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Have you been able to choose from all the green houseplants in our range? Then it is now time to choose a suitable flower pot or basket for your new green friend. At Green Bubble you will find more than 30 types of pots and baskets, most of which can be ordered in different sizes. Whether you're looking for a wicker basket or a plastic flowerpot, Green Bubble has it all. Even if you do not have the time or desire to water your houseplants, we have a solution for this: watering systems. As a result, you do not have to water your houseplant weekly, but about once every 6 weeks. 

Do you want to give a nice atmosphere to an office space or to an empty room in the house? Then green houseplants are the perfect solution. Think of the popular houseplant Monstera Deliciosa or Strelitzia Nicolai. These popular houseplants can be found in almost the Netherlands and are becoming more and more famous. As a real houseplant lover, these houseplants really should not be missing from your collection. 

For all animal lovers, it may seem difficult to find a suitable houseplant. Fortunately, at Green Bubble you will find a category with all our animal-friendly houseplants. If you have made a choice for an animal-friendly houseplant, you can choose to order a flower pot right away. A plastic flowerpot is a perfect choice, because it does not easily break if your pet accidentally bumps into it.

Why you need a plastic flowerpot

Which pot or basket fits best in your interior depends of course on the style in your home. So it's really a matter of taste. Although we cannot choose you for that reason, we can give you a number of tips about which houseplants look beautiful in a plastic flower pot. Do you have curious pets or children who sometimes run into them? Then choose a plastic flowerpot! This can take a beating. A ceramic flowerpot will survive less quickly, on the other hand.

Our favourite houseplants in a plastic flowerpot

We have made a selection of our favorite houseplants which are perfect for a plastic flowerpot. If you have curious pets and/or children walking around at home who might want to take a bite of this tropical houseplant, don't worry!  The houseplants you see below are all animal-friendly houseplants.

Are you creating your own urban jungle at home? Then there are a number of houseplants in this category that are perfect for you and which look beautiful in a plastic flower pot. The Kentia palm is a large, tropical houseplant that stands out in every room in the house. This is also a real hufterproof houseplant! The banana plant is also one of the houseplants that absolutely should not be missing from your urban jungle. This offers your pets a nice hiding place from the sun in the summer. It's also completely animal-friendly, so you don't have to worry about your pets when they take a bite from this beautiful, green friend. 

Plastic flowerpot for your Kentia palm

This large, green palm is a suitable houseplant for an office space. This is very easy to care for and has a strong air-purifying function. See here which air-purifying houseplants we have in our range. The Kentia palm gives a tropical atmosphere to any room. Please note, although this houseplant is easy to care for, you can not neglect it. The Kentia palm loves water. Make sure you give him enough water every week. You can place this houseplant in a plastic flower pot! 

Plastic flowerpot for your Melon plant

The melon plant also looks nice in a plastic flowerpot. The roots of this nice houseplant lie in South America. It is characterized by its unique leaves with which it stands out among all other houseplants. He owes his name to his looks. Take a good look at the leaves of this houseplant. Because of the stripes, the leaves look like small watermelons. The melon plant looks beautiful in a plastic flowerpot. Do you have curious pets at home? Even then, this houseplant is perfect for you. It is non-toxic and therefore a real animal-friendly houseplant. 

Plastic flowerpot for your Olive Tree

This houseplant lasts for years and can also be placed in the garden when the temperatures rise. When it is delivered to your home, it has a height of 1 meter. It can still grow a little to a height of 110 cm. Originally, this tree comes from the Middle East. It can live for hundreds of years in its natural environment. An olive tree is not only beautiful to see, but also has a beautiful symbolic meaning. He symbolizes peace, loyalty and love. This olive tree is perfect for anyone who is not a hero in caring for houseplants. He needs little water and attention. Place it in one of our plastic flower pots!

Plastic flowerpot for your Pancake plant

Every houseplant lover has undoubtedly heard of this green friend. The official name of this houseplant is Pilea Peperomioides. This trendy houseplant is characterized by the long, sturdy stems and its special leaves. The pancake plant owes its name to these special leaves. The small, round leaves look like small pancakes. Place this houseplant preferably not in direct sunlight, but in normal daylight and give it a little water every now and then. Not too much, the pancake plant can't handle that very well. This houseplant is perfect in a plastic flower pot. 

Plastic flowerpot for your Banana plant

A banana plant in a plastic flower pot is a perfect addition to any space in your home. Transform your living room or bedroom into an urban jungle with this cool houseplant! The official name of this houseplant is Musa, but it is almost never called that way. It is recognized by its large, green leaves. This houseplant is not only beautiful to look at, but also has a number of useful functions. It offers a nice shade spot to your pet in the summer and has an air-purifying function. Houseplants with air-purifying properties are a perfect addition to your office space or bedroom. A freshly purified air has a positive effect on your quality of sleep and your focus during the day. 

Plastic flowerpot for your Orchid

An orchid is usually sold in a plastic flowerpot. These are specially made for the orchid. At Green Bubble you will find many different types of orchids. Are you not a hero in taking care of houseplants or do you simply not want to spend so much time on it? Then an orchid is perfect for you. They are very easy to care for. You often see orchids in people's homes close to the window, but an orchid can't stand direct sunlight at all. Preferably give him a place in normal daylight. Do you want to be sure that you give your orchid enough, but not too much water? You can give your orchid three ice cubes a week. 

Plastic flowerpot for your Calathea

The roots of this beautiful houseplant lie in the tropical rainforests of Central and South America. In a plastic flowerpot, this tropical houseplant comes into its own. All houseplants belonging to this family have unique external characteristics. You can distinguish them from each other by the drawings on the leaves. The Calathea does not like a lot of direct light and therefore prefers to be in a place in normal daylight. In a too dark place all this houseplant does not do well. His leaves start to hang and he stops growing. Give your Calathea enough water weekly.

Plastic flowerpot for your Bromeliad (pineapple plant)

This cool houseplant is perfect for a plastic flowerpot. It is better known as a pineapple plant. You almost get hungry when you look at this beautiful houseplant, but make no mistake! You can't take a bite of this pineapple. When you receive it at home, it has a height of 50 cm and it will not grow any further after this. The Bromeliad does not require much attention, but it does like heat. However, do not place it in direct sunlight, the pineapple plant can not cope well with that. The leaves can then burn! That would be a shame. 

Plastic flowerpot for your Grass Lily

Officially this green friend is called Chlorophytum Comosum, you know that again! This houseplant is perfect in a plastic flower pot. The grass lily is beautiful to look at, but in addition to its looks, it also has other important characteristics. It is animal-friendly and has air-purifying properties. So you no longer have to worry about nasty substances in the air when you have this houseplant in your home! This houseplant needs weekly water and likes to be in a place where it can catch enough daylight, but no direct sunlight. It has a height of 20 cm when it arrives at your home. 

Order plastic flowerpot at Green Bubble

Have you been able to make a choice from all the pots and baskets of Green Bubble? You can easily order your plastic flowerpot via our webshop. You will then receive these at the same time as your new houseplants at home. When you have ordered, it takes about 1 to 4 working days before you can receive your order. The jars are tightly packed so that they cannot be damaged during shipping.



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