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Areca palm (Dypsis Lutescens)

The Areca palm (Dypsis Lutescens) or golden palm is a true tropical houseplant. The Areca is called the golden palm because it can bear orange-coloured fruit. The Areca palm occurs

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The Areca palm (Dypsis Lutescens) or golden palm is a truly tropical houseplant. The name gold palm that the Areca has been given is because orange colored fruits can grow on the palm. The Areca palm is originally from tropical rainforests in Southeast Asia. The moment you bring a gold palm into your home, you bring in a piece of tropical rainforest! The gold palm is also known for its strong air-purifying property. The Areca palm has a large leaf volume and thus filters many harmful substances from the air.

The Areca palm is not a very easy plant to care for. The gold palm requires a lot of maintenance and is therefore suitable for a real plant lover. If you take good care of the gold palm, you can enjoy this beautiful tropical palm for a long time. The moment you buy an Areca palm you are actually buying a whole bunch! The gold palm consists of several bunches of plants!

Caring for an Areca palm

The Areca palm care is more intensive than for other plants. The gold palm likes the earth to always be slightly moist. The Areca palm also needs a lot of light, but too much direct sunlight will also be harmful. All these dots make the gold palm a demanding plant. Yet if you take good care of the Areca palm and give the plant a lot of love, you will become absolutely good friends!

Watering an Areca palm

The Areca palm is a plant that loves a lot of water! It is advisable to always keep the soil of the gold palm slightly moist. Make sure that the Areca palm is not in a constant layer of water, this can cause root rot. The gold palm also likes to be sprayed. This ensures that the golden palm retains beautiful green leaves and that diseases are less likely to settle. It is advisable to spray the plants at least 1 time a week, especially in the winter months. If you have the time, spraying the gold palm daily is best for the plant! 

You can best see that the Areca palm needs water by sticking a finger in the earth. The moment you feel that the soil around the roots of the gold palm is dry, it is time to water. It is better to water the Areca palm occasionally small amounts than in 1 time a very large amount.

In short, the Areca palm is really a tropical plant that grows well when the plant gets enough water. If the gold palm is dry for a longer period of time, this significantly increases the chance of diseases and dead leaves. 

The perfect location for an Areca palm

Are you looking for a perfect place for your Areca palm in your home? Make sure you put the gold palm in a spot where the plant gets enough light. The Areca palm does not like too much direct sunlight, this can cause the leaves to burn. The gold palm is optimally placed in a light, warm place. If the Areca palm shows yellow leaves, it means that the palm gets too much direct sunlight. The moment the gold palm gets too little sunlight, growth will stagnate. A place with normal daylight is actually perfect for the Areca palm.

The Areca palm is a perfect living room plant that prefers to have space and sufficient light. If the palm is in a place close to a radiator, it is advisable to spray the palm at least 2 times a week.

 Repotting an Areca palm

Are you planning to repot your Areca palm? Then read our tips carefully so that you can be sure that your gold palm recovers well after repotting! It is  best to repot the Areca palm during the spring months and summer months. In this period, the gold palm has more energy to repair any damage. Make sure that the new pot in which you put the Areca palm is at least 20% larger than the old pot in which the plant first stood. The Areca palm is a large houseplant so the extra buffer ensures that the gold palm has more space to store and grow water. If the Areca palm has too little space to store water, it is more likely that a layer of water forms at the bottom of the pot, which increases the chance of root rot.

Pruning the Areca palm

Pruning the Areca palm is important for maintaining the graceful value of this tropical palm. As the golden palm ages, the leaves automatically become less beautiful. The tips of the Areca palm will turn brown after a while, this is an inevitable and natural process. Brown dots can easily be cut off to keep the leaves beautiful and green. The moment you decide to prune an entire leaf from the gold palm, it is important to do this as close as possible to the trunk. You can not prune the trunk itself because new suckers come out of it. 

Nutrition for the Areca palm

Read our following tips carefully if you are planning to feed your Areca palm! The gold palm is a plant that grows relatively quickly and therefore also likes some extra nutrition. In the autumn and winter months it is not necessary to give an Areca palm extra nutrition. In that period, the Areca palm is in a rest. In the spring and summer months it is good to give the plant nutrition while watering. This will do the plant good and stimulate further growth. Just make sure you read carefully how much nutrition the gold palm needs. Too much food can be counterproductive!

Diseases in the Areca palm

The Areca palm is a plant that is sensitive to mealybugs and spider mites. The golden palm can get these diseases when the plant is in a too dry environment for a longer period of time. If the golden palm is kept well moist by regular spraying, spider mite and mealybugs are less likely to settle. If you see signs of mealybug at the Areca palm, it is good to take action immediately. If it is already present in the plan, we recommend chemically combating the mealybug. 

Everything you need to know about the Areca palm

If you buy an Areca palm you probably want to know more about the plant. Below is some information about the gold palm. Read these tips carefully so that you are prepared to get an Areca palm at home!

Is the Areca palm poisonous?

Good news for people with small children and pets, the Areca palm is not poisonous! The gold palm is even loved by cats. Cats love to occasionally nibble on the leaves of the Areca palm. This is only harmful to the Areca palm because it loses its ornamental value a bit. It will have no further consequences for your pet! 

How big can the Areca palm become

The Areca palm is a plant that can grow gigantic. The gold palm can grow in the wild to a height of up to 5 meters! As a houseplant, the Areca palm is between 1.5 and 3 meters high, depending on the pot size.

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