Bubble

An air purifying houseplant makes your home or office just that little bit healthier. If you're planning to make your space a little greener you can also ensure that your air purifying houseplants will make the air healthier. We at Green Bubble guarantee the freshness of our plants. All air purifying plants come directly from the grower!

A healthy air purifying houseplant makes for a healthier living environment. Don't have room in your car to pick up air purifying houseplants? No problem, we deliver your plant with our special delivery service directly to your home. At Green Bubble you order all air purifying houseplants easily online. You have your plant often delivered quickly at home!

Ease of ordering and healthy air purifying houseplants, that's where Green Bubble stands for. Do you want to buy an air purifying houseplant? Join the Green Bubble!


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