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Floor plant

At Green Bubble we have more than 90 floor plants in our assortment. Enough choice! Floor plants are generally larger houseplants, than for example our table plants.

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At Green Bubble we have more than 90 floor plants in our range. Plenty of choice! Floor plants are generally somewhat larger houseplants than, for example, our table plants. Floor plants are perfect for filling a corner in the living room or giving your bedroom a tropical look. These large floor plants stand out because of the large leaves. 

A number of these floor plants are extremely popular. Consider, for example, the banana plant. This houseplant is becoming more popular over time and can be found in the home of every houseplant lover. A large green houseplant like this is really indispensable in your interior. Do you want to create your own urban jungle? In this selection of floor plants you will undoubtedly find a perfect houseplant that completes your urban jungle.

Do you have pets or curious children who might want to take a bite from your new green friend? Rest assured. Also in the category floor plants there are enough houseplants that are suitable for your home. One of these animal-friendly houseplants is the Kentia palm.

Types of floor plants

As described above, there are many different floor plants in this category. The banana plant and the Strelitzia are both very popular houseplants that will immediately give a tropical atmosphere to your interior. These floor plants make a boring corner in your home cozy and are a perfect hiding place for your pets in the summer. The banana plant is an animal-friendly houseplant, but the Strelitzia is slightly poisonous. Are your pets very curious? Then this floor plant is not suitable for your living room. 

Why a floor plant is indispensable in your interior

Are you looking for a floor plant for your living room or bedroom? Green Bubble has more than 90 houseplants that give every empty corner in the house a fresh touch . These floor plants stand out because of the large, green leaves and are therefore a real eye-catcher. These tropical houseplants immediately make you feel like you are in a tropical jungle. The roots of many of these houseplants lie in tropical areas in, for example, South America. For this reason, some of these houseplants love full sun and plenty of water.

Tough floor plants

We find the Alocasia, Strelitzia Augusta and Banana plant to be really tough houseplants. These are perfect as a floor plant and can each grow into a large houseplant. The tropical houseplants all have an air-purifying function and do like sunlight. Please note, some more than others! These floor plants love attention and love! Make sure you know how to care for these houseplants before you decide to take one of these tropical houseplants into your home. 

Top 10 vloerplanten 

To help you make a choice, we have made a selection of 10 floor plants. These floor plants are not all equally popular, but all have unique properties!


Are you creating your own urban jungle in your home? Then this houseplant should absolutely not be missed! This tropical floor plant is also known as Musa and has large, green leaves. This makes the Musa stand out, a real eye-catcher in every room. The banana plant is an animal-friendly houseplant and also has air-purifying properties. So you no longer have to worry about harmful substances in the air. This green friend does have some requirements when it comes to care. Water the banana plant regularly. A spot in the sunlight, where it might even be a little warm, is perfect for this houseplant! 

Strelitzia Augusta

This is a real tough houseplant! The Strelitzia Augusta is a tropical floor plant with large striking leaves. This houseplant is originally from Tenerife, where it grows in the tropics. A Strelitzia consists for a large part of water and therefore also has a great need for water. Put the Strelitzia Augusta in the daylight, but never in full sun. The Strelitzia can't stand this. Do not be alarmed if the leaves of this tropical houseplant tear, this is supposed to happen! This houseplant has an air-purifying effect! 

Alocasia XL 

This species of houseplants belongs to the Alocasia family. The Alocasia is also called elephant ear . This floor plant has a striking appearance and gives a tropical atmosphere to every room in your home. Originally, this houseplant comes from the tropical regions of India. Don't have a green thumb? Then think very carefully before you take this green friend into your home. The Alocasia needs a lot of attention. Give the houseplant a place in direct sunlight and plenty of water. Check every now and then whether the soil of the Alocasia is still moist.

 Monstera Delicious

This mega popular houseplant is also known as a hole plant. The Monstera can be found in every houseplant lover and is characterized by the holes in the leaves. This floor plant has an innocent appearance, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Monstera Deliciosa is very toxic to pets and children. This houseplant has a strong air-purifying function. Do not put the Monstera Deliciosa in full sun, but rather in a spot in the shade. Here, if you water weekly, it will grow into a large floor plant. 

Dracaena Green XL 

Maybe you know for yourself that you're not a hero in keeping houseplants alive. Do you still want a striking houseplant in your home? The Dracaena Green XL is a perfect match for you. This green houseplant survives in every home. He only needs water 1 time every 3 to 6 weeks. Place the Dracaena in a place where there is sufficient shade. It can sometimes be as simple as that. This green houseplant has air-purifying properties. Ideal for an office space or for your bedroom! 

Alocasia Zebrina

This Alocasia looks different from the original Alocasia that we know from its large, shaggy leaves. The Alocasia Zebrina is a cool floor plant with large green leaves. This houseplant gets its name from the striped stems and the shape of the leaves are also unique. These are pointed. The Alocasia Zebrina loves water, but certainly not too much. Water this houseplant weekly and check if the soil is moist. Preferably place the Alocasia Zebrina near the window. This way the houseplant can catch enough direct sunlight! 

Kentia Palm

This large green palm is one of the most popular palm species in the Netherlands and can be found in almost every home. This floor plant is perfect for an office space, because it has an air-purifying effect. In exchange for your attention and love, this houseplant gives you back a fresh air. With the Kentia palm you never have to worry about harmful substances in the air again! In addition, this is also an animal-friendly houseplant. This palm is really indispensable in your interior. 


This popularity of this houseplant has grown enormously in recent years. Originally, this floor plant comes from Zanzibar, Madagascar and Kenya. The Zamioculcas is a very easy to care for floor plant. It stores water in its roots and trunk, so you don't have to water it as often. Ideal for anyone who sometimes forgets this. Only water the Zamioculcas when the soil is dry and preferably place it in a place in half-shade.

Desert cactus

This sturdy Desert cactus is a perfect floor plant for the living room or bedroom. This cactus has a height of 70 cm on arrival and can grow to a height of 80 cm! A real eye-catcher in every room and certainly not to be missed in your interior. The Desert cactus prefers to be in full sun and does not need much water. Water it as soon as the soil feels dry. You can easily check this by feeling the ground of the cactus. The Desert Cactus is an animal-friendly houseplant, so you don't have to worry about your pets or children! 

Dracaena Lemon Lime 

This cool floor plant comes with a height of 70 cm and its mature height is 80 cm. The striking leaves of the Dracaena are characterized by the pointed shape and stripes. Please note, this floor plant is slightly toxic to pets and children. The Dracaena has an air-purifying function, so you no longer have to worry about harmful substances and dust particles with this houseplant. This houseplant prefers to be in a place in half-shade and needs water when the soil is dry.

Order floor plants at Green Bubble

Do you want to give your living room or another room in the house a fresh touch with a floor plant? Then you've come to the right place at Green Bubble. We have a wide range of more than 90 houseplants that you can place on the floor. This way you can turn every boring corner into a tropical paradise. These floor plants come directly from the nursery! So they are super fresh when they are delivered to you. 

The floor plants in this category stand out mainly because of the large, green leaves and the height of the houseplant. A large part of these houseplants have an air-purifying function. These houseplants have a beneficial effect on the quality of the air in the room and also increase the humidity. Good air quality has a positive effect on your productivity. So preferably put an air-purifying houseplant in the office.

Order your floor plant via our website and receive your new green friend at home within 1 to 4 working days. Due to the specially designed shipping boxes in which our houseplants are shipped, the floor plants cannot fall over during shipping. This way we know for sure that you can receive your new houseplant in perfect condition.


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