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There are many different stimulating plants, which we will call 'cacti' for convenience's sake. With a cactus, you can bring the real Wild West into your home.

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The Cactus is an old familiar houseplant that requires very little maintenance. The Cactus is back again and now a real hip houseplant. The spines and large stem give the Cactus a unique and striking character. Be careful not to prick yourself on the spines of the Cactus! 

The Cactus is a plant that has many hundreds of species. Large cacti, small cacti and mini cacti. Some of these species are the Euphorbia, or desert cactus, the Rhipsalis and for example the globe cactus, also called Echinocactus grusonii or the mother-in-law's chair. All very tricky names, so we will stick to Cactus for now! The Cactus is a perfect plant for people who prefer not to have to worry about their houseplant. The plant needs very little care. The cactus is therefore ideal for people who are often away from home or who are not good at keeping houseplants alive.

Taking care of a cactus

How can you best take care of your cactus? This will not be a very long text because the cactus needs very little care! A perfect houseplant for someone who does not like to take care of a plant every week. Yet there are a few things you should pay attention to when taking care of your cactus. The cactus can quickly die from too much water! Therefore, it is very important to know how much and when to water your cactus. The fact that the cactus needs little care makes it a perfect houseplant for students, for example!

Watering a cactus

Are you planning to water your cactus? Then read these tips carefully, because the number one reason why cacti die quickly is because of too much water. We have a number of handy tips to ensure that you do not water your cactus too little, but certainly not too much. The cactus has very few stomata so it does not evaporate much water. The stem of the cactus also absorbs a lot of water, which means that the cactus can go for months without water! 

At low temperatures, it is advisable to keep the soil dry. In the winter months, the cactus can survive well on 1 watering every 3 months. If the cactus is kept in a warm living room, watering it once a month is sufficient to keep it happy! In summer, the cactus needs a little more water, but be careful not to over water. When in doubt, it is better not to water the cactus. Too much water will cause root rot. You often only notice this when it is too late. So be careful when watering your cactus, and when in doubt, better to give less water than more! A cactus does not need to be sprayed. In the winter, you can sprinkle instead of watering.

The ideal habitat for a cactus

 All cactus species do not have many requirements when it comes to a location. A cactus can be placed in a light spot but also in a shady spot. The Echinocactus grusonii, or mother-in-law's chair cactus, is a cactus species that likes a lot of direct sunlight. This globe cactus likes to get at least 5 hours of direct sunlight. You can also simply put the Echinocactus grusonii outside! The spines function as a natural UV filter. The Euphorbia is a cactus that can really stand anywhere. Normal daylight is fine for the Cactus. Put it in the shade or sun, it makes no difference to the Euphorbia cactus! 

Re-potting a cactus

Do you want to put your cactus in a bigger pot? Then read our tips carefully so that the prickles of the cactus don't prick you! A cactus is a tricky plant to repot. Because of its prickles, you can easily injure yourself. If you repot your cactus, it is advisable to use a pot size that is 20% larger than the size of the breeding pot. This gives the cactus more room to root and grow! 

The Cactus is a medium houseplant and will not grow very large. At the time you repot your cactus, we recommend using gloves. This protects you for the sharp spines of the cactus. Some cactus species have such strong prickles that they easily pierce your glove or towel. For these cactus species, it is advisable to put a cardboard box around the cactus to protect you from the sharp spines! *Green Bubble is not liable for any injuries caused by repotting a cactus*.

Pruning a Cactus

Pruning a cactus is quite a job! When your cactus gets too big you might want to make it a bit smaller. First of all, you will have to deal with those infamous sharp prickles of the cactus again, so wear gloves even when you are pruning the cactus! If the cactus has many branches, you can prune some of them. Make sure that you do not cut into the main stem of the cactus, the cactus will not like this. 

Be careful with the Euphorbia cactus during pruning. At the moment you prune the Euphorbia, it can start bleeding. So-called spurge comes out of the Euphorbia and spurge is poisonous! So be careful with the liquid that comes out of the Euphorbia cactus. The bleeding will stop by itself and will dry up. First you have to deal with those infamous sharp spines of the cactus again. 

Nutrition for your cactus

Curious what your cactus eats? The cactus is a houseplant that grows relatively slowly. Therefore it needs little nutrition. It is a very easy houseplant and you hardly have to do anything to it! In autumn, the cactus does not need any nutrition at all. In the summer months, you could give the cactus special nutrition. This is not necessary, and the cactus will do very well with normal universal cactus potting soil. 

All you need to know about the cactus

When you buy a cactus, you probably immediately think of the desert. There are many different types and sizes of cacti, all of which have unique properties. Read on quickly to find out even more about the cactus! 

Can a cactus flower? 

At first sight, a cactus may seem a rather boring plant, but appearances can be deceptive. In winter, the cactus is in a kind of hibernation, but in spring a cactus can flower, provided it gets enough sunlight! Different species of cactus have very beautiful flowers. So that makes your cactus a flowering houseplant in spring!

Is a cactus poisonous?

There are a number of species of cacti that are poisonous.  If a cactus is damaged and you see white juice coming out of the stem, it is most probably poisonous. If you have ingested the white juice or got it in your eye, consult a doctor immediately. The sap that comes out of some cacti, such as Euphorbia, is called spurge and is poisonous to humans. 

Also beware of the sharp thorns and spines of the cacti. These can cause considerable damage! So don't accidentally sit on a cactus! If spines of a cactus get stuck in your house, try to remove them as soon as possible. 

Origin of the cactus. 

Wondering where your cactus really comes from. Of course, everyone is familiar with the fact that a cactus is often found in the desert, but not all types of cacti grow in the desert. The cactus originates from areas in Africa and Central and South America. They grow on high and low mountains but also on tropical islands and in deserts. You can actually find cacti everywhere! 

Buying a Cactus at the Green Bubble

Buying a cactus is something you do of course at the Green Bubble! When you buy a plant you always want the healthiest plant and the best choices. We at Green Bubble strive to send only the highest quality plants every day. All cacti we sell are therefore always fresh from the grower.

We are happy when our customer is happy with a healthy houseplant. Want to buy a cactus but don't feel like going all the way to the shop? At the Green Bubble you can easily order all your houseplants online. We make sure that you never have to drag plants around again. Ordering a cactus is quick and easy in our webshop. When you order a cactus today, you'll receive it quickly at home! 

Ease of ordering and beautiful houseplants, that is what Green Bubble stands for. Do you want to buy an easy to care for cactus? Join the Green Bubble! 


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