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Artificial Fern

Artificial fern, also known as the artificial fern plant, is a wonderful addition to your interior, creating a vibrant green atmosphere. Explore helpful advice to make your artificial fern plant look durable and authentic.

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Discover the green splendor of art fern at Green Bubble!

Experience the lush oasis of our high-quality art fern, now available at Green Bubble. This realistic art fern adds a natural touch to your space without any maintenance. Discover the timeless beauty of our art fern and transform your interior with lasting greenery.

Features of the artificial fern

With lifelike leaves of all shapes and sizes, Green Bubble's art fern brings the green oasis directly to your interior. Every detail has been carefully designed so that this artificial plant mimics nature in a stunning way. Explore several varieties, including tree fern, fern Boston and rooted fern, and find the perfect art fern to suit your style and needs.

Types of artificial fern

The ferns have numerous subspecies, a few species are: the tree fern, fern Staghorn, fern with roots, fern Boston and fern nephrolepis. All ferns have imposing (hanging) leaves, which are a real eye-catcher in the house. Within the fern group, there are more than 10,000 different species. Although most art fern share similar characteristics, they vary in size, color and shape.

  • Fern: The fern art hanging plant is one of the oldest plant species in existence and belongs to the vascular plant family. They are found in various continents around the world, ranging from humid rainforests to drier forests and even in urban environments. Ferns have unique leaves that are often characterized by their intricate, feather-like structure.
  • Tree Fern: The tree fern art hanging plant, also known as fern wood, is a beautiful group of plants belonging to the fern family. The leaves can grow to impressive heights. These plants are mainly found in humid (sub)tropical climates around the world. Tree ferns play an important role in the ecosystem by contributing to soil protection and water cycle regulation.
  • Fern Nephrolepis Boston: The fern Nephrolepis Boston artificial hanging plant, is native to tropical areas of Southeast Asia, Australia and Oceania. Here they live in the shade of trees and along streams and rivers. Its adaptability to different environments makes the Nephrolepis Boston one of the most common fern species grown worldwide.
  • Fern with roots: "The fern with roots art hanging plant," says it all. They have distinctive roots that grow along the stems. The roots not only serve to absorb water and nutrients, but can also help anchor the plant into the soil or substrate in which they grow. They are commonly found in moist and shady environments, such as rain forests or forest floors.
  • Fern Staghorn: The fern Staghorn artificial plant bears two different types of leaves, the basal and fruiting leaves. The basal ones provide protection and fertile ones provide reproduction. The fern is found in (sub)tropical parts of the old world, i.e. Europe, Africa, Asia.
  • Fern Boston: The fern Boston art hanging plant is a popular fern species with its elegant and lush appearance. Originally fern Boston originated from the forests of North America where it is found in moist and shady places. Because of its attractive appearance and adaptability, fern Boston is a popular choice for both indoor and outdoor landscapes.
  • Fern Asplenium: The fern asplenium artificial plant is a sophisticated and elegant fern species known for its slender and glossy leaves. Originally native to various continents around the world, where they have moist and shady conditions.

Care of the artificial fern

Enjoying it is easy with the maintenance-free artificial fern. Since it is an artificial fern, it does not require regular care. So it is ideal for people who are not at home much or do not have a green thumb. However, for optimal appearance, it is advisable to maintain the artificial plant once in a few months. Clean the artificial plant effortlessly with a dry cloth; when doing so, avoid water, as this can cause dust accumulation in the seams.

Origin and location of the artificial fern

The family Polypodiaceae, which includes a wide variety of ferns, extends across all continents except Antarctica. Within this family we find a wide range of fern species, from majestic tree ferns to smaller, more common ferns often found in homes and gardens.

Art ferns come in a variety of species, each with unique characteristics and sizes, so you can make the perfect choice to suit your style and space. Enjoy the green look without worrying about specific care requirements. Let art fern effortlessly beautify your interior.

Choose quality at Green Bubble

Bring the green oasis to your home with Green Bubble's high-quality artificial fern. Choose quality and effortlessly enjoy timeless elegance without worrying about care. Explore our carefully selected collection for a touch of green splendor in your interior. Sustainability and top quality are at the heart of Green Bubble.

Order artificial fern online

Discover our wide range of artificial ferns online. Order easily and have the artificial fern delivered complete with pot and the right potting soil. At Green Bubble we make bringing greenery into your home easy, fun, and beautiful. Order today and within days you'll be enjoying the timeless beauty of art fern.

Don't let art fern go missing at Green Bubble

Add a touch of green elegance to your interior with art fern from Green Bubble. Explore our range and get advice from our green experts. At Green Bubble, we turn any space into a green paradise!


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