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Trendy plants

Plants that are currently popular with people do you want to know which ones they are? Then feel free to look further on our page about trendy houseplants!

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Buying a beautiful houseplant is nice, but buying a crazy trendy houseplant is even more fun! What are trendy houseplants and how can you best care for them? We will guide you through this and highlight the trendiest houseplants.

Why you need a trendy houseplant!

At Green-Bubble we have a great range of trendy houseplants that will look great in any interior. Because say yourself you also want to have a trendy houseplant in your living room, bedroom or maybe kitchen? Large leaves, small leaves, holes leaves they are all in our trendy houseplant range. Are you curious about what our favorites are and how you can best take care of them? Then read on!

Strelitzia Augusta and the Strelitzia Nicolai

These trendy houseplants are brothers of each other. However, the Strelitzia Augusta is the big brother, it is a real eye-catcher, at purchase this green pearl is 250cm high. The Strelizia brothers are tropical houseplants and come from Tenerife. These trendy houseplants have cracks in their leaves and this is completely normal!

The Strelitzia is a trendy houseplant that is easy to maintain, especially when you look at the size of these beauties. They do need a good watering once a week, if you do this consistently you will enjoy these trendy houseplants for a long time. They also like to be sprayed every now and then. The humidity in our house is not always good for a tropical houseplant. The Strelitzia is a real sun worshipper, so put it in a light place or in the sun. When you put this trendy houseplant in the sun, it will become a bit thirstier, so keep an eye on this. 

Monstera deliciosa the trendy houseplant

The Monstera deliciosa or the Hole plant is certainly a trendy houseplant in our opinion! How cool are the leaves of this Hole Plant, this trendy houseplant will stand out in every interior and room. Originally, the Monstera delicioase comes  from tropical South America and there are 22 different species. All these species are related to the Philodendron and they are real climbing plants. In the jungle they grow to a height of 20 meters! 

In addition to the crazy appearance of the Hole Plant, it is also an easy houseplant to care for. This trendy houseplant is not very thirsty, as long as the soil around the houseplant is moist then it is good. This trendy houseplant is also not very picky for its location. It is best to place it in a light spot from the direct sunlight. We also recommend spraying this trendy houseplant every now and then. This will keep it healthy and you can enjoy this eye-catcher for a long time.

Trendy houseplant Ficus Tineke

What special colors this Ficus Tineke has, really great! The Ficus Tineke, or rubber plant is really a special houseplant and not only because of its beautiful colors. In the past, the leaves were used for the extraction of rubber.

This trendy houseplant has a minimalist character and it is really a popular houseplant. Another plus is that it is a very strong air-purifying houseplant that also needs little care. So you would say the ideal houseplant!

The watering for the Ficus Tineke is not that complicated, when the soil dries out it is time for a new water shoot. Do not water new if the soil is still moist, then you can easily give this trendy houseplant root rot. The Ficus Tineke is very easy to place and you can place it versatile, even in the shade. It is important that you do not put this trendy houseplant in the sun or in the draft, this is disastrous for him.

Trendy houseplant Ficus Gin Seng Bonsai

The Ficus Gin Seng Bonsai is really a design houseplant and therefore certainly belongs in the list of trendy houseplants. A Bonsai is known for the fact that part of the roots grow above the ground, which makes its appearance so special. The Ficus Gin Seng Bonsai is an Asian mix, Bonsai means Japanese 'tree in a jar' and Gin Seng is Chinese and means 'aerial roots'.

The Ficus Gin Seng Bonsai is a trendy houseplant that will stand out in any room, but you should give the necessary attention to this houseplant. When you have found the right watering frequency and location, you will be able to enjoy this beautiful trendy houseplant for a long time. Give the Ficus Gin Seng Bonsai some water once a week, absolutely do not give it too much because then its roots will be flooded. This can cause root rot and this will not be good for the health of this hip houseplant. The Ficus Gin Seng Bonsai is a real sun worshipper, so we recommend that you put this trendy houseplant close to the window. However, we advise you to slowly build up the number of hours of sunshine and the light intensity.

Ficus Cyathistipula

What a picture is the Ficus Cyathistipula, it is really a stylish plant that creates a lot of atmosphere in every room. Originally, this trendy houseplant comes from Africa and grows in the tropical rainforest. To be precise, this houseplant grows from the Ivory Coast to Western Kenya and Northern Malawi. This green eye-catcher has a preference to grow around marshes and along river banks. By nature, this trendy houseplant can grow up to 5 to 8 meters high! The  Ficus Cyathistipula has a full appearance and beautiful deep green leaves. To keep the appearance as beautiful as possible, we recommend that you water this trendy houseplant once a week. The Ficus Cyathistipula does not need much water, do not give this otherwise the chance of root rot is high. Due to its origins, this trendy houseplant is used to many hours of sunshine per day. It is therefore important that you take this into account at his location. Give the Ficus Cyathistipula a spot by the window so that it can sunbathe. Make sure that you let the Ficus Cyathistipula get used to the light intensity in the beginning. Be careful with full sunlight at first but build up these hours slowly.

Trendy houseplant Monstera deliciosa with moss stick

The Monstera delicioase with moss stick is related family of the previously discussed Monstera deliciosa. The name Monstera comes from the Latin word "Monstrum" because of its monstrous leaves, it is a houseplant with large leaves. As mentioned, there are 22 different types of Monsteras and they all come from tropical South America. The Monstera is originally a real climbing plant, but without a moss stick you will not see this again if you have the Monstera deliciosa in your living room. In nature, this climbing fanatic can climb up to 20 meters in height. He reaches this height by climbing trees and rocks. The Monstera deliciosa with moss stick really belongs in the list of trendy houseplant and it also immediately creates a tropical atmosphere in every room.

Besides its great appearance, this trendy houseplant is also super easy to care for. A weekly splash of water is more than enough for this green pearl, don't give it too much! This trendy houseplant will do well in a place with a lot of shade but also in a place with a lot of indirect sunlight. Depending on his location, his color may change slightly.

Ask us for advice on trendy houseplants

When you want to pick up your living room, balcony or other space  with a crazy trendy houseplant, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice from our wide range. That is why we are happy to help you with your choice. Call or Whatsapp us for advice via 06-23740835 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also fill in our contact form.

Buy a trendy houseplant at Green-Bubble

Are you looking for a beautiful, healthy and strong trendy houseplant? Then you've come to the right place at Green Bubble! The moment you buy one of our special appearances, you naturally want a beautiful and fresh trendy houseplant. At Green Bubble we work directly with growers so that we can guarantee the freshness of our trendy houseplant. We strive to deliver healthy and high-quality trendy houseplant to our customers every day. This way you get your trendy houseplant delivered as fresh and good as possible!

Do you want to buy a trendy houseplant but don't feel like going to the local garden store? We understand that, that's why we send your trendy houseplant directly to you and that for free! You can easily buy a trendy houseplant in our webshop where you can buy different types of trendy houseplant of the highest quality!

Ease of ordering and cool trendy houseplant, that's what Green Bubble stands for. Do you want to buy a crazy trendy houseplant? Join the Green Bubble!



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