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Livingroom plants

A living room is often one of the coziest places in the house and it can be made even cozier with a beautiful houseplant. Each houseplant contributes to a better climate but above all plants can complete your interior! 

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A living room is often one of the cosiest places in the house and this can be made even cozier with a beautiful living room plant. Every houseplant contributes to a better climate, but above all, plants can complete your interior! 

At Green-Bubble we have an extensive range of different living room plants where there is always a suitable living room plant for you. Are you looking for a living room plant that is, for example, animal-friendly or just for a living room plant with large leaves? We have listed the absolute toppers per category for you!

Easy care huiskamerplanten

If you do not have such green fingers or maybe not being at home so often but you still want a super cool plant in your living room? Then the Pachira aquatica might be something for you! This living room plant is also called the Geldboom. The name "Money Tree" owes this houseplant because in the Far East it is believed that the leaves can catch money. The Money Tree is not a difficult plant to care for and it also has strong air-purifying leaves.  You only have to water the Pachira aquatica 1 time every 3 weeks, this is because the water is stored in its beautiful braided trunk. However, this living room plant will like to be sprayed occasionally. Only water the Pachira aquatica again when the soil has completely dried out. The Geldboom needs at least 3 to 5 hours of indirect sunlight per day, although the Pachira Aquatica is  less able to tolerate the bright sun.

Another easy-care living room plant is the Aspidistra elatior, originally the Aspidistra elatior comes  from the Far East. Here the plant grows mainly as a ground cover. This living room plant is actually indestructible, a perfect plant to fill your shady corner. The plant has very thick leaves and therefore evaporates little moisture. Looking at this plant once a week is sufficient. Before you water, feel for a moment whether the soil is still moist. If this is the case, you can wait a few days before watering. The Aspidistra elatior originally grows on the ground of forests and is therefore used to shady places. The best place for this plant is in the shade but with enough daylight. The color of the plant will become lighter if it gets too much light.

Luchtzuiverende huiskamerplanten

If you are looking for a living room plant with a strong air-purifying effect, we advise you to  take a look at  the Sansevieria Laurentie.

The Sanservia is 1 of the few plants that produces more oxygen at night than during the day. Another nice side effect this carbon monoxide killer is almost impossible to break, it is a very strong living room plant. Originally the Sansevieria comes from far Africa and is also called women's tongue. The Sansevieria is the definition of an easy living room plant. Make sure that you absolutely do not give the Sansevieria too much water! This living room plant is not so thirsty at all. If you are in doubt about a new watering, we advise you to wait a while. When this plant is given too much water, there is a chance of root rot and of course you want to prevent this!

The place where the Sansevieria is located does not matter very much to him. A lot of sun or a lot of shade, he can handle it all. However, light is essential for the growth and leaves of the Sansevieria. We do not recommend a complete shade to promote the beauty and growth of the Sansevieria. 

Another star in purifying air is the Calathea Compactstar. The plant comes naturally from the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. We have to admit that this is not the easiest plant but a very special one. The leaves and shapes of this plant are all unique. From green to purple in color and from round to oval in shape, so much diversity in one plant. The Calathea Compactstar is sensitive to the right amount of water. Check twice a week whether the soil is still moist and water if necessary. This living room plant does not need much direct sunlight. The leaves can even burn from this, there will then be brown spots on the leaf. Of course you don't want this, so choose the right location for this special living room plant.

Houseplants with large leaves

Are you looking for a living room plant that no one can ignore? Then the Strelitzia Nicolai is exactly what you are looking for! We have this big boy available in different height sizes from 130cm to 180cm so there is always a Strelitzia Nicolai that fits in your living room!

The Strelitzia Nicolai is originally from South Africa and is known for its beautiful large, green leaves. This living room plant will look fantastic in any interior, but the Strelitzia Nicolai is a houseplant that needs the right care. The Strelitzia Nicolai is a plant that comes from a warm area and therefore this houseplant needs regular watering. The soil in which the Strelitzia Nicolai is capable should always be moist. He needs so much water that the soil should only be a little dry again after a week. In the summer months, 1 time a week is sufficient to check the amount and frequency in the winter months.  A correct location for the Strelitzia Nicolai is very important. The Strelitzia Nicolai likes sufficient sunlight and therefore prefers to be in a light place in the house with a few hours of full sun, if it does not get this then it will quickly lose its ornamental value

Another beautiful appearance in a living room is the Alocasia Zebrina. This tropical houseplant is really an addition to any interior!  With its large leaves and striped stems, it is a real eye-catcher. The Alocasia Zebrina is a large houseplant that is perfect for true plant lovers. This living room plant does require a little more care. It is important that you ensure that this green houseplant gets enough water. Water the Alocasia 1 time a week and check every day whether the soil is still moist enough. This living room plant also likes a lot of direct sunlight. 

Animal-friendly houseplants

You love your pets dearly and you do not want them to be in any danger and we understand that! If your pets are always hungry, we advise you to look at a Banana plant, these plants are not poisonous and also look great! However, you should keep a close eye on this green friend and he needs some more care.

The Banana Plant originates from the tropics and therefore likes a good sip of water. Give this green houseplant with large leaves enough water 1 time a week. Make sure that the roots are not flooded! Too much water can lead to root rot and you always want to prevent this. The right location is very important for a Banana plant. He loves the sun, so give the Banana Plant a light spot where he does not get cold easily!

Bloeiende huiskamerplanten

Are you looking for a living room plant with just that little bit extra? Then the Acalypha hispida is  all for you! The Acalypha hispida is originally from the Southwest of Asia and can reach a height of up to fifteen meters in nature (under good conditions) !

The plant has long flowering spikes that hang down, because even though these bloomers are colored, they look like the tail of a cat. This is where the Acalypha hispida gets its nickname, Cattail.

The Acalypha hispida is an easy to care for houseplant, you should water the Acalypha hispida about once a week. This houseplant likes a moist surface but be careful not to give it too much water. We recommend that you water the Acalypha hispida from below so that its flowers do not get wet, it is also better  to water the Acalypha hispida with lukewarm water and not with cold water.

For the Acalypha hispida, choose  a location with sufficient light and heat, but the full sunlight is just too much of a good thing for this houseplant. It is also important that you do not place this houseplant near a heater. The Acalypha hispida likes high humidity and a heater ensures dry air

Ask us for advice

When you want to pick up your living room  with a crazy plant, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice from our large range. That is why we are happy to help you with your choice. Call or Whatsapp us for advice via 06-23740835 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also fill in our contact form.

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