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Ashley Dontje - 28 / Sep / 2023

Ideal plants for your home office

Looking for some home office comfort? We will gladly help you!

Ideal plants for your home office

Waking up 10 minutes before your first meeting, a cat who has already repeatedly typed a fancy version of your mail by running over your keyboard and that one roommate who walks into your Teams meeting júst a bit too revealing. No, working from home is not always easy, but we get by just fine. And why not work in an environment with lots of greenery and coziness around you? Besides looking nice, air-purifying plants have also been proven to have a positive effect on your concentration and productivity.

At GreenBubble we are happy to help you find plants that make your home office just that little bit more fun and don't mind being forgotten every once in a while.

Pachira Aquatica (Money Tree)

To treat yourself with an extra penny for all the hard work, give the Pachira Aquatica a try. As a matter of fact, the Pachira is also known as the 'Money Tree'. The plant got this nickname because in the Far East, it is believed that its leaves can catch money.... Worth a try, right? Besides its beautiful leaves, the Pachira Aquatica consists of several stems which are woven together to form one large trunk. This makes the plant stand just a bit sturdier to catch all those banknotes. Place the Pachira Aquatica in a nice spot in normal daylight. The plant does not like too much sunlight and this will also not promote the development of new leaves.

Coffea Arabica (Coffee plant)

Keep calm and have a cup of coffee. The coffee plant should not be missing in your home office. The name says it all, with the Coffea Arabica you can grow your own coffee beans! Just be patient, because with proper care the coffee plant will grow its beans after about four years. The coffee plant does not need much care and is therefore perfect for your home office. Make sure the soil is always slightly moist. In summer, the plant needs more water than in winter. Furthermore, the coffee plant likes a warm and light place, but be careful with too much direct sunlight. This can cause the leaves to shrivel up.

Strelitzia Nicolai

A sunny home office? Take a look at the Strelitzia Nicolai. This houseplant will instantly bring your office into Mediterranean atmospheres, even during rainy days. Si, we like that! The Strelitzia is allowed to stand in full sunlight. In fact; the plant even needs its hours of sun to stay in good shape. Did you know that the Strelitzia is known for the cracks in its leaves? This is self-protection of the plant. Given that it grows on the coast of Spain in the wind, the cracks in its leaves help guide the wind. Thus, the plant prevents an entire stem from breaking off with every gust of wind. Clever, huh?

Dracaena Yellow Coast

If you really take the crown in terms of poor plant care, then the Dracaena is for you. Dracaena plants are known as very easy houseplants. They require little care and attention. Give the Dracaena some water once every four weeks and the plant will soon be happy. Perfect, then, if you're busy with meetings and grade lists. With its strikingly coloured leaves, the Dracaena Yellow Coast adds just a little more colour to your home office. Just make sure the plant is not in direct sunlight. This can cause the colours to fade.

Monstera Deliciosa

The Monstera Deliciosa really catches attention in your home office. With its enormous leaves that climb up through the moss stick, the plant immediately gives your interior a tropical vibe. The leaves of the Monstera have large holes. For this reason, the Monstera is also called the 'Hole plant'. The Monstera likes to stand in normal daylight or even in shade. The plant does not like direct sunlight and will not do the leaves much good. Give the Monstera a weekly splash of water and it will shine in your home office.

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