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Plant location

Plants, we love them and they are also good for your mood. So you can't really have enough houseplants in your immediate vicinity!

Plants, we love them and plants are also good for your mood. So you can't really have enough houseplants in your immediate vicinity! Each houseplant is unique in appearance but also in terms of care. Water and the right location are actually his first necessity of life for the houseplant. Without these two elements, he won't last long. The right amount of water but certainly also light are therefore of great importance for the health and development of your houseplants. At Green-Bubble we distinguish four different locations that include all our houseplants. In order not to lose the overview, we have listed some of our favorite houseplants per category for you.

Pitch in full sun

When houseplants need a place with full sunlight, we recommend placing the houseplant near a window facing south, west or east. Make sure that you do not put this houseplant further than 2 meters from the window because the light intensity will decrease sharply. Window decoration also ensures that the sun intensity decreases. A houseplant that requires a place in full sun needs at least 5 hours of sunlight per day. The gems below long for this location.


The Alocasia, or Elephant Ear, is a tropical houseplant with large leaves. The Alocasia gives a tropical atmosphere to every room in your home. This green houseplant is indispensable in your urban jungle. Originally, this houseplant comes from India, where it is used to a lot of sunlight. Give this houseplant a place with a lot of direct sunlight, so that the Alocasia will  come into its own and can grow into an even larger houseplant. The Alocasia needs a little more care than the average large houseplant. This houseplant has a fairly high need for water. Make sure that you do  not give the Alocasia too much water, this can lead to root rot.


This sturdy houseplant is characterized by its large, green leaves with a dark purple pattern on top. This houseplant consists of 80% water. Partly because of this, the houseplant has a huge need for water. The leaves also emit water, so don't be alarmed when you see droplets coming out of the tips of the leaves.

If you give the banana plant a place in full sun and follow the instructions above, you will undoubtedly become good friends. Because this houseplant is animal-friendly, your loyal animal friends are not in danger. The Banana Plant also has an air-purifying effect, another plus! 

Pitch in half-shade

If you have a houseplant in your possession that requires a location with partial shade, we recommend that you always place this houseplant 2 to 3 meters from the window. An exception are the windows facing north, with these windows you do not have to keep a distance from the glass. Houseplants that like to be on a semi-shaded location  should get 3 to 5 hours of sunlight per day for proper development. We have made an overview for you with our 'all-time favourites' half-shade houseplants.

Hangplant Peperomia Pepperspot 

This trendy houseplant is a real eye-catcher in every interior! Nice to put on a cupboard or hang in a basket on the ceiling. This green houseplant has very small leaves, but can grow up to 30 cm. Do you not have such green fingers or do you have little time to take care of your green friends? Then the Peperomia Pepperspot is a good match for you! The Peperomia Pepperspot does not need much care. Give him a pitch with half-shade and water it once a week. It can be as simple as that.


Who doesn't know this amazing flowering houseplant ? There are many different types of Orchids. The Orchid is part of the Phalaenopsis family. However, this plant species is not poisonous and can therefore work well with children and pets. The Orchid needs water every week. Too much water is bad for the orchid and too bright sunlight can not tolerate the Orchid well. Therefore, give this beautiful houseplant a place with half-shade and it will surprise you with its flowers!

Pitch in normal daylight

A large number of houseplants need a place with normal daylight. Maybe this sounds a bit vague, but choosing a location for this houseplant is actually very easy. These houseplants simply desire daylight and therefore do not have to stand at a special distance from a window. Make sure that they are not in full sunlight. Always scan with these plants how they react to their location and let them gradually get used to it. 

Philodendron Prince of Orange

You guessed it maybe all this normal daylight houseplant gets its name from its orange leaves. Originally this plant comes from the rainforests and they climb trees and rocks there. The orange prince is an easy houseplant to care for, it prefers to be in normal daylight but preferably not in the bright sunlight. The Philodendron Prince of Orange likes a moist soil but it should not stay wet for too long. This could cause the Philodendron Prince of Orange to develop root rot.

Maranta Kerchoveana

The Maranta Kerchoveana is a special houseplant and is originally from South America. Each family member in this family has a different leaf pattern and color. The Maranta Kerchoveana can be recognized by its grass green color leaves with brown spots that turn dark green over time. The Maranta Kerchoveana can thrive in normal daylight but you need to protect it from too much sunlight. The Maranta Kerchoveana regularly needs small amounts of lukewarm water, because it is important that the potting soil is constantly slightly moist. We also recommend that you spray this houseplant at least 1 time a week. By spraying the leaves you ensure a higher humidity around the plant.

Pitch in shade

At Green-Bubble we also have a wide range of houseplants that thrive on a pitch in the shade. A location in the shade also literally means that the plant must be in the shade. This houseplant only needs a low light intensity and can not handle this very well. When you place a shade plant near or behind a window, make sure that it is at least 3 meters away from the window. Shade plants only need less than 3 hours of light per day.

The shade plant Stick Palm

The Stick Palm is a real shade plant and also an air purifier pur-sang. This all-rounder is also incredibly easy to care for. The tropical houseplant is also called bamboo palm because of the bamboo-like stems. The perfect houseplant to add to your interior. This shade plant likes the necessary water, so make sure that the soil is always slightly moist. The Pole Palm is a shade plant that does well both in a very shady place and in a place with a bit more daylight. Really make sure that it does not end up in the direct sun.

De schaduwplant Epipremnum Amplissimum

Originally, the Epipremnum Amplissimum comes  from the tropical and wooded areas of Southeast Asia. The plant grows here in the shade under the dense canopy of the jungle against tree trunks. As a houseplant, the Epipremnum Amplissimum can  also be used as a hanging plant. When the plant grows, you will first see stems that then grow into leaves. Due to the tropical origin of the plant, it needs sufficient moisture. Therefore, make sure that the potting soil always remains moist but not wet. The Epipremnum Amplissimum is a versatile houseplant, so it will do well as a real shade plant but also with a little more daylight this houseplant will remain healthy. This tropical shade plant also likes enough water, so the soil it is in should never feel completely dried out.

Ask us for advice

When you want to pick up your house  with a crazy houseplant, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice from our large range. That is why we are happy to help you with your choice. Call or Whatsapp us for advice via 06-23740835 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also fill in our contact form.

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