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Pots and baskets

From sturdy Artstone pots, multifunctional paperbags to unique watering systems, at Green Bubble we have it all!

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Have you been able to choose from all the green houseplants in our range? Then it's time to find the right plant pot or basket for your new green friends. At Green Bubble we have a wide choice of different plant pot baskets for your houseplants. Such as beautiful metal pots, ceramic pots, plastic pots or wicker baskets. In a plant pot , houseplants are very nice, but in a basket perhaps even more fun. The wicker baskets give a natural look to every room in your home. Of course, it is also a matter of taste. Not everyone likes the same thing. It is useful to know in which room you want to place your new houseplant. This way you can see which plant pot or basket best suits the interior in the room.

We have many types of plant pots and baskets with a unique appearance. Are you looking for a plant pot with an industrial look or more of a natural look? Nowadays you see the baskets coming back to many people. It gives a calm look to the room and fits nicely with the green color of your houseplant. Gold has also been very popular in recent years. The gold has a luxurious look and ensures that your houseplant really stands out: an eye-catcher in your interior! The baskets we sell are plastic. This way you prevent water from flowing out of the basket when you water your houseplants. 

When you are going to choose a plant pot or basket for your new houseplants, it is important to pay attention to the plant pot size. How do you find out which pot size is the right one for your houseplant? You can always find this on the product page of your houseplant. So when you search on the Strelitzia Augusta and click on the right height, you will see which pot size is suitable for your houseplant. Most of the plant pots and baskets we sell are available in different sizes, so there is plenty of choice for everyone! 

Which houseplants are suitable for a basket?

There are so many different types of houseplants to choose from. Once you have made your choice, it is important to place your houseplant in a good planting pot or basket. Every houseplant is suitable for placing in a basket, but one are a number of houseplants that, as far as we are concerned, look perfect in a basket. Think, for example, of a cactus. These green houseplants come in different shapes and sizes and give a real jungle look to your interior. The baskets in this category give a natural atmosphere to the space in which you place your houseplants. 

Types of plant pots baskets

At Green Bubble we have a wide range of plant pot baskets. A suitable plant pot or basket for every houseplant  . Think of sturdy Artstone plant pot or multifunctional baskets. We  cannot say which plant pot or basket suits you best, because this is a matter of taste. However, we do know which trends you currently see coming back a lot. We have already mentioned that baskets are very popular. Golden details in the house is also something you see coming back more and more often. 

Kamerplanten in mand of plantpot

At Green Bubble we have a wide range of green houseplants. When you have made a choice from our houseplants, you can choose to immediately order plant pots and baskets via our webshop. You can see on the product page which pot size is perfect for your new green friend. Although you can choose which plant pot or basket you like to stand with your houseplant, we also have a number of houseplants that are delivered in a plant pot or basket. An example of such a houseplant in a basket is Rob's Brighamia Insignis 'Hawaii Palm'. This special, tropical houseplant grows in Hawaii and is 40 cm high when it is delivered to your home. This houseplant is easy to care for, so completely hufterproof. Are you not a hero in taking care of houseplants? Take a look at our category hufterproof houseplants.


We not only sell plant pots and baskets, but also have all kinds of useful accessories for your houseplants. For example, a unique system that ensures that your green houseplant gets enough water. Maybe you have bought a fresh herb plant, for example a basil plant, in the supermarket and  put it in the windowsill without a plant pot. You will notice that it then dries out quickly and can not use it for a very long time. 

The Lechuza plant pots with unique watering system are perfect for herb plants. Because of this system, you only have to water once a month or even every two months. They are shatterproof, very light, UV-resistant and made of high-quality plastic. These plant pots can be placed both indoors and outdoors. They come complete with plant pot, inner pot and a watering set.

Which plant pot or basket fits best in my interior?

What does your interior look like? Or in which room would you most like to place your new houseplant? It is useful to first determine where you want to place it. This way you can decide which style you go for when choosing a planting pot or basket for your green houseplant. We have so many different plant pots and baskets in our range. It can be difficult to make a choice from. We are happy to help you on your way.

While this is really a matter of taste, there are a number of types of plant pots and baskets that have been very popular in recent years and are still growing in popularity. Think, for example, of the wicker baskets. You see these in all shapes and sizes in people's homes. We sell a number of types of baskets. These baskets give a natural look to your interior and look beautiful in combination with green houseplants or cacti.

In addition, golden details in an interior are also very popular in recent years. Do you have a luxury houseplant, which you do not want to put in a typical white plant pot? Then a golden plant pot is  really perfect for you. This gives a luxurious look to your interior. 

What size plant pot is suitable for my houseplant?

Do you want to know what pot size you need for your new houseplants? Check this easily on the product pages of the houseplants you want to order. Here you will find all the information you need, including the pot size for your houseplant. It is not bad to place your houseplant in a too large plant pot or basket, but a too small plant pot or basket can cause problems. Your houseplant needs enough space for the roots. If you put your houseplant in a much too small planting pot, it can get into trouble and die over time.

The roots of your houseplant need enough space. Above you have already read what risk you run when you place your houseplant in a too small plant pot or basket. In this way you can ensure that your houseplant gets into trouble and cannot absorb enough water. Your houseplant will let you know that it is having a hard time. You can see it in the leaves. If you are not there in time, your houseplant will die. Of course, that is not the intention. Therefore, make sure that you start repotting your houseplants in March. Below you will find more tips for repotting your houseplants. 

After how many months is it time to repot my houseplant?

A houseplant grows. As a result, it is often important after a while to place your green houseplant in a new plant pot . When you are going to repot your houseplant, choose a pot that is 2 to 3 cm larger than the old plant pot where your houseplant was. By repotting your houseplants, you give your houseplants a little more space to grow. This prevents your houseplants from having too little space and dying as a result. 

Order the right plant pots and baskets easily at Green Bubble

Are you looking for a nice plant pot or basket for your new green friend? Then you've come to the right place at Green Bubble. Have you already selected new houseplants, but are you still looking for a suitable plant pot or basket? We sell almost all plant pots and baskets in different sizes. 

Before you choose a plant pot or basket, it is useful to check which pot size is suitable for your houseplant. You can easily find this on the product page of your new houseplant. When you search for pancake plant you will see that the pot size of this houseplant is 12 cm.

On the product page of your green houseplants you will not only find the right pot size for your houseplant. You will also find all kinds of information about the care of your houseplants and the right location. The right location, just like the right pots and baskets, is important for your houseplants. Some houseplants love sunlight, which is best given a place near the window. On the product page you will also find the Latin name of your new green friend and you can see to what height your houseplant can grow. Please note, this is an indication. The houseplants can grow to this height, but only if you give the houseplants the right care. 



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