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Yucca Rostrata

The Yucca or as this houseplant is also called, the Palm Lily. It is a special houseplant because of its branched stem and pointed leaves. Originally this houseplant comes from Central and South America.

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The Yucca or as this houseplant is also called, the Palm Lily. It is a special houseplant because of its branched trunk and pointed leaves. Originally this houseplant comes from Central and South America and belongs to the Asparagaceae plant family. Despite its nickname, the Palm Lily, the Yucca has no similarities to a Palm tree. Where this nickname comes from today is not clear.

Watering the Yucca

The Yucca comes from the dry areas of Central and South America, so you can imagine that it is not a real water lover. Of course, this houseplant, like all other houseplants, needs water to develop. Especially if the Yucca is in a large pot, it can soak without water. In the winter months, this houseplant can survive 4 to 6 weeks without water without being bothered by it. Always let the soil dry completely before giving the Yucca a new watering. In the spring and summer months, the Yucca will need water a little more often about once every 2 to 3 weeks. However, the amount and frequency of watering is different for each Yucca and depends on different factors such as; the ambient temperature, the light intensity and the size of the pot. We advise you to keep an extra eye on the Yucca in the first weeks after purchase and to check the potting soil regularly. If you notice that the soil feels a bit dry 1 week after a watering, you can give it a bit more water next time. However, if you notice that the soil is still very wet after 10 days, it is better to give less water at a next watering.

Spraying the Yucca

The Yucca is used to drought and does not come from an environment with high humidity. Spraying the Yucca is therefore not necessary. However, spraying the Yucca can help to remove the dust from the leaves so that the light can reach the houseplant better. Spraying also helps preventively against pests. If you do not want to spray the plant, you can also wipe the leaves with a damp cloth to remove the dust.

The perfect place for the Yucca

The perfect location for a Yucca is a light spot, this houseplant will also remain more beautiful if it gets enough light. Be careful not to put this trendy houseplant directly in the bright sunlight, because the Yucca is grown under filtered light. Direct sunlight can therefore be too bright for this houseplant in the beginning. Build up the hours of direct sunlight moderately and he will slowly get used to this. In the summer months the Yucca plant can even be placed outside, how nice to brighten up your garden or balcony? This houseplant needs at least 5 hours of sunlight a day, so a south- or east-facing window would be perfect! Make sure that you do not put the Yucca near a heater or in the draft, this will increase the chance of pests.

In terms of temperature, you do not have to take this houseplant into account, the minimum daytime temperature is around 10 degrees Celsius and at night this is 4 degrees Celsius. The Yucca is therefore perfect for the living room but can also stand well in a conservatory and / or garden room and in the summer even in the garden!

Repotting the Yucca

We advise you to repot the Yucca immediately after purchase, if you repot the Yucca after a while, we advise you to do this in the spring. Any damaged roots can recover better in these seasons. We recommend that you take a pot with a diameter that is at least 20% larger than its predecessor.

When repotting, just use universal potting soil and if you have a high pot / container, we recommend that you use a bet cover. This insert cover prevents the water from rotting at the bottom of the pot, which can eventually lead to root rot. A larger pot stimulates yucca growth and creates a larger water buffer because the soil can absorb more moisture. A larger pot also provides more soil and therefore more nutrients!

Giving the Yucca extra nutrition

The Yucca consumes little water and nutrients so it is not really necessary to give this houseplant extra nutrition. If you still want to give the Yucca an extra 'nutrition boost', we advise you to give less nutrition than indicated on the packaging of the plant food. The food is quite acidic and if it is not absorbed by the plant it will affect the roots.

We do not recommend giving the Yucca extra nutrition in the autumn or winter months because the food can then be really harmful to the plant.

Help discolor the leaves of my Yucca!

Even though the Yucca is an easy houseplant, it can always happen that it does not have a good time. When this is the case, he will show this through his leaves. Brown leaves can be a sign of burning. In this case, move the houseplant a little further away from the window and it will recover on its own. Yellow leaves are often the result of too much water. Less your watering, if you are on time then the plant will turn nice and green again. The leaves can also droop, this is just like with yellow leaves a sign of a water too much.

Pruning the Yucca

The Yucca grows from the middle, so the lower leaves will die first and this is completely normal. Just pull these leaves off and it's like new again. If you find the trunk of the Yucca too long, you can shorten it with a saw. Sawing off the trunk is best done in the autumn so that the houseplant can recover well in the spring. When you choose to cut off the Yucca, you should lubricate the trunk with wax, because the trunk can quickly get infections that can affect the entire houseplant.

After sawing off the trunk it is not said that you will get a new head cutting back, so consider your choice if you want to saw off the trunk

Multiplying the Yucca

Yuccas can be propagated, but it is difficult to get a full-fledged Yucca back from a cutting. To cut, you need to cut off the suckers and stick them in the ground. We recommend that you do this in the spring and keep the temperature around 22 degrees Celsius. Then take care of the baby Yucca as a fully grown Yucca houseplant.

Is the Yucca a poisonous houseplant?

The Yucca is a poisonous houseplant, when touching the plant and / or leaves not much will happen, but the juice inside the plant is poisonous. When touched, it can irritate the skin, and when ingested, it can lead to vomiting. So beware if you have small children or curious pets!

We always advise against incorporating the trunk and/or leaves into food or consuming them

Common diseases in the Yucca

The Yucca is quite susceptible to diseases and pests especially when it is in the draft or near a heater. Check this houseplant regularly for lice and other pests. The sooner you find out, the better it is to combat. If your Yucca is infected with pests or another disease, we recommend that you combat this immediately with a chemical or biological pesticide against pests.

Ask us for advice on the Yucca

When you want to pick up your living room, balcony or other space  with a crazy Yucca plant, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice from our large selection. That is why we are happy to help you with your choice. Call or Whatsapp us for advice via 06-23740835 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also fill in our contact form.

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