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Exotic plants

Want to give a real tropical feel to your interior? Go for an exotic houseplant. The houseplants you find in this category give a jungle atmosphere to any room in the house.

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Do you want to give a real tropical atmosphere to your interior? Go for an exotic houseplant. The houseplants that you will find in this category give a jungle atmosphere to every room in the house. Also perfect for anyone who  wants to create their own urban jungle at home!

Are you creating your own urban jungle? These exotic houseplants give a jungle atmosphere to every room in the house. In this category you will find 5 types of houseplants, one of which is more popular than the other. The Strelitzia is a very well-known houseplant which you can find in many houses in the Netherlands. If you are a real green houseplant lover, then this houseplant really should not be missing from your collection. Aren't you a hero in taking care of green houseplants? Then take a look at our category hufterproof houseplants. Here you will find all houseplants that can take a beating. These survive in every home. 

Also in the category exotic houseplants you will find a number of hufterproof houseplants. The Brighamia Insignis 'Hawaii Palm' is an easy houseplant. He needs little care. Just like the Strelitzia Nicolai and Strelitzia Augusta, you only have to water this houseplant once a week. Before you give your new houseplants a place, check which location is suitable for your green friend. If you put your houseplant in the right place, you can enjoy it the longest!

Why exotic houseplants are indispensable in your home!

Do you like tropical areas and the atmosphere that hangs here? Then an exotic houseplant is perfect for you. These houseplants give a tropical atmosphere to every room in the house. You can also use these houseplants for your urban jungle.

Types of exotic houseplants at Green Bubble

In this category of exotic houseplants you will find a number of houseplants with air-purifying properties. These green houseplants have a positive effect on the air quality in the house. They purify the air of nasty substances and affect the humidity in the house. Good air quality has benefits for your health. For example, it contributes to the quality of your sleep and to your focus during the day. It is better to concentrate in a room where the air quality is good. Therefore, it is preferable to place such a houseplant in an office or in the bedroom.

Our favourite exotic houseplants

At Green Bubble we have a wide range of houseplants, of which 5 houseplants in the category exotic houseplants. These houseplants give a tropical atmosphere to every room in your home and are indispensable in every urban jungle.

Strelitzia Augusta

We sell this beautiful, green houseplant in three sizes. The highest Strelitzia Augusta is 3 meters high when it is delivered to your home! This houseplant immediately gives a jungle look to your home. Over time, you will see cracks in the leaf of the Strelitzia Augusta. This is part of this houseplant. If you like green houseplant with perfect leaves, this houseplant is not the right choice for you.

Strelitzia Nicolai

The Strelitzia Nicolai is one of the most popular Strelitzia houseplants we sell. You see this with many plant lovers and is becoming more and more famous. The beautiful, large leaves of this houseplant ensure that it really stands out in every room in the house: a real eye-catcher! Give the Strelitzia Nicolai enough water every week. Also feel regularly whether the soil of the houseplant is still moist. Does the soil feel dry? Then give him some water.


This green houseplant is also called hemp palm. This is a houseplant that is suitable for a location with a lot of direct sunlight. He loves sunlight and warmth. As a result, this houseplant needs a lot of water. Originally, this houseplant grows at a high altitude. It grows in the Himalayas. It not only grows here, but is also found in other parts of Asia. The Trachycarpus therefore prefers to be in a place with a lot of sunlight. If this houseplant is indoors, at least 5 hours of sunlight per day is perfect for this green houseplant. You can place the houseplant directly at the window, but further from the window is also good. As long as this houseplant gets enough sunlight, it is happy!

This houseplant can get some discolored leaves over time. This mainly concerns the lower leaves of this palm. You can't prevent this. When the tips of the leaves turn black, it means that you are giving the houseplant too much water. When the Trachycarpus gets yellow or brown leaves, it is a sign of water.

Brighamia Insignis ‘Hawaii Palm’ 

This beautiful houseplant grows in a very special place, namely Hawaii. The Brighamia Insignis 'Hawaii Palm' is an endangered plant species. This houseplant only grows in a few areas in Hawaii. He needs little care and prefers to be in a place where he can catch a lot of sunlight. He is naturally used to this. Do not be alarmed if he drops his leaves once in a while. This is how the trunk of this houseplant is formed. The leaves will grow back over time. Due to the thick trunk, this houseplant can also survive for several weeks without water. Perfect for anyone who does not feel like taking care of green houseplants! This Brighamia Insignis 'Hawaii Palm' is also nice to give as a gift.

Strelitzia Reginae XL 

This tropical houseplant is part of the banana plant family, also called Musacaea. The houseplants that belong to this family are also called bird of paradise plant. When the Strelitzia Reginae blooms you will see beautiful bright orange flowers. Not every Strelitzia comes to fruition in the Netherlands. The green leaves of the Strelitzia Reginae have very different leaves than the Strelitzia Nicolai and the Strelitzia Augusta. The Strelitzia Reginae has much smaller leaves than its peers. This houseplant needs a lot of water, especially in the summer. The Strelitzia Reginae has air-purifying properties, perfect for the office.

The Strelitzia Reginae is a very popular houseplant, which you will find in many houseplant lovers. As a true houseplant lover, a Strelitzia cannot be missing from your collection. Which Strelitzia suits you best is a matter of taste. Each Strelitzia has different external characteristics.

The Strelitzia Reginae has very small leaves compared to the Strelitzia Nicolai and the Strelitzia Nicolai. Originally this flowering houseplant comes from South Africa, but now it can be found in almost all tropical areas. So he likes heat. Although its roots are in tropical areas, this houseplant does not like bright sunlight. Therefore, do not place it directly next to the window or in another place where a lot of sunlight comes in. Give him a place in normal daylight, this will make him the happiest.

Air-purifying exotic houseplants

Are you looking for an exotic houseplant for the bedroom or in an office space? There are a number of exotic houseplants, which not only give a tropical atmosphere to every room in the house but also purify the space. These houseplants have air-purifying properties and contribute to good air quality in the home. So you no longer have to worry about harmful substances in the air. These air-purifying houseplants also  contribute to the humidity in the house. Good air quality contributes to your night's sleep: better quality of sleep. Good air quality also ensures better focus throughout the day. 

What should you pay attention to with exotic houseplants?

Exotic houseplants are often originally from tropical areas. Here they are used to a warm, tropical climate. You can imagine that the contrast between a tropical climate and the temperatures in your living room is quite large from what the houseplant is naturally used to. In addition, our exotic houseplants grow in a nursery, where they receive regulated sunlight. If you choose a houseplant that is best placed in full sun, make sure you let it get used to the sunlight and do not put it directly in full sun. If you do, this may be too much for your green friend and there is a chance that he will not survive. That would be a shame!

Order your exotic houseplants at Green Bubble

Do you want to give a tropical atmosphere to a room in your home? Order your exotic houseplants easily via the Green Bubble webshop. All our houseplants come directly from the nursery. So they are super fresh when they are delivered to your home.

Do you have pets or curious children walking around at home? Then pay attention to whether your favorite houseplants are suitable. Although houseplants generally look quite innocent, there are quite a few houseplants that are toxic to animals and humans. You can see on the product page whether your houseplant is poisonous. We also have a category with animal-friendly houseplants, here you can see a selection of all houseplants that are not toxic to animals and people.

Our houseplants are shipped in unique shipping boxes. These shipping boxes are specially designed for Green Bubble. These boxes ensure that your new green friends will not fall over while shipping. This way you can be sure that you will receive your houseplants in perfect condition.


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