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Shadow plants

Looking for plants to brighten up your shadow corner? At Green Bubble you can find the coolest shade plants.

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Shade plants are the perfect houseplants for dark places in the house and for people who have little natural light in their home! Plants that can be in the shade differ greatly in maintenance needs. There are shade plants that need very little care, but there are also shade plants that require a lot of maintenance. Most plants do not like the shade. These are often plants that grow towards the sunlight. 

Shade plants originate at the bottom of jungles and therefore catch less sunlight than other plants. These shade plants are real groundcovers in the tropical rainforest. Some of these shade plants often need sufficient water because they are on the bottom in the jungle. The humidity is very high in tropical rainforests. Yet there are also shade plants that can appreciate dry soil. Read on and learn more about shade plants for inside your home!

You probably recognize it, a boring dark corner somewhere in your house that you can hardly get brightened up. At Green-Bubble we have the solution for that! We have a wide range of diverse shade plants, from large to small. For a plant, water and light are his first necessity of life, but a shade plant simply needs a lot less light than other plants. With a shade plant, do not think of a place without any light.

Why you need a shade plant!

If you have a bare and darker spot or not, shade plants are beautiful! It is therefore really not the case that shade plants can only stand in a place with only shade. Shade plants are a nice addition to your urban jungle and if you let them get used to some light, it can't hurt.

At Green-Bubble we have a super large range of different types of shade plants, which is why we have compiled a list of our favorites for you.

De schaduwplant Dracaena Magenta

The Dracaena Magenta is a very strong shade plant, even a real plant killer will not get this plant off its stick. This easy shade plant requires very little care. Perfect if you don't have a green thumb or have little time for care. The Dracaena Magenta does not need much water. You only need to water the dragon plant 1 time every 3 to 6 weeks. The best way to check this is to check the humidity of the earth. Too much water certainly does not do this cool green shade plant well. The Dracaena Magenta is a real shade plant, so do not place it in the sunlight. This green rascal loves to grow in a place where there is shade.

By schaduwplant Calathea Rufibarba

The Calathea Rufibarba is a special houseplant native to the tropical regions of Brazil and Columbia. What makes this houseplant so special is that it really seems to 'live'. When the sun goes down, the leaves close to open again during the first morning sun. The leaves have a specific shape, they are long, lanceolate leaves with a wavy edge. The top of these leaves is olive green and the bottom dark red. Besides its great appearance, it is also an air-purifying houseplant. This shade plant likes a moist surface and we also recommend that you spray the shade plant regularly. This shade plant has a good time in a spot slightly light. Direct sunlight is a real 'no go' for this plant, its leaves will fail and no new leaves will be created.

By schaduwplant Calathea Stromanthe Triostar

A beautiful pink shade plant that steals the show in any interior. With its contrasting deep green and pink leaves, the Calathea is  an indispensable part of any cool plant collection. This densely overgrown houseplant is given with a height of 80cm and can grow to a height of 100cm. This Calathea Stromanthe Triostar needs a lot of attention compared to other shade plants! Originally, the Calathea Stromanthe Triostar comes from the rainforest and therefore loves a good sip of water. On average, the green houseplant needs water 1 time a week. The soil around the houseplant should be moist at all times. This shade plant originally grows on the soil of the rainforest. The Calathea is therefore a real shade plant and therefore does not need much light. Make sure you place this houseplant in a shady spot.

De schaduwplant Epipremnum Amplissimum

Originally, the Epipremnum Amplissimum comes  from the tropical and wooded areas of Southeast Asia. The plant grows here in the shade under the dense canopy of the jungle against tree trunks. As a houseplant, the Epipremnum Amplissimum can  also be used as a hanging plant. When the plant grows, you will first see stems that then grow into leaves. Due to its tropical origin of the plant, it needs sufficient moisture. Therefore, make sure that the potting soil always remains moist but not wet. The Epipremnum Amplissimum is a versatile houseplant, so it will do well as a real shade plant but also with a little more daylight this houseplant will remain healthy. This tropical shade plant also likes enough water, so the soil it is in should never feel completely dried out.

By schaduwplant Calathea Orbifolia

The Calathea Orbifolia is a very hip houseplant with a unique appearance of which you will certainly walk back again to take a good look at it again. The Calathea Orbifolia is the perfect shade plant to brighten up dark places. This shade plant does need the necessary care, because it originates from the rainforest and loves a good sip of water. On average, the green houseplant needs water 1 time a week. This shade plant also likes a spray once a week. The Calathea Orbifolia is also a real shade plant, it originally grows on the bottom of the rainforests. So keep this in mind for his new location.

The shade plant Stick Palm

 In addition to being a real shade plant, the Stick Palm is also an air purifier pur-sang. This all-rounder is also incredibly easy to care for. The tropical houseplant is also called bamboo palm because of the bamboo-like stems. Perfect to be able to add a special houseplant to your interior. This shade plant likes the necessary water, so make sure that the soil is always slightly moist. The Pole Palm is a shade plant that does well both in a very shady place and in one with some daylight. Really make sure that it does not get into direct sunlight.

De schaduwplant Sansevieria Silver Flame

The Sansevieria Silver Flame is a real shade plant topper. You can really put this easy houseplant anywhere, because it doesn't matter where it is. So it is a real shade plant but also does well with some extra light. The Sansevieria is the definition of an easy houseplant and is therefore really easy-care. Make sure that you absolutely do not give the Sansevieria Silver Flame too much water! This houseplant is not so thirsty at all.

De schaduwplant Aglaonema Key Lime

The Aglaonema Key Lime originates from the rainforest and is a feast for the eyes. With its many different colors of green, you can stare at this cool houseplant for hours. The Agalonema Key Lime is not that difficult to care for and is therefore a fairly easy shade plant. Give him the love he needs from time to time and you will surely become best friends. Water the Aglaonema Key Lime 1 time a week so that the soil remains slightly moist. Originally, the Aglaonema Key Lime grows on the soil of the rainforest. In a shady place, this Aglaonema Key Lime is completely in place!

Hangplant Monstera Monkey Leaf

This special hanging plant comes all the way from far away Mexico and is extremely popular. How could it be otherwise... have you seen those leaves? You can still look at that for hours.

The hanging plant Monstera Monkeyleaf is a real easy houseplant. Of course, this does not mean that this green houseplant does not need attention. 

The hanging plant Monstera Monkeyleaf is not a thirsty shade plant. As long as the soil around the Monstera Monkeyleaf is slightly moist, then this beautiful houseplant is already satisfied. The hanging plant Monstera Monkeyleaf is not so picky when it comes to its location. Please note that this shade plant is not in a place with direct sunlight. Otherwise, you risk burning the leaves of this green houseplant.

Care of shade plants

The care of shade plants is very diverse. For example, a shade plant such as the Calathea needs a lot of maintenance. This shade plant loves regular watering and loves to be sprayed occasionally. On the other hand, for example, the Monstera shade plant needs a lot less water. Because the maintenance differs so much per shade plant, it is wise to read carefully before you put a plant in the shade. 

The great thing about a shade plant is that they do not easily suffer from a lack of sunlight. So it is not bad for your shade plant if you forget to open the curtains once! Despite the low need for sunlight, shade plants are evergreen, provided you water them as needed! Spraying the shade plant also helps to preserve evergreen leaves. It is of course logical that shade plants are best placed in the shade. Yet there are also plants that grow well in the shade, but do even better in a little bit of sunlight! Take, for example, the Kentia palm. This shade plant grows well in the shade, but with a little sunlight the plant will grow even faster! 

Different types of shade plants

There are many different types of shade plants. Take, for example, the evergreen shade plants and the shade plants that can withstand dry soil well. Because there are many different shade plants for indoor use, there is a beautiful shade plant for every kind of plant!

Shade plants that can withstand dry soil well

The shade plants that grow well with a dry soil therefore need relatively little water. Take, for example, the Sansevieria. The Sansevieria is a real shade plant that requires very little water and maintenance. The Sansevieria grows well in the shade but also in the sunlight this plant does well. The beautiful thing is that despite the shade it is an evergreen shade plant! The Dracaena is also a shade topper. This shade plant can grow well with dry soil. The Dracaena is one of the strongest shade plants while looking like a normal houseplant that needs good care. Appearances are deceiving, the Dracaena can take a beating!

Shade plants that can also stand in the sun

Are you looking for a shade plant that can also be in normal daylight? Don't worry, there are some beautiful shade plants that can grow in both a light and a dark place. Take, for example, the Kentia palm. The Kentia palm is basically a shade plant, but it also does well in daylight. The moment this shade palm receives a little more sunlight, it will grow a bit faster. 

The Monstera or Hole plant is also a very well-known plant for shade. This shade plant is evergreen and does perfectly in a dark spot. It is also a very popular shade plant for a reason! The Monstera also needs relatively little care. A shade plant with many positive properties! 

Shade plants in your interior

Shade plants are perfect for that dark spot in your bedroom, for example, or think of bathrooms with little sunlight. Below you will find a list of ideal places for shade plants. So if you need a little inspiration, read on!

Shade plants in your living room

Dark corners in a living room are perfect places for shade plants. Shade plants such as the Kentia palm or Monstera are plants that can grow very large, even in the shade. Therefore, give them enough space and put them about a meter away from the wall. This gives them all the space they need to grow! 

Shade plants in your bedroom

Do you often forget to open your curtains after you leave the bedroom? Plants for the shade do not find this a problem at all. It often happens that plants in bedrooms do not survive as long. These are often forgotten and sometimes stand in the dark all day. Still, you can enjoy an evergreen shade plant in your bedroom! A perfect shade plant for a bedroom is, for example, the Sansevieria or a Dracaena.

Schaduwplanten and is badkamer

Nowadays it is very trendy to provide your bathroom with plants. Nevertheless, the bathroom is often a place that can be very dark and this can cause problems for plants that do not like shade. Fortunately, there are shade plants that love shade and high humidity! The perfect combination for a bathroom shade plant. The Calathea is a perfect bathroom shade plant. This shade plant does not like direct sunlight but does like high humidity and enough water. The fumes from the shower or bath are therefore very much appreciated by this shade plant. 

Shade plants in your kitchen

Do you have a dark kitchen and still want to enjoy a healthy green look while you are cooking? Evergreen shade plants are the perfect candidate for your dark kitchen. Actually, all types of shade plants fit in the kitchen.  For example, a Kentia palm is a very nice shade plant for next to a kitchen island and a Calathea can provide some green and color on the kitchen table! Plenty of opportunities for shade plants in a kitchen!

Buying a shade plant at Green Bubble

You can of course buy a shade plant at the Green Bubble! The moment you decide to buy a shade plant, you naturally want a beautiful healthy plant.

At Green Bubble we are committed every day to ensuring that we only send good quality plants! All shade plants also come directly from the grower, so we can guarantee freshness! We are super happy when our customers are happy and when our plants are healthy! Do you want to buy a shade plant but you don't have space in your car? No problem, we will send your shade plant to you free of charge! So you never have to drag a shade plant again!

Ordering a shade plant is therefore easy and fast in our webshop. When you order a shade plant today, you will receive it at home in no time!

Ease of ordering and beautiful houseplants, that's what the Green Bubble stands for. Do you want to buy a plant for the shade? Join the Green Bubble!


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