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Yucca Rostrata

The full crown with bright green, large leaves of 40 to 60 centimeters makes the Yucca Rostrata a real eye-catcher in everyone's garden! | Green-Bubble.com

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The Yucca Rostrata is a special appearance because of its unique shape which you will not often encounter. The full crown containing long, bright green, large leaves of about 40 to 60 centimeters that stand straight up makes the Yucca Rostrata a real eye-catcher in everyone's garden. These leaves grow like spines from the inside out. When the outer leaves of the Yucca Rostrata have had their best time you can leave them hanging for a lush and natural effect but you can also cut them off to create a nice and tight plant. Originally the Yucca Rostrata comes from Northeast Mexico, West Texas and the Chihuahua Desert. 

The Yucca Rostrata is a true sunbather and does not require much water. If you have the Yucca Rostrata outside in the winter months it can be a bit sensitive to moisture. It is important that the Yucca Rostrata has a good drainage system in the pot so water can run away. It is also advisable to protect the Yucca Rostrata in the wet winter months against moisture through a cover or plastic. Too much moisture can cause the Yucca to rot and of course this is something you want to prevent.

Position of the Yucca Rostrata 

As mentioned before, the Yucca Rostrata loves the sun. We recommend you not to move the Yucca Rostrata too often. This is because this plant needs to get used to a new place and this disturbs the development and growth of the plant. The Yucca Rostrata is hardy to -7 degrees Celsius. In case the temperature drops below this point, we recommend to pack the plant.

Watering the Yucca Rostrata

The Yucca Rostrata originates from very dry areas, including the desert, and is therefore not a fan of too much water. Therefore, you do not need to water the Yucca Rostrata very often. The Yucca Rostrata is a slow grower and simply does not consume much water. Check the soil of your Yucca Rostrata once a week and make sure the soil does not dry out completely. If the soil of your Yucca Rostrata feels very dry you can give some water until the soil feels slightly moist. Always gauge the amount and frequency in the beginning.

The Yucca Rostrata in the winter

In the winter months, the Yucca Rostrata does not need much water. The plant will use even less water in this period than it already did. In case of extreme frost we recommend to wrap the Yucca Rostrata in a tree cover or bubble wrap. We recommend you to 'air' the Yucca Rostrata every week. This because moisture can accumulate under the cover and this can lead to mold on the trunk. Obviously you want to prevent this.

Pruning of the Yucca Rostrata

The Yucca Rostrata can be pruned in order to maintain its beautiful shape. Old leaves will turn brown and slowly die. Pruning is best done in the spring. In this period the olive tree recovers the fastest. Prune the branches as close to the trunk as possible with sharp scissors.

Repotting of the Yucca Rostrata

When repotting your Yucca Rostrata, choose a planter that is at least 20% larger than the root ball. In this way, the Yucca Rostrata can develop further and its roots have enough new space to grow further and stronger.  The repotting of the Yucca Rostrata happens preferably in the spring. Then the possibly damaged roots can recover properly in the sunny period. 


The Yucca Rostrata is absolutely not poisonous to the touch but beware that small children or pets do not chew the Yucca Rostrata. We always advise against consuming the leaves or other parts of the plant or processing them into food.


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