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Urban Jungle

Create an urban jungle in your home with our beautiful plants. These come directly from the grower and are packaged and shipped with care.

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Are you a true plant lover? Then creating your own urban jungle is perfect for you. There are many houseplants that bring a tropical atmosphere and which are perfect for an urban jungle. The more houseplants, the better it seems. This does not have to be the case. You can make your urban jungle as big as you want. The houseplants in this category not only look beautiful, but some of these houseplants also have air purifying properties. 

Air purifying houseplants are ideal for the office or bedroom, but of course you can put them in any room in the house. These houseplants purify the air of unpleasant substances and ensure that you can breathe easy. They improve indoor air quality by filtering the air, but these houseplants also affect the humidity in the house. Better humidity in combination with air that is fresh of harmful substances ensures a better quality of sleep and more focus during the day. For this reason, these houseplants are often placed in the office or in a bedroom. 

What is an urban jungle?

An urban jungle is really just a jungle in your own home. Many houseplants and therefore a lot of green give a real jungle atmosphere to your home. Anyone who loves houseplants will agree that houseplants can give you a happy feeling. Houseplants ensure that a space has a peaceful atmosphere, you come to rest. An urban jungle does not have to be big, you can make it as big as you want. 

No green fingers, but still an urban jungle? It can be done! 

You don't need green fingers to make your own urban jungle at home! Tropical houseplants are native to tropical regions, where they are used to a humid environment. They generally require more water and a bit more care. But consider, for example, the Dracaena Green. This houseplant is suitable for anyone who finds it difficult to keep houseplants alive and really survives in any home! 

If you start your own urban jungle is very important to prepare well. For example, do you already have a plant sprayer and watering can in the house? The tropical houseplants in this category are used to a humid climate and therefore love water. Many houseplants also like to be sprayed every now and then! It is also not unimportant to purchase good pots and baskets for your new green friends. 

Which houseplants are indispensable in your urban jungle 

As far as we're concerned, there are a number of houseplants which are absolutely essential to your urban jungle. The Strelitzia is also called bird of paradise plant. The large green leaves give this green houseplant a real tropical look. We have different species of houseplants that belong to the Strelitzia family. Think of the Strelitzia Nicolai and Strelitzia Augusta, both of which have large leaves that really make them stand out. They provide a perfect hiding place for pets in the summer, but beware! The Strelitzia is slightly toxic to pets and for this reason is not among the pet-friendly houseplants. 

Air purifying urban jungle houseplants

Are you planning to create your urban jungle in the bedroom or office? Then you might like to add some air-purifying houseplants to your urban jungle as well. We have a number of large, green houseplants that have strong air-purifying properties. You no longer have to worry about harmful substances in the room. These air purifying houseplants have a positive effect on the air quality and affect your concentration during the day and your quality of sleep. An example of such an air purifying houseplant is the Kentia palm! 

Our favorite houseplants for your urban jungle 

To make it a little easier for you to make a choice, we have made a selection of our favorite houseplants. The houseplants are all a nice addition to your urban jungle. 

Strelitzia Nicolai 

The Strelitzia Nicolai is a beautiful, green houseplant. This houseplant is characterized by its green leaves and comes with a length of 160-180 cm high. We have already mentioned it, but the Strelitzia species is also called bird of paradise flower. This is due to its beautiful leaves. The Strelitzia Nicolai originally comes from South Africa. Make sure that the potting soil of the Strelitzia Nicolai is always moist and preferably give it small amounts of water several times a week. The Strelitzia Nicolai loves sunlight, so place it in a spot where it can catch a lot of sunlight. 

Strelitzia Augusta


The Strelitzia Augusta is also part of the Strelitzia family. The roots of this family are in South Africa. In the tropical regions where the Strelitzia Augusta grows naturally, it can grow up to 10 meters high! In your home this will be a little more difficult, because you cannot imitate the climate. However, you can ensure that this houseplant grows to a height of 2 meters by giving it the right care. Give it smaller amounts of water several times a week and keep an eye on whether the soil is moist. This houseplant likes the sun a lot and therefore prefers a place in full sun. 

Banana plant XL 

The banana plant is indispensable in any urban jungle. This green, large houseplant gives a tropical atmosphere to any room in the house. The banana plant is also called Musa and is a real eye-catcher because of its beautiful, tough appearance. If you have curious pets or children at home, then this houseplant is perfect for you. The banana plant is an animal-friendly houseplant, so it is not poisonous when taken in one bite. Not a hero at taking care of houseplants? The banana plant needs a fair amount of attention. It likes a lot of water and warmth. Therefore, give it enough water and put it in a place where enough sunlight comes in. 

Ficus Lyrata XL shrub 

The Ficus Lyrata XL bush is a real eye-catcher and this beautiful houseplant should really be part of your urban jungle. This houseplant gives a tropical atmosphere to any room in the house. This houseplant is also called tobacco plant. He owes this nickname to his leaves. Do not be alarmed when the Ficus Lyrata shrub drops some leaves in the beginning. It has to get used to its new environment, so this is normal. It loves sunlight and therefore likes to stand in the full sun. Here he can catch a lot of sunlight. Place it near the window, for example. 

Hanging plant Monstera Monkey Leaf 

This beautiful hanging plant is part of the Monstera family. Although the Monstera houseplant is known as the hole plant, the Monstera Monkey Leaf is distinguished by its unique leaves. The classic Monstera Deliciosa is characterized by the holes in the middle of the leaves, with the ends of the leaves closed. The Monstera Monkey Leaf is distinguished by the fact that the ends of the leaves are open. This makes this houseplant a real eye-cacther. Indispensable in any urban jungle! 

Monstera Deliciosa 

This houseplant is one of the most popular houseplants in the Netherlands. The Monstera Deliciosa is a classic Monstera, also called hole plant. This houseplant can be recognized by the holes in the leaves and the aerial roots that are visible at the bottom. Are you a real houseplant lover? Then this houseplant may not be missing from your collection. The Monstera Deliocisa likes water, but not too much. Make sure the soil always feels moist. 

Pancake plant 

Who does not know this houseplant? The pancake plant is known for its small, round leaves. The leaves look a bit like little pancakes, which is how this houseplant got its name. The pancake plant fits perfectly into any interior and is truly indispensable in an urban jungle. What makes the pancake plant even more fun is that it is very easy to propagate. Before you know it you have several pancake plants and you can give some away to your friends! 

Create your own urban jungle with the houseplants of Green Bubble 

Do you want to give a room in your house a real tropical atmosphere by creating your own urban jungle? All houseplants in this category are perfect for your urban jungle. You can order them easily in our webshop! Our houseplants come directly from the grower and are super fresh when delivered to you. 

Don't have a green thumb? We also have a wide selection of houseplants for you that can take a beating. Take a look at our foolproof houseplants. These will survive in any home! Are you looking for a houseplant for your office or bedroom? Then check to see if your houseplant has air-purifying properties. Air purifying houseplants not only purify the air of unpleasant substances, but also have a positive effect on the humidity in the house. Good air quality contributes to a better quality of sleep and better concentration during the day. 

Order your houseplants for your urban jungle easily in our webshop. You will receive your green friends within 1 to 4 working days after ordering at your home. Our houseplants are sent to you in special shipping boxes. These boxes ensure that your houseplants cannot fall over during shipping. So you will undoubtedly receive them in perfect condition. 


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