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The Rhipsalis is perhaps one of the easiest houseplants you can buy. It has few demands on the light intensity and forgetting to water it once in a while is not a problem either.

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    The Rhipsalis is perhaps one of the easiest houseplants you can buy. It makes few demands on the light intensity and forgetting a watering once is also no problem. This houseplant does not have typical leaves but more stems, in these stems there is a lot of diversity. Especially the ends of the stems vary greatly, from thin to thick and from long ribbed to short curled. Each stem is unique and this makes the Rhipsalis a really hip houseplant .

    The Rhipsalis is family of the cactus and is originally from Africa. The Rhipsalis can also be found on some islands in the Indian Ocean, here it lives in the tropics. This shows once again what a strong houseplant the Rhipsalis is. This houseplant is also called Rock Coral .

     Watering the Rhipsalis

    As mentioned, the Rhipsalis is  an easy to care for houseplant where the watering is not very narrow. It is important that you only water this houseplant again when the soil has dried up. We also advise you to give small amounts several times instead of a large amount at once, because he will not be able to absorb this properly. With too much water he will get wet feet and this increases the chance of root rot, of course you want to prevent this! When the Rhipsalis has too much water it will repel its stems, if you notice this reduce the amount and frequency of watering. The Rhipsalis may also be deficient in water, its stems will then shrink and wrinkle. In this case, water more often but not in one go a large amount.

    If you are unsure whether your Rhipsalis already needs fresh water, we advise you to wait a while, this houseplant is better to be a little too dry than too wet. He is not related to the Cacti for nothing. In the summer months the Rhipsalis will  need a bit more water than in the winter months. Water it about 2 to 3 times a month in the summer months, in the winter months 1 time a month is sufficient. The amount and frequency of watering is different for each Rhipsalis and depends on different factors such as; the ambient temperature, the light intensity and the size of the pot. We advise you to  keep an extra eye on the Rhipsalis in the first weeks after purchase  and to check the potting soil regularly. If you notice that the soil feels a bit dry 1 week after a watering, you can give it a bit more water next time. However, if you notice that the soil is still very wet after 2 weeks, it is better to give less water at a next watering.

     Spraying the Rhipsalis

    It is not necessary for the Rhipsalis to be sprayed, but if you have the Rhipsalis close to a heater, it can be good for development. However, spraying will help to remove dust and any pests from its stems. This will contribute to the ornamental value of the houseplant so that it really remains a beautiful, green houseplant . Also, spraying this houseplant will help preventatively remove the dust from the leaves and help remove pests preventively. 

    The best location for the Rhipsalis

    Also, the Rhipsalis is  not the most difficult, but it is better for this houseplant not to put it in a place with whole days of sunlight. A location with partial shade is best for the Rhipsalis. When this houseplant is in a dark place, it also uses less water, which increases the chance of root rot. When this houseplant is in a too light place, it will turn pale and its beautiful green color will fail. If the Rhipsalis grows well and gets new stems, you know it's in the right place. In terms of temperature, you do not have to take into account this strong houseplant. During the day the minimum temperature is 10 degrees Celsius and at night it is 5 degrees Celsius. The Rhipsalis will therefore also do well in a conservatory and / or garden room

    Make sure that it does not stand in the bright sunlight. And perhaps more importantly, don't forget to bring it in when temperatures drop.

     Repotting the Rhipsalis

    We advise you to repot this houseplant immediately after purchase in a larger pot, for this take a pot that is 20% larger in diameter than its predecessor. Use cactus potting soil to fill the pot and try to damage the roots as little as possible. Because the Rhipsalis is not a fast-growing plant, you only have to repot it once every 3 to 4 years. It is best to repot it in the spring so that any damaged roots and stems can recover better.

    Giving the Rhipsalis extra nutrition

    Because the Rhipsalis does not grow so fast, they do not need much nutrition. We recommend that you only give this houseplant extra nutrition in the spring and summer months. In these seasons, the Rhipsalis is  developing itself and will be able to absorb the nutrition well. We do not recommend that you give the Rhipsalis extra food in the winter months. In the winter months, this houseplant consumes less energy and then it will not be able to absorb the nutrients, so that it remains in the ground. The food is quite acidic and if it is not absorbed by the plant it will affect the roots. Use the food for Cactus and Succulent Nutrition and never give more than is recommended.

     Pruning the Rhipsalis

    In general, the Rhipsalis does  not need to be pruned. If your Rhipsalis gets unsightly stems, because they are brown, for example, you can safely cut them off. Even if the stems become too long, you can easily cut them off. The cut stems could also be used for cuttings. Read on and learn more about cuttings of the Rhipsalis.

    Multiplying the Rhipsalis

    The Rhipsalis is a houseplant that is easy to propagate. You simply need to cut off a piece of the stem and place it in the fresh potting soil. The cutting should be about 10 centimeters long. Water the cutting very occasionally, because the cutting does not yet have many roots, it will also use little water. So be careful not to give too much water because this will cause it to rot.

    The flowering of the Rhipsalis

    The Rhipsalis will not bloom quickly indoors. However, you always have outliers, so it can happen that your Rhipsalis does bloom. He will then produce dozens of white flowers. Even though they are cute flowers, we recommend that you remove them because they cost the plant a lot of energy and do not contribute to the ornamental value of the plant.

    Is the Rhipsalis a poisonous houseplant?

    Unfortunately, the Rhipsalis is  a slightly poisonous houseplant. When touching the stems, little will happen. However, we do not recommend consuming the stems or incorporating them into food. So put the Rhipsalis in a safe place when you have small children or pets.

    Common diseases in the Rhipsalis

    This houseplant will not quickly suffer from the pests or diseases. Nevertheless, it can always happen that the Rhipsalis suffers from louse or spider mite. When you notice this, you could initially spray the plant with a somewhat harder jet. If this does not work, we recommend that you treat the Rhipsalis with a chemical or biological pesticide.

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