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The Murdannia is still a relatively new houseplant, but recently it has become extremely popular. Originally, this houseplant comes from China where the oil from the plant is used for traditional medicine.

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    The Murdannia is still a fairly new houseplant but lately it has become extremely popular. Originally this houseplant comes from China where the oil from the plant is used for traditional medicine. The oil is mainly used to increase overall resistance. In the Netherlands we use this houseplant mainly because it has such beautiful leaves. This is also where the plant owes its nickname 'Bright Star'. The leaves seem to be made of real silver and the green margin of the leaf makes this even better. It is really a hip houseplant because of its special color. Read on and you will learn more about the care of this gem.

    The water needs of the Murdannia

    It is important for this houseplant that the substrate always remains slightly moist. The soil may not dry out completely, but no layer of water should remain in the pot. We recommend that you water the Murdannia once every two weeks during the spring and summer months  . The amount and frequency of watering depends on several factors, such as; the ambient temperature, the location, the size of the pot and the size of the plant. We advise you to feel the potting soil at least once a week in the beginning to check whether the soil is still moist. If the soil feels dry two days after a watering, you can give a little more water in the future. If you notice that the soil is still very moist after five to seven days, it is better to water less in the future. Too much water can lead to root rot. This will happen when there is a layer of water at the bottom of the pot and the roots are constantly wet. 

    In the winter months we recommend that you water the Murdannia less, the autumn and especially the winter months are 'rest' months for this houseplant. The Murdannia will use less energy and therefore water.

     Spraying the Murdannia

    This houseplant likes a somewhat humid environment, often the environment in which the Murdannia stands as a houseplant is not very humid. It will benefit the health of this houseplant if it is sprayed regularly. In the winter months, when the heating is on, this will benefit him completely. 

    Spraying has even more advantages, because it also helps to remove the dust that is on the leaves. The sunlight can reach the houseplant better and the special silver color will also remain bright. Spraying will also help to prevent pests! With all these benefits, it is certainly advisable to spray the Murdannia regularly.

    The best pitch for the Murdannia

    The Murdannia is a big fan of light but not of direct sunlight. Direct sunlight is often too powerful for this houseplant and this will not make its leaves more beautiful. In a slightly dark location, the Murdannia also does well, but over time the leaves will grow strongly towards the light and the color intensity will decrease. In addition to light, this houseplant also likes the necessary heat, so do not put the Murdannia in a place with high temperature fluctuations. We do not recommend giving the Murdannia a place near a heater, because a heater ensures low humidity. This is just what the Murdannia doesn't need! Also a spot on the trip will not benefit this houseplant.

    Is the Murdannia a poisonous houseplant?

    This houseplant is absolutely non-toxic, so it is really a child- and animal-friendly houseplant! However, we do not recommend that you extract oil from the plant as they do in China. We also do not recommend consuming this plant. 

    The best temperature for the Murdannia

    This houseplant can survive well in almost all Dutch seasons, indoors it will not notice much of the temperature differences. If you want to place the Murdannia in your garden room or somewhere other than indoors, it may be important to know what temperatures this houseplant can withstand. The minimum temperature for the Murdannia is 5 degrees Celsius and the maximum temperature is 35 degrees Celsius. It will  not benefit the Murdannia when the day and night temperatures fluctuate strongly. So keep this in mind.

    By Murdannia bijsnoeien

    This houseplant grows compact, beautiful in shape and will not get large suckers, so pruning is really not necessary. However, when the Murdannia is in a too dark place, all leaves grow in one direction and this will not benefit the shape. In this case, it is better to prune the leaves and put the Murdannia in a different place. It will then quickly regain its original shape. Dry leaves or points often come from a too dry environment, you can safely cut off these dry leaves. We do recommend that you spray the Murdannia more often in this case.

    If your Murdannia has a very full bunch of leaves, we advise you to cut off some leaves by the end of the summer. This way, the sunlight in the winter months can reach the plant better and this will benefit the health of this houseplant. The shape will simply pick up again in the spring as it was before pruning.

     Multiplying the Murdannia

    The Murdannia is a fairly easy houseplant to propagate and the best way to do this is cuttings. Take a new stem with some leaves on it and let it root in the water. To make the cutting grow as well as possible, we recommend putting a bag over the plant. The plant needs heat and high humidity to be able to develop properly. When the plant starts to get some roots, you can move it to a pot with potting soil. It will take some time before this baby Murdannia is as big as his mother!

    The Murdannia in bloom

    There is a good chance that your Murdannia will bloom. The houseplant will then get small white flowers and they will also go away on their own. You don't have to cut them off. These flowers are nice but here the Murdannia does not get any extra ornamental value.

     Repotting the Murdannia

    The Murdannia is not a fast-growing houseplant or a houseplant that will quickly shoot into the height or width. Repotting is therefore not really necessary quickly. Nevertheless, it may be advisable to repot this houseplant once every two years or at least add new potting soil. If you repot the plant, we recommend that you do this in the spring. Any damaged roots can then recover well during the growth period.

    Diseases in the Murdannia

    The Murdannia can suffer from unwanted visitors such as leaf and mealybugs. The location and proper care will help keep these unwanted visitors out. To get ahead of the pests, we advise you  not to put the Murdannia on the draft and to spray it regularly. Nevertheless, it can happen that your houseplant gets diseases / pests. In this case, we recommend that you treat the plant with a chemical or biological pesticide as soon as possible.

    Giving the Murdannia extra nutrition

    Six to eight weeks after purchase, this houseplant has used up the nutrients from the potting soil. We recommend that you give the Murdannia some extra nutrition in the growing season (which is in spring and summer  ). To do this, use the liquid food for indoor plants, never give more than indicated on the package. Too much extra nutrition can be harmful to the plant.

    Buying a Murdannia at Green Bubble

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