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Easy plants

Easy plants that you can place indoors have many advantages. They provide clean air in your home while you hardly have to do anything yourself. Our easy care plants are 'hufterproof'.

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Houseplants from Green Bubble

At Green Bubble we have a huge range of easy houseplants. Not a hero at taking care of houseplants? No worries! We offer several houseplants that are super easy to take care of and look really cool. Easy hanging plants or houseplants that are fixed to the ground, for everyone with green fingers these easy plants will be ready. 

Do you forget to water your plants or do you always think 'oops, forgot'? These easy-care plants from Green Bubble will always remember you. These houseplants are very strong and will certainly survive a 'forgotten' watering. Houseplants for in the sun or in the shade, Green Bubble makes sure that everywhere a beautiful houseplant can stand. Easy houseplants are available in any size, just make sure it is in the right place and it will continue to shine.

H3 Easy houseplant Dracaena Green (100 words)
The Dracaena Green is a real winner among the easy houseplants. It needs little care and with a little attention will remain your green friend for a long time. Did you know that the Dracaena is also called the dragon blood tree? It owes this name to its beautiful leaves. The Dracaena Green has a beautiful stem with green leaves. A strong houseplant that will fit in any interior. Give it some water weekly and it will continue to shine. A tropical hero for your urban jungle. Easy to care for and ideal for someone without green fingers. 

Easy houseplant Monstera

The monstera, also called the hole plant, is a beautiful houseplant that is also super easy to care for. The Monstera has larger and larger holes in the leaves as they grow. This gives the plant a cool look. The Monstera is one of the most popular easy houseplants of the moment. This tropical houseplant fits into any interior. An easy houseplant that will be a real eye-catcher. A little attention weekly and this hole plant will thank you forever. Large and small, at Green Bubble you are at the right place for the easy Monstera. 

Easy houseplant Strelitzia

The Strelitzia, the most popular houseplant from the assortment of Green Bubble. The Strelitzia is a beautiful green houseplant from the tropics. He is super easy to care for and ideal for if you're not so good at this. The Strelitzia needs water about once a week and will preferably stand in a sunny spot, but out of direct sunlight. This easy houseplant is also known as the bird of paradise flower. An air-purifying plant that is also super easy to care for. An ideal addition to your tropical urban jungle, if you ask us. 

Easy houseplant Kentia palm

Nice and rough, big and green that's the Kentia Palm. An exuberant plant and an absolute hit for your productivity. This easy houseplant is also a real winner when it comes to purifying the air. An ideal combination for every plant keeper. The Kentia palm originally comes from the tropics, but will also do very well in your living room. This easy green houseplant stands preferably in a place where normal daylight comes and with weekly a little water he will continue to shine. Your urban jungle is only complete when the Kentia palm is found in it. 

Easy houseplant cactus

The cactus is often seen as one of the easiest houseplants you can have. This is mainly because you hardly need to water it and it requires very little from you. With its spines it has a very playful appearance and gives a tropical touch to your interior. Whether you go for the Euphorbia cactus or the desert cactus, they will both be easy to take care of. So are you really not a hero at taking care of plants now? The cactus is truly indestructible and also looks super cool in any interior. 

Easy houseplants Ficus Lyrata

The Ficus Lyrata is a super easy houseplant to care for. It has beautiful green leaves and a beautiful stem where it stores its water. Ficus Lyrata needs only 1 watering per week. Make sure you do not give it too much water. Put it in a sunny spot and this easy houseplant will continue to shine. Whether you go for the Ficus Lyrata tree or the Ficus Lyrata shrub, they are all equally easy to care for and all a perfect addition to any interior.

Easy houseplants for every location


Every houseplant has its favorite location. The pitch is very important for houseplants because it will affect their growth. Even easy houseplants have a preferred location. Often the easy plants can be placed in any position, but for some this is not the case. Read yourself well about the location, some (yes even easy) plants are very picky about this. 

One will do better in the sun, because he probably comes from the tropics. These houseplants can stand heat and light better than other plants. The other can not stand light and heat so well and therefore prefers to be in the shade. And yet another prefers to have a little of both. When plants are left in the sun that they can't handle, you risk burning the leaves and this is not good for the easy houseplants.

Easy houseplants for in the sun

There are several easy houseplants that can be placed in the sun. These houseplants like to catch enough heat and light with their leaves. The easy houseplant species that really enjoy being in the sun include the Strelitzia and the cactus. Place these easy plants in the house near a window where they will see the most sunlight. Do you have a sunny spot in your home where you would like to put another beautiful easy houseplant? Then take a good look at the Strelitzia or the cactus. 

Easy houseplants for the shade

You can also find easy houseplants for the shady spots in your home. These easy plants are preferably in a dark place where little light falls. Take for example the Monstera with its beautiful holes or the Dracaena with its green dragon leaves or the Sansevieria with its pointed stems. An easy houseplant for everyone in a shady spot. Hufterproof plants for the shade. Easy houseplants in the shade often need less water than if they were in the sun. So be careful not to overwater these easy plants in the shade. 

Easy houseplants for semi-shade

Almost most easy houseplants prefer to be in a place where both sun and shade can be found. For example, a semi-shade spot for an easy houseplant is 2-3 feet away from a window, and in this spot, about 3-5 hours of direct sunlight falls on the easy houseplant. The most popular houseplants that are in the half-shade spot are the Strelitzia, the Monstera and the Dracaena. Also the best selling houseplants at the moment. These easy plants are super easy in their care and will shine in most places in the house. 

An easy indoor plant in every size

Easy houseplants can be found in every size, large and small. For those who thought that large houseplants are only difficult to care for are wrong. There are plenty of easy houseplants that are very large. For example, you can think of the Strelitzia or the Monstera. These are easy XL plants that will look super nice in any interior. 

There are also medium-sized easy houseplants, put them in a central place in the house so they will be a real eye-catcher. Everyone should see that you can take care of these easy houseplants. Medium-sized houseplants have a height of about 70 cm to 120 cm high. There are also many small houseplants that are easy to care for. These include of course the easy hanging plants. Hang these in a nice place where everyone can see them. Easy small houseplants will have a height of about 15-70 cm high. An ideal height for easy houseplants that you can put on a cabinet, for example. 

Large, easy indoor plants

People often think that large houseplants are difficult to look after. Fortunately, this is not the case and there are plenty of large easy to care for houseplants to be found at Green Bubble. For example you will find the Strelitzia and the Monstera. These two large houseplants are super easy to care for and look very nice too. These easy houseplants need little attention and will live on if you forget them once in a while. So don't hesitate to order a large houseplant if you're not a good plant caregiver, but buy it soon. 

Medium-sized easy houseplants

There are several easy houseplants that have a medium height. These easy plants have a height of about 70 to 120 cm high. Medium-sized easy houseplants include the Ficus Lyrata and the smaller Strelitzia. These medium-sized houseplants are easy to care for and will look beautiful in any interior. Place them for example on a side table or next to the TV on the TV cabinet. In this way you can give every room a tropical atmosphere with your easy to care for houseplants. 

Small easy houseplants

Small plants can be found in every interior. Small houseplants that are also easy to care for even more often. These are the ideal houseplants for the plant killer. There are several types of small easy houseplants, we will also include the easy hanging plants. For example, the hanging plant monstera or the small Dracaena are perfect easy houseplants. These green houseplants will ask little of you and yet will stay with you for a long time. Easy houseplants don't mind if you forget them once in a while, this often makes them stronger.  Small plants are all the rage and can not be missed in your urban jungle.


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