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Plants for inside

Want to give your interior a fresh touch by adding green indoor plants? Choose one of our indoor plants. These indoor plants are perfect for a living room,

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Do you want to give your interior a fresh touch by adding green indoor plants ? Choose one of our indoor plants. These indoor plants are perfect for a living room, bedroom or office space. Before you choose an indoor plant , think about where you want to put it. Does your indoor plant have a lot of sunlight in this place or is it in the shade? This may not seem very important, but a good location is essential for your indoor plant to grow well! You can easily find this on the product page of your new indoor plants!

Do you think it is important to purchase an indoor plant with air-purifying properties? Then take a look at our category air-purifying indoor plants. Here you will find all air-purifying indoor plants . These indoor plants not only purify the air of nasty substances, but also have a positive effect on the humidity in the house. These indoor plants therefore provide better air quality. It is best to give these a place in a bedroom or in the office. This is where you get the most benefit from it. In this way, these indoor plants contribute to your quality of sleep and your focus during the day.

Do you want a tropical atmosphere in your home or are you looking for smaller indoor plants? At Green Bubble you can choose from different categories of indoor plants to look for your perfect indoor plant. Do you have pets walking around at home? Then you can search specifically for animal-friendly indoor plants. All these indoor plants are therefore completely safe in the vicinity of your pets and often also have air-purifying properties. Perfect for the bedroom or in your office space. 

Binnenplanten - Urban jungle 

Are you creating your own urban jungle? You can choose what kind of indoor plants you want to place  in your urban jungle, but a large indoor plant is really indispensable as far as we are concerned. Take a look at our tropical indoor plants. Here you will find a large number of indoor plants that are not only large, but also have air-purifying properties. What more could you want? If you do not have a green thumb, there are also some indoor plants for you  in this category.

Types of indoor plants

In this category you will find different types of indoor plants . Are you looking for an air-purifying indoor plant? Think, for example, of the banana plant. This indoor plant gives a tropical atmosphere to every room in your home. The banana plant not only purifies the air from nasty substances, but also has an effect on the humidity in the house. Good air quality has a positive effect on your sleep quality and on your concentration during the day. These indoor plants are therefore ideal for the office or for the bedroom. The banana plant is also an animal-friendly indoor plant! Completely safe in the vicinity of your pets and / or children! 

Which indoor plants are hufterproof?

Are you not a hero in taking care of green indoor plants, but do you like to  have indoor plants in your home? Don't worry! We also have a wide range of indoor plants for you. Take a look at our category of hufterproof indoor plants. All indoor plants in this category do not require as much attention and love and survive in almost every home. Do you have green fingers, but just little time to  take care of your indoor plants? Even then, this category is perfect for you. 

Our favourite indoor plants

Can't see the forest for the trees anymore? We are happy to help you on your way to making a choice. Below you can read which indoor plants are our favorite!

Strelitzia Nicolai

The Strelitzia Nicolai is one of the most popular indoor plants in the Netherlands. This beautiful indoor plant gives a tropical atmosphere to every room in the house. Although this indoor plant can give a super nice shade spot to your pets, this may not be the most sensible choice. The Strelitzia Nicolai is not an animal-friendly indoor plant at all. If your pet sometimes takes a bite of your indoor plants, it is dangerous for your pet to take this indoor plant into your home. The Strelitzia Nicolai has an air-purifying function. In exchange for your attention and love, he gives you back a freshly purified air. 

Strelitzia Augusta

This indoor plant also belongs to the same plant species as the Strelitzia Nicolai. This tropical indoor plant stands out for its beautiful, bright green leaves. It is also known as a bird of paradise plant. When this indoor plant is in bloom, flowers can grow on it. These are characterized by the bright orange and purple color. The large leaves offer your pets a nice shade spot in the summer. Pay attention! The Strelitzia is not animal-friendly at all, because it is poisonous when ingested. Would you still like him in the house despite that? Then place it somewhere where your children or pets can't get close. 

 Monstera Delicious

This beautiful indoor plant is known for its leaves. It is therefore known as a hole plant. You have many different types of Monstera indoor plants. The Monstera Deliciosa is the most famous Monstera. This indoor plant is indispensable in every household, as a real indoor plant lover you really should not miss it in your collection of indoor plants! The Monstera Deliciosa is easy to care for and therefore also belongs to the category of hufterproof indoor plants. Be careful with pets and curious children, because the Monstera Deliciosa is not an animal-friendly indoor plant. When a child or pet takes a bite of such a poisonous indoor plant , it can have consequences for health.


This indoor plant is a beautiful, green indoor plant. Because of its large leaves, the banana plant is  a real eye-catcher in every room in the house. This is therefore really indispensable in an urban jungle. The banana plant is hufterproof and is also an animal-friendly. If you thought that was all, you're wrong. The banana plant also has air-purifying properties. In exchange for your attention and love, he gives you back a freshly purified air! This indoor plant is ideal for the bedroom. You can also give him a place in an office. 

Ficus Tineke

This cool indoor plant is also called rubber plant. The leaves are very sturdy and have a unique color. The Ficus Tineke is a strong indoor plant with unique external characteristics. Aren't you a hero in taking care of green indoor plants? Then the Ficus Tineke is a perfect indoor plant for you. This indoor plant needs very little attention. Although it needs little attention, of course you can  not neglect this indoor plant. So make sure you are aware of the water needs and ideal location for this indoor plant! This way he will last the longest.


Maybe you know this indoor plant, but the name elephant ear is  more familiar to you. This is how this indoor plant is  often called. The Alocasia owes this name to the shape of the leaves. This tropical indoor plant is a perfect addition to any interior and indispensable in your urban jungle. It can grow to a height of 170 cm! For this you must of course follow a number of steps. Give the Alocasia a pitch in normal daylight, give it enough water every week and make sure that the soil does not dry out. Do you want to know for sure whether you  are giving your indoor plant enough water? Regularly feel if the soil feels moist. 

Dracaena Green 

Don't have a green thumb, but do you still want a cool indoor plant in your home? The Dracaena Green is a beautiful indoor plant. This indoor plant is hufterproof and will not give up quickly in your home. It comes with a height of 130 cm and can grow to a height of 150 cm. Of course, you have to make some effort for this. Water the Dracaena Green when the soil feels dry and place it in a place where it is in half-shade . This is what he likes best. The Dracaena Green has an air-purifying function. In return, it is important that you give the Dracaena Green the right care.

Order your indoor plants at Green Bubble

Order your indoor plants easily via the Green Bubble webshop. All our green indoor plants are shipped to you in special shipping boxes. These shipping boxes are uniquely designed for Green Bubble. Your indoor plants come directly from the nursery and are therefore super fresh when you receive them at home.

Do you have your own urban jungle at home? Then the Alocasia Zebrina should  not be missed as far as we are concerned! This tropical indoor plant gives a nice atmosphere to any interior. The Alocasia Zebrina not only looks very beautiful, but has other properties that distinguish it from other indoor plants. In this way, it also has an air-purifying function. So you never have to worry about harmful substances in the air again. The Alocasia Zebrina ensures that there are no more harmful substances! Preferably place this indoor plant in a bedroom or in the office.

Order your indoor plants easily via the webshop and receive your new green friends within 1 to 4 working days at your home.  Green Bubble shipping boxes are uniquely designed for us. Because of these shipping boxes, the green indoor plants cannot fall over during shipping. This allows us to guarantee that you will receive your new indoor plants in perfect condition at your home.



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