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Kentia Palm

Are you looking for a plant that really steals the show, or a green topper that immediately creates a tropical vibe in your home? Then we may have the perfect green candidate for you.

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The Kentia Palm

Are you looking for a plant that really steals the show, or a green topper that immediately creates a tropical vibe in your home? Then we might have the perfect green candidate for you. The Kentia Palm is just waiting to shine in your home. And it certainly will. With its fan-shaped, wide-spreading leaves, the Kentia Palm immediately brings a tropical vibe with it. The Kentia Palm is known as one of the strongest palm species available. The Kentia Palm is a true green super hero when it comes to purifying the air. What's more, the Kentia Palm is easy to look after. A win-win situation!


The Kentia Palm likes to be placed in a light place but does not like direct sunlight. You might expect that because of its tropical background, the Kentia Palm likes a bit of sun, but nothing could be further from the truth. The leaves of the Kentia Palm can become dry and brown, which immediately diminishes the appearance of your plant. Pay attention to this when choosing the right location for your new green friend.


Make sure that the soil of your Kentia Palm always stays slightly moist. Make sure that you don't give it too much water. This can cause the water to accumulate at the roots and can cause root rot. Root rot is difficult to remedy, so it is better to prevent it. The best way to measure humidity is to feel a little deeper into the soil with your fingers. If the soil is very dry again after a few days, it is time to water again. Is it still damp from last time? Then it is better to wait a while. If you decide to repot your plant, it is better to measure the water with a special moisture meter. This is because the water you give it sinks directly to the bottom, and here you cannot feel it easily with your fingers.

Our tip: After delivering the Kentia Palm, take a good look at the soil moisture for a few days. In this way you can estimate how quickly the plant will absorb the water and how many days it will take to water it again.

Colouring of the leaves

The leaves of the Kentia Palm can change colour in the course of time. Brown leaves can be older leaves, but can also indicate dryness due to too much sun. Make sure that the Kentia Palm is never exposed to too much direct sunlight. Yellow leaves can be a sign of too much water. In this case, look carefully at the potting soil of the Kentia Palm to see if it is doing well.

Re-potting the Kentia Palm

The Kentia Palm is re-potted approximately every two years. This means that it is not necessary to repot the Kentia Palm immediately after delivery. The Kentia Palm can stay in its pot for another two years so that its roots can grow bigger and stronger. If you decide to repot the Kentia Palm, then this should be done in the right way. Make use of a watertight inner sleeve in the ornamental pot, filler rat and a moisture meter.


Fortunately, the Kentia Palm is not a poisonous plant. This makes the Kentia Palm a safe choice if you have children or pets. You can therefore place the Kentia Palm anywhere in your home with an easy mind.

Ask us for advice about the Kentia Palm

If you want to pimp up your living room, balcony or any other room with an awesome Kentia Palm, it is sometimes difficult to choose from our large selection. That is why we would like to help you make your choice. Call or Whatsapp us for advice at +316 86863976 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also fill in our contact form.

Buying a Kentia Palm at Green-Bubble

Are you looking for a beautiful, tropical Kentia Palm? Then you've come to the right place at Green Bubble! At the moment you buy one of our special appearances you want a beautiful and fresh Kentia Palm. At Green Bubble we work directly with growers so we can guarantee the freshness of our Kentia Palms. We strive to deliver healthy and high quality Kentia Palms to our clients every day. This means that you will receive your Kentia Palm in the freshest and best condition possible!

Do you want to buy a Kentia Palm but don't feel like going to your local garden shop? We understand this all too well. That is why we will send your Kentia Palm directly to you, free of charge, within the Netherlands! Buying a Kentia Palm is easy in our web shop where you can buy various types of Kentia Palms of the highest quality!

Ease of ordering and Kentia Palms, that is what Green Bubble stands for. Do you want to buy an awesome Kentia Palm? Join the Green Bubble!


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