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Sick plant? We have tips!

Do you think your plant is sick? Does it have yellow or brown leaves, or maybe aphids? We have gathered our care tips!

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A plant comes to the doctor...

Help! Is your plant sick and do you have no idea what to do? Don't worry, you are not the only one with this problem. In this article we will teach you all about these so-called 'plant diseases' and how best to combat them, or better still... prevent them!

How do you know if your plant is sick?

Make sure that when your plant shows strange symptoms you are alerted quickly. The sooner the better. Check the underside of the leaves every now and then, and these will be the first to show signs of change. Are there black or white spots on the plant? Then alarm bells are ringing!

House. Plant. Small animal.

Your house needs a plant, but your plants do not need insects! When you find lice or white flies, you need to fight them as soon as possible.

The three most common lice are:
- Aphid
- Roof louse
- Scale insect

These lice love to live on your plant. Aphids come in different sizes but can be recognised by their round, elongated bodies with two tubes on the back with which they secrete honeydew.

The soft scale is similar to the scale insect. They both have a shield, but the scale insect has its shield attached to its body, while the scale insect can lift its shield and emerge. Itching already?

Fighting the bugs

Ok, you have noticed that there are bugs on your plant. Super annoying, but if you can get there in time, you can fix it! Are the lice only on one leaf? Cut it off quickly. It can also help to spray your plant with cold water, lice do not like this and prefer to shower with lukewarm water so they will quickly look for another spot.

There are also some bugs that will not let themselves be chased away easily. So immerse the plant in water for a while. These animals do not have swimming diplomas, so they do not like this very much. Make sure that if you have a plant where the soil needs to be a little drier, you only submerge the top of the plant.

Brown leaves

Brown leaves are a consequence of too much sun and light; apart from cacti, almost no plant likes direct sun. Make sure that your plants are always at least one metre away from the window so that they get some light but not too much.

Yellow leaves

This is the opposite of the brown leaves, because if your plant gets yellow leaves, the most common cause is too little light. Place the plant in a brighter spot with a little more sunlight.

Other causes can be:

Too much water: Slow down the watering, it is not thirsty at the moment.
Dehydration: Instead of giving too much water, you may also give your plant too little or too late. Keep a close eye on the soil so that you are never too late.
Nutrition, some plants survive perfectly well without nutrition but plants generally like to get some nutrition. You can change the potting soil or add some nutrition to the soil.

White spots

Oh no... white spots on your plant are never a good sign. This can indicate mould and of course you don't want to do that to your plant. The fungus is white powdery and spreads rapidly over the leaves until they turn brown and die.

When you see white spots on the leaves of your plant, it is important that you remove the affected parts as soon as possible so that it cannot spread further, and make sure there is good ventilation.

Preventing a plant disease is difficult but certainly not impossible. Make sure that you do not put all your plants together, to prevent them all from becoming infected. So always keep a close eye on your plant because before you know it has new inhabitants and that is of course not the intention.

Want to know more about a specific plant? Check the care tips page


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