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The best nutrition for your plants

You are hungry too, aren't you? So do your green plant friends. But when do you feed a plant and what do you have to look out for? This may be a lot easier than you think. We have put everything together for you!

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    The best food for your plants
    You also sometimes have an appetite, right? So do your green plant friends. But when do you feed a plant and what should you pay attention to? This might be a lot easier than you might think. We have listed everything for you so that you can give your plants the best nutrition. Everything for a happy and healthy plant!

    When do you feed your plant
    You do not have to feed your houseplant all year round. Your plant has the most appetite in the growing period and this is from March to October. Have you just purchased a new plant? Then wait another two months with feeding.

    When not?
    Ok, your plant has absolutely no appetite for food in the winter so do not give it. No... not even if the plant looks hungry because the leaves seem to fall off. This usually has a different cause. Does your plant suffer from pests? Even then it is wiser not to give food. When pests have left your plant, food can help to recover from the inside out.

    What types of food are there?
    There are three different types of nutrition available in the form of fertilizer, namely: Granules, rods and liquid food.

    Grains are generally very popular with your plant. You only have to give these at the beginning of the growth period, because they slowly release the nutrients to the soil.

    Rods have a bit of the same effect as granules only you push them into the soil and they last about 8 weeks. Top!

    When you use liquid fertilizer, the cap shows how much you need for your green friend. Therefore, never use more than mentioned, this can damage your plant or even die and you really do not want that on your conscience!

    Houseplants such as the Sansevieria grow less quickly and will therefore need less nutrition. In this case, use half or perhaps even a quarter of what is stated on the packaging. It is wise to take into account that green plants that are further away from the window grow slower anyway and therefore need less nutrition.

    So... does your houseplant look hungry? This does not always mean that he is actually hungry. Some plants also survive without extra nutrition, but will certainly appreciate a little nutrition every now and then.



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