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The Caladium is a tropical houseplant native to the Amazon region where they grow frequently in the open areas of the forests. The Caladium is especially found on the banks of rivers

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The Caladium is a tropical houseplant that comes from the Amazon region where they grow frequently in the open areas of the forests. The Caladium is mainly found on the banks of rivers and reaches a height of 40 to 90 centimeters. The Caladium gets its ornamental value from its leaves, which in nature can reach a size of 15 to 45 centimeters. The leaves of the Caladium are leveling and have a spectacular color palette that consists of green, pink, white and red. The Caladium is a strong houseplant but needs the necessary attention!

Watering the Caladium

As mentioned, the Caladium is  an easy to care for houseplant but it needs the necessary love! This houseplant likes a moist surface but be careful not to give it too much water. We recommend giving the Caladium a little water two to three times a week. Do not give the Caladium too much water at once because it will not be able to absorb this properly. With too much water, he will get wet feet and this increases the chance of root rot, of course you want to prevent this! In the spring and summer the Caladium has  its growth period, in this period the houseplant is developing and will consume more water.

The amount and frequency of watering is different for each Caladium and depends on different factors such as; the ambient temperature, the light intensity and the size of the pot. We advise you to  keep an extra eye on the Caladium in the first weeks after purchase  and to check the potting soil regularly. If you notice that the soil feels a bit dry 3 days after a watering, you can give it a bit more water next time. However, if you notice that the soil is still very wet after 5 days, it is better to water less at a next watering.

The Caladium can go into a real hibernation, when this  is the case with your Caladium it will get more and more brown leaves in the autumn. In this case, give him less water to get him ready for hibernation. You no longer have  to water the Caladium and you can put it away during the winter. Please note that the temperature in its environment does not fall below 12 degrees Celsius, because this houseplant can not handle this very well. In the spring you will get a full and colorful Caladium back!

It is not said that all Caladium go into hibernation, so you will be able to enjoy the beautiful leaves of this houseplant all year round. However, it is not advisable to skip a hibernation because the plant will then sprout less beautifully. Therefore, from autumn, give less water so that he will automatically enter hibernation. Only Caladiums that grow from a tuber will hibernate.

 Spraying the Caladium

Due to the tropical origin of this houseplant, it is good to spray it with some regularity. The Caladium likes a somewhat humid environment and this is often not the case in our living rooms. That is why it is good to help him with this. When spraying the Caladium, make sure  that you do not spray on the leaves themselves, because this will not benefit the ornamental value.

The best pitch for the Caladium

The Caladium has quite a few conditions when it comes to its location. The Caladium prefers to be in a warm, humid and not too light place. We recommend placing the Caladium near a north-facing window or else in a place with indirect sunlight. It is also important that you do not place this houseplant near a heater. The Caladium likes high humidity and a heater provides dry air. Also put this houseplant in a draft-free spot, this reduces the chance of pests. The Caladium is a real warmblood and needs at least a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, but it prefers to be slightly warmer.

During the hot days you can also put the Caladium outside, make sure that it is always in the shade. The direct sunlight will not tolerate this plant because its leaves are very thin.

Help! The leaves of my Caladium are discoloring

Even though the Caladium is  a strong houseplant, it can always happen that it does not have a good time. When this is the case, he will show this through his leaves. Sometimes dry spots occur on the leaf of the Caladium, this is a sign of too much direct sunlight. The leaves can also lose their color intensity because they turn completely green, this is due to a too dark location. We advise you to move the Caladium in both cases  , it will automatically pick up again. When the Caladium gets too much or too little water, it will show brown leaves. If you have any doubts about whether it is too short or a surplus of water, check the potting soil. If the soil has dried out, you know that it is a shortage. We recommend that you do not give a large amount of water at once but small amounts several times. When the soil is too moist, skip a watering, the Caladium will automatically recover.

 Multiplying the  Caladium

The Caladium can be propagated by means of cuttings. To do this, use the new suckers, cut them off and put them at a temperature of about 20 degrees Celsius in the water or in a very moist potting soil. When the cutting has a number of roots, you can transfer the plant to a pot with full potting soil. In the long run, this 'baby' Caladium will  get just as beautiful leaves and colors as his parents.

Is the Caladium a poisonous houseplant?

The Caladium is a poisonous houseplant, but when touching the leaves, little will happen. We strongly advise against consuming or processing the leaves in food. If you take the Caladium into your home, pay attention to small children and pets.

The flowering of the Caladium

The Arum family is known for its special flowering, which is different for every plant. The flowering of the Caladium , on the other hand, is not very special. A flower-like bud will develop that will grow into a small bract. The flowering of the Caladium is only for reproduction, because no one will buy this houseplant for its beautiful flowers. If you see that your Caladium is in bloom, we advise you to cut it off. The flowers cost a lot of energy and do not contribute to the ornamental value.

Common diseases in the Caladium

Caladium does not easily suffer from pests or other diseases, yet it can always happen that the Caladium suffers from louse or spider mite. We recommend that you regularly check the leaves for these unwanted visitors. If you notice that your houseplant suffers from lice or spider mites, you could initially spray the plant with a somewhat harder jet. If this does not work, we recommend that you treat the Caladium with a chemical or biological pesticide.

Repotting the Caladium

We recommend that you repot the Caladium once a year. If you  are going to repot the Caladium, we advise you to do this in the spring. Any damaged roots can recover better in these seasons. It will also benefit the Caladium if you take a pot with a diameter that is at least 20% larger than its predecessor. When repotting, just use universal potting soil and if you have a high pot / container, we recommend that you use a bet cover. This insert cover prevents the water from rotting at the bottom of the pot, which can eventually lead to root rot. 

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