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It is with great pride that we introduce you to our newest family member; WOUT. Wout is a beautiful indoor tree, a Pachira Aquatica to be precise. With its massive trunk and full foliage, this tree is a real asset to your interior. And let's be honest... you have to have this, right?

Apart from looking great, Wout is also a superhero for your health. Its mighty crown of leaves absorbs pollutants from the air and gives pure oxygen in return. A win-win situation! The large leaves also regulate humidity in the house. So WOUT improves the living environment in your home, day in and day out.

When it comes to water, WOUT is the economical one. This big XXL boy only needs 6 litres of water over the whole year! This is due to its powerful trunk in which it stores all its nutrients and water. This makes Wout extremely strong and unbeatable.

Watering Wout

Wout is not a thirsty boy. You can water the Wout S M and L once every three weeks. The Wout XXL with ornamental pot comes with a water meter and only needs 6 litres per year. This is because it stores water in its thick trunk and can provide itself with moisture for a long time. It has its own water reservoir, so to speak.

The best location for Wout

Wout is not a difficult plant. However, it prefers not to stand in bright sunlight, as its leaves can burn. Place Wout in a spot with at least 3-5 hours of normal daylight. Here it will feel perfectly at home and grow best. If Wout's leaves turn yellow, it could be that Wout gets too much/too little water, it could also be that its location is a little too light. In that case, move the tree to a slightly darker spot.

Is Wout poisonous?

Unfortunately, Wout is slightly toxic if ingested. So be careful with a curious child or a hungry pet. Place the tree at a safe distance.

Frequently asked questions

Who is Wout?

Wout is the ideal tree for indoors. With Wout as a housemate or colleague, you are assured of clean and purified air every day, which is good for your health! Wout is unique in its kind and belongs to the family: Pachira Aquatica. Wout grows between 2.00 and 2.20 metres tall. Moreover, Wout only needs 6 litres of water per year. So Wout is Big, Cosy and Easy to Maintain!

How much water does the tree need?

You can water the Wout S M and L once every three weeks. The Wout XXL with pot comes with a water meter, which allows you to see if the plant is getting too much water.

Wout can occasionally use an extra litre if:

- The heating is on a lot

- Wout is often in the sun

- The air conditioning is often on

- The air is dry

How often should I feed Wout?

Wout is a seasoned fighter: His bark stores enough nutrients for the whole year. Extra plant food can't hurt either, and after a year Wout likes to be spoiled with a nice bit of concentrate.


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