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If you're looking for large houseplants, then you've come to the right place at Green Bubble! Having a large plant in your house is completely up to date. It is completely hip and trendy to give a green natural look to your interior with a large green plant. Large houseplants in the house were often seen as difficult because they need a lot of attention and care. Yet this is more of a myth than truth since large houseplants often require less intensive care than small fragile indoor plants! Also, it is now all the rage to have a large plant in the office. A large-sized houseplant can welcome employees or customers as a real eye-catcher. 

In addition to their large green presence, large houseplants also have a healthy function. Houseplants with large leaves, for example, are extra good at purifying the air and increasing humidity. A beautiful large houseplant therefore also provides a healthy environment to live or work in! Green Bubble has a wide range of large houseplants that come fresh from the grower.

Different types of large indoor plants

There are many different types of large houseplants that all have their unique properties. Fortunately, a large plant often does not need as much care compared to smaller houseplants! This is because houseplant is so large that it can provide itself with nutrition for a long time and retain a lot of water. Nevertheless, it is important that large houseplants are well cared for, especially since they are more susceptible to diseases. Of course, you also want your large plant to look beautiful. It is true that large houseplants can become ugly faster due to brown leaves and spots.

At Green Bubble you will find a wide range of different types of large houseplants! All our large plants come from critically selected growers who only grow the best large houseplants. Our large houseplants vary between 80 cm to 1.50 meters! It depends a bit on what your own interpretation of a large houseplant is. We ship our large houseplants is boxes specially produced for us, ideal! Our range of large houseplant species consists of, for example, different palms such as the Areca palm or Gold palm, Howea Forsteriana or Kentia palm and for example the Dracaena or Dragon flower tree! In addition, we also have large plants with large leaves such as the Strelitzia or bird of paradise plant or, for example, the large banana plant!

Large indoor plants with large leaves

Are you looking for a large houseplant with large leaves then you have come to the right place at Green Bubble! A plant with large leaves in your home is a real eye-catcher! Examples of plants with large leaves are for example the Strelitzia, banana tree and Alocasia! The Strelitzia or bird of paradise plant is a large green houseplant with many large leaves. Because this houseplant has so many leaves, it quickly fills that empty spot in your house! The Alocasia is a houseplant that can also grow very large! At Green Bubble we have a very large Alocasia houseplant. It is also called the elephant ear plant and with the large Alocasia that name certainly comes into its own! The banana plant is a houseplant that can mainly grow very high. If you take good care of a banana plant, this houseplant can grow up to 4 meters high, you need a large house for that. Fortunately, this large houseplant can continue to grow outside if the ceiling is tapped.

Large strong houseplants that can take a beating

Are you looking for a large houseplant but would you prefer not to spend too much time on the care of the plant? Fortunately, there are large strong houseplants that can take a beating! Ideal for people who have a dark house, or do not have much time to water the large houseplant often. For dark houses we have the Monstera or hole plant XL! This is a hole plant that grows very tall The Monstera is a large houseplant that can grow well in the shade. Also, this large houseplant does not need a lot of care, which makes it a strong large houseplant. 

Large houseplants that need little light

Do you have a dark house and are you looking for a houseplant that needs little light? There are a number of large houseplants on our website that can grow well in the shade! Think, for example, of the Monstera. This houseplant can grow very large and is a real shade plant. Of course, this large plant will grow faster if it gets a little light, but in the shade this large plant also does very well! So if you have a dark spot in your house that you want to fill with a beautiful large houseplant that needs little light, then the Hole Plant is a perfect candidate! 

The kentia palm or Howea Forsteriana is also a perfect large houseplant that can easily stand in a dark spot. Unlike other large palm species such as the Areca palm that like to get enough light, this large plant can just grow in a dark place! For this reason, this large houseplant is perfect for dark offices! In a dark place in your house, the palm will certainly do well. 

Another well-known large houseplant that survives well in the shade is the Dracaena. This large houseplant is available in different varieties and they can all grow perfectly in the shade! This large plant also needs very little care, which makes it an ideal large houseplant for a dark house and for people who do not want to have much care for their plant! 

Large houseplants for your interior

A large houseplant can look super nice in different places in your house. For example, think of a large houseplant in your living room, bedroom or, for example, bathroom! A large plant in the office is also very popular. Give your office a green and natural look with the help of a large houseplant!

Large houseplants for your living room

For example, you can place a large plant in your living room in an empty corner in the house. Large houseplants give that green look to your interior, something that is completely trendy nowadays! Just make sure you put the large houseplant in a spot where there is enough light. If the plant does not get enough light, you have a chance that the plant will become less beautiful. Regular watering is also important, give enough because it is a large plant! Good news for people who are not so fan of taking care of plants is that large houseplants often need less care than small houseplants!

Large houseplants for the office

Large houseplants in the office have many advantages. Research has shown that plants in the office provide more concentration, creativity and productivity for employees! Large houseplants also reduce absenteeism by filtering toxic substances from the air that have an effect on the health of employees. Impress your customers with a large houseplant in the office. A large plant immediately gives your customer the impression that you find green important, something that is a must in this day and age! For example, choose a plant with large leaves. It will look impressive in the office and with the large leaves, this large plant also filters toxins from the air.

Buying a houseplant at Green Bubble

If you are planning to buy a large houseplant, you have come to the right place at Green Bubble. We always ensure that our large houseplants are healthy and of the best quality! Through our direct collaborations with growers, we can realize this.

We are completely happy with a healthy large plant in the house! Don't have room in your car to buy a large houseplant? Don't worry, with our special delivery service we can deliver large houseplants to your home, ideal right? This finally makes it easy to bring a real large houseplant into your home! You can easily order all large houseplants online at Green Bubble. Often you have also delivered it quickly at home!

Ease of ordering and beautiful large houseplants, that is what the Green Bubble stands for. Do you want to buy a beautiful large houseplant? Join the Green Bubble!


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