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Autumn plants

Bring the autumn atmosphere into your home with stylish fall plants. Choose warm colors and fluffy feathers ....

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Are you looking for a houseplant that will give your home an autumnal atmosphere? Green Bubble has a category full of autumn houseplants. Perfect for every room in your house. These houseplants have warm colours and fluffy plumes and therefore really add a nice atmosphere to any room. Think for example of the Alocasia Polly. This beautiful houseplant is a true autumn houseplant. With its dark green leaves and light veins, it stands out among all your other green houseplants.

Alocasia polly is a houseplant with quite a few requirements. It likes to get a lot of attention. As a tropical houseplant, it likes a lot of light and moist soil. Don't have a green thumb? Then this might not be the right houseplant for you. Take a look in our category of garden plants. The houseplants you find here are truly indestructible and will survive in any home!

The houseplants in this category are all houseplants with autumn colours. These autumn houseplants will give any room in your home a cosy look. Some of these autumn houseplants can be found in many houses. Think for instance of the Alocasia Zebrina. Are you a real houseplant lover? Then this one should not be missing from your collection! Another nice fact about the houseplants in this category: some of them have an air-purifying function. So, in exchange for your attention and love, they give you back freshly purified air.

Bring autumn atmosphere into your home with autumn houseplants

Want to give your home some extra autumn atmosphere, but don't know where to start? With some green houseplants, you can instantly add a nice atmosphere to any room in your home. The houseplants in this category all have beautiful leaves. The warm colours of these leaves ensure that these houseplants add an autumnal atmosphere to your interior.

Types of autumn houseplants at Green Bubble

At Green Bubble we have more than 10 types of autumn houseplants in our assortment. Every autumn houseplant has beautiful, dark leaves. Some houseplants have larger leaves than others and they also differ a lot in height. If you are looking for a tall houseplant, you can choose the Dracaena Green, 100 cm high. With its height of 125 cm, the Dracaena Magenta also has a real tropical look. If you are looking for a slightly smaller houseplant, the Alocasia Polly is perfect for you. This houseplant looks especially nice on a table or desk!

Top 10 autumn houseplants at Green Bubble

Can't see the wood for the trees? To make it a little easier for you to choose from our wide range, we have made a selection of our 10 favourite autumn houseplants. We hope this will help you on your way.

Alocasia Zebrina

This cool houseplant is characterised by its large, green leaves. The Alocasia Zebrina is a real eye-catcher in your office, living room or bedroom. It adds a tropical atmosphere to every room in your house. Not a hero at taking care of green houseplants? Then pay attention! To keep the Alocasia Zebrina alive, you need to follow a few steps carefully. Water it every week and regularly check if the soil is moist. This houseplant loves water, but don't give it too much. Preferably place it close to the window. Near the window, it gets enough sunlight. This is what the Alocasia Zebrina loves!

Alocasia Polly

This beautiful Alocasia is characterised by its dark green, pointed leaves. The leaves stand out enormously, thanks to the light stems and pale green veins. When delivered to you, this houseplant has a height of 30 cm. Alocasia Polly loves sunlight, but prefers not to be in direct sunlight. Water it weekly and it will become your best friend! In return, you will get a freshly purified air in return. Win win win!

Alocasia Cucullata

This Alocasia has unique external features that again distinguish it from the other houseplants in the Alocasia family. This houseplant has beautiful, green leaves. Some are larger than others. It is 70 cm tall when delivered to your home and can grow to a height of 120 cm. Of course, to reach this height it needs the right care. Water it weekly and place it where it gets normal daylight. It loves this.

Calathea Medaillon

This beautiful Calathea houseplant really stands out among all the other houseplants in this category. It is a real eye-catcher in any interior. Its leaves are characterised by beautiful drawings. It comes with a height of 80 cm and can grow up to 100 cm, provided you give it enough attention, of course. This houseplant requires quite intensive care. So it is suitable for anyone with a green thumb! Make sure you water this houseplant every week and that the soil always feels moist. In terms of positioning, it is very simple, this green friend grew up on the jungle floor and prefers the shade.

Dracaena Green

Not a hero at taking care of green houseplants? Then this houseplant is perfect for you. The Dracaena Green is a guilt-proof houseplant, it can take a beating and will survive in any home! This beautiful houseplant adds a tropical feel to any room in your home. When given the right care, this houseplant can grow to a height of 150 cm! You only need to water it once every 3 to 6 weeks. This houseplant prefers the shade, where it feels at home. That's not all that makes this houseplant special: it also has air-purifying properties. Ideal for the office!

Alocasia Stingray

The Alocasia Stingray is a green houseplant, which belongs to the Alocasia family. This family is also known as elephant ear. The family owes this name to the shape of its leaves. The leaves of the Alocasia Stingray are unique! They are pointed and shaped like a stingray. So this is where the name of the Alocasia Stingray comes from. Originally, this family of houseplants comes from the jungle. In these tropical regions, the leaves sometimes grow to a diameter of 1 metre! This tropical houseplant should not be missing from your collection.

Dracaena Golden Coast

This houseplant mainly stands out because of its beautiful leaves. The Dracaena Golden Coast is available in different heights. A perfect size for every room. This beautiful houseplant is not suitable for people with pets or curious children. It is poisonous and therefore not at all animal- or child-friendly! Are you creating your own urban jungle? Then this houseplant should not be missing! It immediately gives every room in your house a tropical atmosphere.

Dracaena Magenta

Not a hero at keeping green houseplants alive? Then the Dracaena Magenta is for you. This large houseplant is a very strong houseplant. Perfect for anyone who doesn't have a green thumb or doesn't have time to take care of houseplants. This beautiful houseplant only needs water once every 3 to 6 weeks. Give it a nice spot in the shade, as it likes this best.

Calathea Orbifolia

This Calathea has beautiful green leaves with light green/white markings. Are you a real houseplant lover? Then this houseplant should not be missing from your collection. It is a real eye-catcher in any room in your house. The Calathea Orbifolia prefers semi-shade and needs water every week. Make sure to check regularly if the soil of the Calathea Orbifolia is moist. If it feels dry it needs water!

Sansevieria Laurentie

This beautiful houseplant is known for its air-purifying properties. You see it popping up in many homes. Do you have curious pets or children running around? Then this houseplant is not the very best choice for you. This is because it is slightly toxic. Check out the category of animal-friendly houseplants to see if there is something here that appeals to you! Give this Sansevieria Laurantie a spot in semi-shade and water it when the soil feels dry. If you follow these steps, you will undoubtedly become good friends.

Air-purifying autumn houseplants

A number of houseplants with air-purifying properties can also be found in this green houseplant category. These air-purifying houseplants are perfect for an office space or bedroom. One of these air-purifying houseplants is the Alocasia Zebrina. This cool, green friend has a strong air-purifying function. In exchange for your attention, this green houseplant gives you back freshly purified air. So you don't have to worry about inhaling pollutants.

Order your autumn houseplants at Green Bubble

Order your autumn houseplants easily on the Green Bubble website. The green houseplants will be sent to you in a special shipping box. These boxes are designed for Green Bubble! Your new green friends come straight from the nursery, so they will be in perfect condition when they are delivered to your home.

Are you working on your own urban jungle? Then the Alocasia Zebrina really shouldn't be missed.


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