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Ashley Dontje - 01 / Nov / 2023

How to repot your plant

The key to healthy plants is repotting them. We will explain how to do this in this blog below!

How to repot your plant

Repotting is an important step in caring for your plants because it gives them the space and nutrients they need to thrive in your home. Over time, plants grow and fill their current pot with their roots. When the roots become too tight, they don't have enough room to extend, which can restrict the plant's growth. Repotting to a larger pot gives the plant more room to grow and chances to develop.
Also, the nutrients in the potting soil become depleted. Repotting provides an opportunity to add fresh potting soil, which is rich in nutrients and offers better drainage. When repotting, you can inspect the roots; dead or damaged roots can be removed, promoting overall plant health.

Here are the steps you can follow to successfully repot a plant.


  1. Choose the right time. The best time to repot a plant is usually in spring, when the plant begins to grow actively and can recover quickly.
  2. Prepare the new pot: making sure the new pot is clean and neat.
  3. Put the waterproof inner sleeve in the pot and place a layer of vulcastrat or hydro beads on the bottom. About 2-3 centimeters. If you are about to use a watermeter, this is the time to place one. If your using a moisture meter, this would be the last step.
  4. Prepare the plant: carefully remove the plant from the old pot. You can do this by holding the pot upside down and gently tapping the edges of the pot. If the plant does not come off easily, you can gently pull on the top of the root ball or loosen it with a shovel or spoon. If the roots are very tight, you can gently loosen them to promote root growth.
  5. Place the plant in the new pot. First place a layer of fresh potting soil on top of the layer vulcastrat or hydro beads. Then place the plant in the center of the pot and fill the space around the root ball with new potting soil, so that the plant will be at the same depth as in the old pot.
  6. Gently press the potting soil around the plant to remove air bubbles and make sure the plant stands firmly.
  7. Water the plant thoroughly to moisten the potting soil and remove any air pockets. If using a watermeter, you can track humidity with this.
  8. If you are using a moisture meter instead of a watermeter, you can stick the moisture meter into the potting soil once a week. Do not leave the meter in the potting soil, it will get rusty and break. You measure every week before watering. If the soil is still moist, you just wait to water again.
  9. Take care of the plant. After repotting, put the plant in the right spot with proper light and water conditions. Give the plant some time to recover before watering or fertilizing again.

Repotting a plant is an important care task, and it is important to do it with care and attention so that your plant remains healthy and happy.

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