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Repot: That's how you do it!

Is your plant getting too big and growing out of its pot? Or maybe you are just fed up with the pot and it is time for a new one.

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    Before you put your green topper in a new pot, there are a few things to consider. We have tips!

    When to repot?

    You already knew that you have to repot your plant, but when exactly should you do it? The very best time to repot your plant is just before the growing season starts and that is... right in March! When you have just purchased a new plant it is often still in a cultivation pot. The roots are not yet fully developed and therefore it prefers to stay in its current home. If this pot is really small, you can repot it immediately but very carefully.


    When you repot a plant you want it to live bigger, so always choose a pot that is 2 to 3 centimeters bigger than the pot it is in now. Is the plant a little older and has it been in the same pot for a long time? Then take a pot that is 5 to 6 centimeters larger. Put the plant in the new pot, fill the pot with potting soil and press it gently. It is useful to fill the potting soil to just below the rim, so that when you water the plant it does not get dirty feet. Easy!


    Very cool that you now know when to do this or in what way. But maybe it's also nice to know why you should repot a plant.

    Plants have roots (duh) and these roots need to develop properly. When the pot is too small this will not happen. Also, the roots of houseplants need air to function properly and when they have no room for this, it can cause suffocation. You don't want that on your conscience!

    So what about the orchid?

    Yes, the orchid is a speciality. With the orchid it is important that you repot it every 2 to 3 years or when it has outgrown the pot. When repotting these flowering highlights it is necessary to use potting soil especially for orchids. Remove the bad roots from the plant and repot it in its new home.

    So, repot it! These tips will certainly get you a long way and if you really don't succeed you can of course also just contact us. Nice and cosy!

    Want to give your orchid a second life? Here you can find all the information you need.


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