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The Trachycarpus is a hardy palm that is super striking because of its beautiful fan-shaped leaves.

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    From Trachycarpus

    The palm Trachycarpus is an indoor and outdoor plant that originally grows in the Himalayas at high altitudes. The Trachycarpus can actually be found throughout Asia, it is widely distributed here. The Dutch nickname of the Trachycarpus is Hemp palm or palm and it belongs to the Aracaceae family. The Trachycarpus is a well-known houseplant because of its beautiful fan-shaped leaves. The Trachycarpus is a hardy plant that will survive our winters outdoors!

    Why you want to have a Trachycarpus in your living room garden or balcony!

    Wow, the Trachycarpus is really a super striking plant because of its amazingly beautiful fan-shaped leaves. This plant immediately brings a summer atmosphere with it even in the dark days and winters. The Trachycarpus is a multifunctional plant, because it can stand both indoors and outdoors. What is completely easy is that the trachycarpus fortunei can survive the winter, this Trachycarpus can stay outside at temperatures down to -10 degrees Celsius.

    Trachycarpus fortunei care

    The Trachycarpus is a plant that requires the necessary maintenance. Because this houseplant is a real sun worshipper, it also consumes a lot of water. Especially in the summer months, the soil in which the Trachycarpus stands should absolutely not dry out. Make sure that you do  not give the Trachycarpus too much water. For trachycarpus fortunei care in the winter months, the soil may dry out slightly between waterings, but it should not be dry for weeks.

    To check if your Trachycarpus needs fresh water, you can stick your finger in the ground and feel if it is up to two knuckles deep dry. If this is the case, you can give fresh water! If you give the palm Trachycarpus too much water, there may be a layer of water at the bottom of the pot that can cause root rot. Of course you want to prevent this.

    The amount and frequency of watering is different for each Trachycarpus and depends on different factors such as; the ambient temperature, the light intensity and the size of the pot. We advise you to  keep an extra eye on the Trachycarpus fortunei cena in the first weeks after purchase  and to check the potting soil regularly. If you notice that the soil feels a bit dry after 5 days, you can give it a bit more water next time. However, if you notice that the soil is still very wet after 1 week, it is better to give less water at a next watering.

     Spraying the Trachycarpus

    We definitely recommend spraying the Trachycarpus weekly. Especially when you place this plant indoors, a weekly spray is important. In addition to supporting the development of the plant, you remove the dust from the leaves. Perhaps the most important advantage of spraying is that it helps prevent pests.

    The best location for the Trachycarpus

    As mentioned earlier, the Trachycarpus is  a real sun worshipper and needs this to stay healthy. The ideal location for this plant is therefore in a place with sufficient (sun) light. Both indoors and outdoors you can place the Trachycarpus in full sunlight. It is important that this plant does not get into the draft or wind. When he is in the draft or wind, you have a chance that his leaves will break earlier. When you place the Trachycarpus indoors, it should get at least 5 hours of sunlight per day. It is best to place this plant in front of a south-facing window and preferably in front of a window that is larger than the plant itself.

    Furthermore, the Trachycarpus is  a hardy plant, so you could leave this plant outside in the winter. It survives the Dutch winters, if we still get a very severe winter where the temperature falls below -10 degrees Celsius, we advise you to move it inside or protect it with special winter covers. 

    Repotting the Trachycarpus

    We always recommend that you always repot the palm Trachycarpus at the time of purchase to a pot that is 20% larger than the cultivation pot in which you get it. When you place the Trachycarpus outside, it is very important that you put it in a pot that is large enough. The more the root ball can grow, the better that is. The larger the root ball is, the better it can withstand low temperatures and the chance of dehydration is therefore less. If the pot is a bit too big for the Trachycarpus, you can easily solve this by placing hydro grains at the bottom of the pot  and filling the rest with palm soil or universal potting soil. It is always important to put enough potting soil in the pot so that the Trachycarpus can absorb many nutrients.

    If you are going to repot the Trachycarpus after a while, we always recommend that you do this in the spring. This way, any damaged roots can recover well. We recommend that you  repot the Trachycarpus fortunei cena once every 3 years.

    Giving the Trachycarpus extra nutrition

    It is not necessarily necessary to give the Trachycarpus extra nutrition, it can help the plant to develop better and faster. We recommend that you  only give the Trachycarpus extra nutrition in the spring and summer months, use palm food for this. Always consult the instructions for use and never give more than is prescribed. Never give the Trachycarpus extra food in the winter months because this will not be absorbed. Food that is not absorbed can damage the roots because the food is very acidic.

    Help! The leaves of my Trachycarpus are discoloring!

    It may be that the leaves get a yellow or brown color, this is a sign of too little water. Also, the Trachycarpus can  get these colors of leaves from a large transition of location. Check with yourself what the cause may be and adjust the watering accordingly if necessary. The Trachycarpus can also get black leaf tips, this is a sign of too much water. Less in this case the watering. Furthermore, the lower leaves will eventually discolor, you can safely cut off these leaves because they have had their best time.

    Pruning the Trachycarpus

    As mentioned, the lower leaves will eventually become less beautiful, bend these leaves down and cut them off easily. Brown leaves or leaf tips can also be easily cut off. Never prune the trunk because this will  not survive the Trachycarpus.

    Multiplying the Trachycarpus

    The Trachycarpus is very difficult to propagate, in fact you can only get more Trachycarpus plants by planting the seeds in the ground.

    Common diseases in the Trachycarpus

    A common disease in the Trachycarpus is Dolpuis, if you notice that your Trachycarpus suffers from this, we advise you to take immediate action. Remove the infected leaves and possibly treat the palm with a chemical or biological pesticide. To protect your Trachycarpus fortunei preventively against pests, we recommend that you spray the Trachycarpus regularly.

    Is the Trachycarpus a poisonous plant?

    The Trachycarpus is definitely not a poisonous plant and therefore it is really an animal-friendly houseplant. However, we always advise you not to consume the leaves or other parts of the plant or to process them in food.

    Ask us for advice on the Trachycarpus

    When you want to pick up your living room, balcony or any other space  with a crazy palm Trachycarpus plant, it is sometimes difficult to make a choice from our wide range. That is why we are happy to help you with your choice. Call or Whatsapp us for advice via 06-23740835 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also fill in our contact form.

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