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Houseplants can't be missed in your interior anymore! At Green Bubble you'll find a wide range of super quality houseplants. Buy your houseplant online at Green Bubble now!

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Houseplants are everywhere these days. A cool houseplant can no longer be missed in your interior. Green houseplants provide that natural and green look in your home. Green Bubble has a large assortment of houseplants which all come fresh from the grower. Our assortment consists of different types of houseplants. Think for example of plants that purify the air. It has been proven that certain plants purify toxic molecules from the air. So in addition to their decorative function, many houseplants also have an extra, air-purifying function! You can also choose from houseplants that require very little care. These houseplants are ideal for people who have nothing to do with plants, but still want something green in the house!

Houseplants are generally very green! Fortunately, for lovers of colour, there are also houseplants that bloom beautifully in the spring and summer. These houseplants give that extra bit of colour to your home! Be careful with some houseplants! If you have pets or small children, read carefully to see which houseplants are toxic and which are animal-friendly! We have listed these per houseplant category. Curious about how you should care for your houseplant? All our houseplants have an explanation on how to take care of them. Also stay informed of the latest trend with our trendy house plants. Our team of plant specialists updates the latest houseplant trends every day.  

Wide range of different houseplant species

If you are looking for an indoor plant online, you will quickly notice that there are many different types of indoor plants available. Sometimes you can't see the wood for the trees! All these different types of plants have unique properties. Think, for example, of houseplants that need very little care and houseplants that need a lot of care. Our range is perfect for every type of plant lover. Read on and dive into the wide, green world of the houseplant and find your new houseplant online! 

Tropical houseplants; bring the summer into your home!

Some houseplants bring that wonderful summer feeling into your home. These tropical houseplants come in various shapes and sizes, from large palms to small houseplants. Often, these types of houseplants also purify the air. This is because they grow in the tropics where the air humidity is very high. Most of our tropical houseplants come from areas such as Brazil, Africa and Spain. These houseplants often have large leaves which enable them to capture a great deal of CO2 and create new oxygen.

Houseplants from tropical regions do require good care. So you will understand that a houseplant from a tropical rainforest needs more water than a standard houseplant. But don't worry, all our plants have a clear indication of how much water and, for example, light they need. So fight that winter dip with a houseplant that will bring that summer feeling right back into your home! 

Flowering houseplants for extra colour in the house

Houseplants are generally very green. This is totally fashionable these days, but there are also many fans of houseplants with flowers. Plants which, in addition to their large green presence, also bloom in the spring. The most well-known type is the orchid or Phalaenopsis. Green Bubble has an exceptionally large assortment with high quality orchids. This exclusive houseplant remains beautiful to look at. But there are also houseplants that bloom where you wouldn't expect it. Did you know, for example, that the cactus is also a flowering houseplant? There are certain types of cacti that bloom in the spring! So if you are looking for some colour in your home, flowering houseplants that produce beautiful flowers are perfect for you! 

Large houseplants

Do you have a large empty space in your house and are you looking for a houseplant to fill it up? We work with growers who grow high-quality houseplants. A large houseplant, for example, is perfect for your living room. A large, strong houseplant often lasts a very long time and can become very old, provided you look after them properly of course. Houseplants that are very large often need a light environment in order to grow well. Do you have a dark house? No problem, we have several large houseplants that do well in the shade. Besides these shade plants, we also offer plants with large leaves, for example. A plant with large leaves is a real eye-catcher in your home. An example of a plant with large leaves is the banana plant. However, this one does require good care! So, large houseplants are ideal for people who want to break up the contrast in their home with a large piece of green!

Trendy houseplants

If you want to keep up with current trends, our selection of houseplants is perfect for you. Our team of specialists keeps an eye on the latest houseplant trends every day. You might be thinking, what are trendy houseplants? For example, one houseplant that was a real trend in 2019 was the hanging plant! Hanging plants were more popular than ever in 2019. Many of these plant trends are started by influencers on social media. We also keep a close eye on social media to capitalise on trendy houseplant trends. So if you are looking for houseplants that are hip and trendy then you have come to the right place at Green Bubble. 

Air purifying plants

There have been many studies done on the effect of houseplants. NASA has discovered that there are many different types of houseplants that are very strong in purifying certain toxic molecules from the air. These so-called air-purifying plants filter out formaldehyde, benzene and ammonia, for example - all substances that can be harmful to humans. For this reason, house plants are also very popular in the office! Office plants also ensure better concentration among employees. 

It is also ideal to have houseplants in the house. Air-purifying plants also ensure higher air humidity. The plant purifies the air and at the same time you can enjoy a beautiful green houseplant. For people without green fingers, there are also plants that purify the air and are easy to look after! Take, for example, the Sansevieria, which is very air-purifying. Other houseplants that purify the air include Aloe Vera species, Spoon plants and Calathea species.

Luxury houseplants

If you are looking for a little more exclusivity, there are our luxury indoor plants. These houseplants have an elegant and luxurious appearance due to, for example, certain colour patterns on the leaves. An example of an exclusive houseplant is a palm. This houseplant used to be used a lot in palaces and was seen as a luxurious, exclusive plant. 

Animal-friendly houseplants

Would you like to buy a houseplant but you also have pets in your house? Then of course you don't want your houseplants to be poisonous for your pets. Fortunately Green Bubble has a large assortment of animal friendly houseplants that are safe for your pets. These houseplants don't contain any poison and won't cause diseases the moment your pet nibbles at your plant! If you have a cat in the house, then cat grass is the perfect plan and your cat will be very happy too! Your cat can chew on this plant without it being harmful. It is also just a very nice houseplant! Palms are also perfect houseplants for people with pets. House palms such as the Areca palm or Kentia palm are not poisonous to your pet. They are also very beautiful houseplants! In the next paragraph is told which houseplants are poisonous for animals and possibly humans. 

There are a number of houseplant species which can be toxic for animals and humans. For example, these plants have juices in the stem which can cause skin irritation when touched. For pets, these poisonous houseplants are more dangerous because pets often eat the plants. So be careful if you have pets or small children when buying a houseplant. 

Although this list is not complete, here is a list of houseplants which are poisonous to humans and animals. An agave is a houseplant that is categorised as highly toxic, just like the Christ's thorn and flamingo plant. Houseplants that can even be deadly poisonous are the oleander, the arum and the Dieffenbachia. So be careful with these poisonous houseplants, prevention is better than cure! Other well-known poisonous houseplants are the hole plant (Monstera), Philodendron and poinsettia. 

Budget plants

Are you looking for a houseplant but don't want to spend too much money? No worries, we have a separate page with budget plants! These cheap houseplants are sharp in price, but still good in quality! Maybe you are just starting to buy houseplants for your home, then budget plants are ideal for you. With an inexpensive houseplant it is not a big disaster if you make beginners mistakes while taking care of the houseplant. If you are looking for cheap plants, you can also take a look at our combi deals. These are packages with different houseplants which can be priced cheaper! 

Tough houseplants

Taking care of a houseplant can be quite a job. Are you, for example, a student or are you generally not very frugal with your belongings, but do you want some green in your house or room? Our foolproof plants are the perfect solution. These houseplants are indestructible and require very little care. Our houseplants are ideal for a student house or for people who are often away from home! 

Urban jungle

Nowadays, it is a real trend to use houseplants to transform your home into an urban jungle! The meaning of an urban jungle is simply to place so many houseplants in your home that it looks like you're in the jungle! Having lots of houseplants in your home is only for the real plant lover! Taking care of a dozen plants requires a lot of experience and attention. However, having lots of houseplants is very good for your health and creates a lively, natural look. 

Cute bathroom plants

Are you planning to spice up your bathroom with houseplants? We have listed some perfect bathroom plants for you! These houseplants love an environment with high humidity. Make sure you have windows in your bathroom! There are many houseplants that like sufficient light. So if you have a bathroom without windows, a shade plant is the best choice. 

A perfect example of a houseplant that can stand in the shade is the Calathea! This houseplant will also add some extra colour to your bathroom! The Aloe Vera is also a perfect candidate. This houseplant requires very little care and light. The Aloë Vera is also a houseplant that is very good at filtering toxins from the air! In our opinion, the most beautiful bathroom plant is the Spathiphyllum. This houseplant is known for its air purifying talent and beautiful white flowers. This houseplant likes sufficient water and does not like direct sunlight. 

Kitchen Plants

Having a few houseplants in your kitchen will ensure that you transfer that healthy and natural look of the plants to your dishes as well. Kitchen plants are a great way to bring that green character back into your kitchen. For example, you could put a houseplant on your kitchen island and a slightly larger one next to the fridge!

Office plants

Having houseplants in the office has many advantages. Houseplants improve the concentration, creativity and productivity of employees! Houseplants also mean that employees are less likely to suffer from fatigue, dry eyes and depression. All these things have been proven by multiple studies and are mainly due to the psychological effects that houseplants have on people, but also the air purifying effects and the fact that houseplants provide better air humidity! All in all, in this day and age plants can't be missed in your office. At Green Bubble you'll find many attractive combination deals that make it affordable to buy larger packs of houseplants for an office.

Buy houseplants for every room in your house at Green Bubble

At Green Bubble you can be sure that you can score a houseplant for every room in your house. A house full of houseplants can be costly, luckily we also have cheap houseplants that keep the costs down. Keep an eye on our indoor plant offers! We often have plants on sale. These houseplants may be missing a leaf, or they have been standing in our stock for a long time. We often sell these plants for a favourable price. Are you looking for a large indoor plant but are you a bit shocked by some of the prices? Have a look at cheap large houseplants at Green Bubble. Because we work directly with growers we can often charge very reasonable prices


A nice pot or basket for your houseplant

Are you looking for a nice flowerpot or basket for your houseplant? Green Bubble has a carefully selected assortment of flower pots and baskets for your houseplant. We work together with brands that fit the Green Bubble style. If you want something different than a standard flowerpot, take a look at our large assortment of wicker baskets for your plant. These cane baskets for plants give a hip and trendy contrast to your home. Thanks to the pockets in the wicker baskets, you don't have to worry about water getting onto your floor when watering your houseplant. Are you looking for a large houseplant? No problem, we have many large plant baskets that are perfect for larger houseplants. 

Wicker baskets for your houseplants

If you want something different than a standard flowerpot, take a look at our large assortment of wicker baskets for your plants. These wicker baskets for houseplants provide a hip and trendy contrast to your home. Thanks to the plastic bags in the wicker baskets, you don't have to worry about water getting onto your floor when watering your houseplant. Are you looking for a large houseplant? No problem, we have many large plant baskets that are perfect for larger houseplants. We also have wicker baskets for hanging plants! These wicker baskets for plants have a rope that you can use to hang the hanging plant. This way, you can add an extra dimension to your interior by using hanging houseplants. A wicker basket for your houseplant gives that extra trendy character to your houseplant. A large proportion of our wicker baskets for plants are also traditionally hand-woven in traditional patterns from different cultures! 

A trendy inner pot for your houseplant

Besides wicker baskets for plants, we also have various pots for plants. We have pots for houseplants that are made from recycled material. We try to eliminate plastic as much as possible when selling our houseplants and other products. You will also find pots with a unique watering system on our website. These pots for houseplants are perfect for people who don't have time to water houseplants! All you have to do is pour some water in the pot and the pot will water the houseplant itself! 

A houseplant in a pot

If you are not entirely sure which pot is best for a houseplant, we also have a wide range of potted houseplants. These houseplants come with trendy and carefully selected pots. So you no longer have to worry about finding a suitable pot for your plant. For instance, we have beautiful houseplants in trendy grey pots, plants in recycled pots and plants in sustainable baskets. For every type of interior, you can find a matching potted houseplant on our website. 

A pot for your houseplant at Green Bubble

Finding a suitable pot for your houseplant is easy on our website. We often offer the option to directly choose a pot for your houseplant. Choose for example a trendy basket or a pot made of recycled material. We also have houseplants with pot. These houseplants come standard with a matching pot. Extra easy and you don't have to worry about a pot for your plant anymore! Complete your houseplant with a cool pot! 

Buying a houseplant at Green Bubble

Buy a nice houseplant of course at Green Bubble! When you buy a plant you expect the best and healthiest choice. Because of our direct co-operation with growers we can guarantee the freshness of the plant. We also try to deliver high quality houseplants to our clients at all times. 

We from Green Bubble are totally happy with a happy plant and a healthy plant! Do you want to buy a houseplant but you don't feel like going to the local hardware store? We totally get it. Luckily at Green Bubble you can easily order all your houseplants online. You never have to drag along with houseplants again! Ordering houseplants is very easy in our webshop. The moment you order a houseplant today, it will arrive the very next day! 

Ease of ordering and beautiful houseplants, that is what Green Bubble stands for. Do you want to buy a cool houseplant? Join the Green Bubble! 


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