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Ficus Lyrata branched - 170cm

Ficus Lyrata branched - 170cm


Ficus Lyrata branched - 170cm


Ficus Lyrata is also known as the tobacco plant or the fiddle plant. Ficus originates from West Africa but can now be found in many living rooms.

#1# 170 cm #2# 30cm

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Product description

Please note that the height of the plant may vary by 10cm. This is measured including the growing pot. The plant may have brown spots on the leaves. These are growth marks and cannot be stopped.

Ficus is one of the most popular plants at the moment. When you buy this Ficus, chances are that the green houseplant will drop some leaves in the beginning, simply because it has to get used to its new environment.

Ficus Lyrata care & tips

Fortunately, Ficus Lyrata is not a difficult plant to look after. However, Ficus is sensitive to new surroundings. We therefore recommend not moving the plant too often. Is the plant growing to one side? Then turn it a little every day without moving the plant. That way, Ficus gets the same amount of light on its leaves all around. In the summer months, Ficus may receive some extra plant food for some extra nutrients.

Water requirements of Ficus Lyrata

The soil of Ficus Lyrata should always remain slightly moist. In the beginning, we recommend giving the plant small amounts of water several times instead of all at once. This prevents an excess of water the plant cannot handle. In summer, the plant's water needs are often higher because it uses more moisture. Ficus can appreciate a regular spray on its leaves. Is your plant repotted? Then always use a moisture meter or water gauge!

Light requirements of Ficus Lyrata

Ficus Lyrata does like a nice sunlight. In fact, the plant needs it to stay beautiful and healthy. Preferably put the plant as close to a window as possible. When Ficus grows few new leaves, this is often a sign of too little sunlight.

Is Ficus Lyrata poisonous?

Unfortunately, Ficus Lyrata is toxic if ingested. The sap contained in the stems also causes irritation on the skin. So be careful if you have children or pets.

How is my Ficus Lyrata shipped?

This houseplant is delivered in a cultivation pot. All our houseplants are shipped in specially designed shipping boxes. Due to the unique interior of the shipping boxes, the houseplants stand firmly in the box and cannot move. Houseplants don't mind spending a day in a dark box. This way, we make sure your green friends are delivered to your home in tip-top order.

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  • Ficus Lyrata branched - 170cm

    Ficus Lyrata branched - 170cm



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