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Metal pots

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Metal flower pots are known to be made in all colors, shapes and reliefs. Often metal flower pots are therefore a bit more pronounced but rest assured there is such a wide choice so there is always a metal flowerpot that fits perfectly with your green friend! Perhaps even more important is the fact that there is always a metal flowerpot that fits perfectly into your interior. In short, plenty of choices and great ones!

Why you need a metal flowerpot!

A houseplant in itself is of course already very beautiful, but the pot in which it will be placed can make the houseplant ten times more beautiful. So take a look at our wide range of metal flower pots. Whether you want to go for a quiet metal flowerpot or for a colorful shiny model everything is possible!

What are metal flower pots made of?

You may think that all metal flower pots are made of metal, but there is still a distinction here. For example, the different types of metal have different effects and a different appearance.

  • Zinc

Zinc flower pots are usually only used outdoors. Under the influence of different weather conditions, zinc pots get a tough look. However, zinc is a metal that does not insulate so well. Both with a warm summer and with a severe winter, this can be detrimental to the houseplant and especially to its roots. However, this insulation problem can easily be solved by placing the styrofoam in the baking foil and at the bottom.

  • Steel

Steel is a super durable material and outside the color will soon change to a rust brown color. They are often heavy and massive pots and are therefore often used outdoors. Steel also does not insulate very well, so we recommend that you cover the inside of the pot with foil and place the bottom with styrofoam.

  • Aluminium

Aluminum is a frequently used material and also offers many possibilities. Aluminum can easily be deformed and these metal flower pots can also get any desired color. Aluminum planters give a modern look and can be both light and heavy in weight.

Which metal planter suits you best?

Based on 5 different interior styles, we looked at which metal flower pots best suit each style. Let it be said that taste differs and there are no standards for this. Let your own feeling and creativity run wild when choosing a metal flower pot!

Metal pots for a Scandinavian interior

A Scandinavian interior is characterized by light colors, clean lines and natural materials. When you enter a Scandinavian interior you end up in an oasis of peace. It's the ideal style to make a space look bigger than the space actually is. In a Scandinavian interior, 'Less is more' is definitely the motto.  Tranquility, simplicity, functionality and quality are the key words in a Scandinavian interior. Now all metal flower pots are of excellent quality at Green-Bubble so you don't have to think about this anymore. Our Pot Minou Blue is the pot for a Scandinavian interior. A beautiful model and yet striking because of the golden edge at the bottom of the pot. Actually, every houseplant will look nice in this metal planter, but we have a favorite for this! This is the Banana plant, this houseplant will really be an eye-catcher in a Scandinavian interior.

The banana plant comes from the tropics, which is why it likes a good sip of water. Give this green houseplant with large leaves enough water 1 time a week. Make sure that the roots are not flooded! The location of a banana plant is very important! The Banana Plant loves the sun. So make sure that this houseplant is in a warm and sunny place.

Metal pots for a rural interior

The Rural interior is one of the most popular living styles in the Netherlands. A rural interior is characterized by warmth, cosiness and above all a lot of cosiness. In addition, the calm color tones and natural materials are not to be missed. In a house with a rural interior, everyone feels at home. A rural interior is absolutely not sleek, think of a sofa with large thick cushions, candles, a wooden robust dining table and a beautiful buffet cabinet, this typifies the Rural interior. At Green-Bubble we have a whole number of metal flower pots that will fit great in such an interior. Think, for example, of the Elise Mystic Green, beautiful colors that will be a great addition. The Pot Thomas Gold would also look perfect in a rural living room. A robust look and yet this metal flowerpot looks chic. Also for these metal flower pots applies again actually every green friend would be great in this. However, the Pancake plant would be completely in place because say what a cozy look this houseplant has!

These trendy houseplants are characterized by their round leaves on the stems, which are reminiscent of pancakes. Pancake plants are super easy to handle and you will also enjoy them for a long time! Give this houseplant a splash of water once a week and it will be completely satisfied. Be careful with too much water, because he will not be very happy with this. Place the pancake plant in a light spot but from the direct sunlight these will not like his pancake leaves very much!

Metal pots for an industrial interior

Open spaces, high ceilings and robust items. Tough is the key word when you talk about an industrial interior. The interior is robust and often has unfinished materials such as a wall where the bricks are still visible or scaffolding pipes that run through the room. A metal flowerpot that would look fantastic here is the Pot Thomas copper red, because how cool is this metal flower pot?! Actually, this pot is already an eye-catcher in itself. The Pot Elisa Mystic Earth will also look great in an Industrial interior. Even though these metal flower pots are already beautiful in themselves, they become even more beautiful with, for example, a great Grass Lily.

The Grass Lily is a very popular houseplant and this is not only because of its appearance, it is also a super air-purifying houseplant. In terms of care, he does not need much, a splash of water every week and he is already satisfied. Do not give this houseplant too much water because it will not make it happy. Place the grass lily in a sunny location where there is no direct sunlight. So keep this in mind.

Metal pots for a Bohemian interior

A Bohemian interior is pronounced and has influences from all over the world. Colors, styles, patterns and materials are often mixed together. A Bohemian interior is made by decoration and accessories. Think of rugs, hanging chairs and personal accessories. The vase Jenna gold would look great in a Bohemian interior because of the height of the vase the Monstera Monkey Leaf would look great in this metal flowerpot.

The large and special leaves will eventually grow over the edge, which gives a super effect. The Monstera Monkeyleaf is also an easy houseplant. The Monstera Monkeyleaf is not super thirsty. As long as the soil around the houseplant is slightly moist, then this beautiful houseplant is already satisfied. Even when it comes to the location, this houseplant is not picky. Place the houseplant in a light spot but not in direct sunlight. Otherwise, you risk burning the leaves of this green houseplant. Not so much light in the house? No worries! The Monstera Monkeyleaf also survives well in a shady spot.

Ask us for advice on metal pots

When you want to pick up your living room, bedroom or perhaps garden room with a crazy metal flower pot, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice from our large range. That is why we are happy to help you with your choice. Call or Whatsapp us for advice via 06-23740835 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also fill in our contact form.

Buy a metal flowerpot at Green-Bubble

Are you looking for a beautiful metal flowerpot? Then you've come to the right place at Green Bubble! The moment you buy one of our beautiful metal flower pots, you naturally want a beautiful flower pot. At we strive to deliver beautiful and high-quality metal flower pots to our customers every day. This way you get your metal flowerpot delivered as beautifully and well as possible!

Do you want to buy a metal flower pot but don't feel like going to the local garden store? We understand that, that's why we send your metal flowerpot directly to you and that for free! You can easily buy a metal flower pot in our webshop where you can buy different types of metal flower pots of the highest quality!

Ease of ordering and cool metal flower pots, that's what Green Bubble stands for. Do you want to buy a crazy metal flowerpot? Join the Green Bubble!



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