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Want to know everything about the Anthurium? Then read on, we have collected our tips for you. By the way, did you know that the Anthurium has an air purifying effect?

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The Anthurium is a great tropical houseplant and is known for its beautiful flowers. The Anthurium is family of the Aracea and the Arum-like. The Anthurium originates from the tropical rainforests of South America and there are around 600 different species of Anthuriums. From large to small with and with a wide color palette, there is always an Anthurium that fits in your room. The Anthurium is also one of the few houseplants that blooms all year round. So you can enjoy its beautiful flowers all year round. Apart from the fact that this houseplant has a particularly beautiful appearance, this plant does not require much attention, it is therefore an easy plant to care for. It is therefore also very suitable as an 'office plant'.

Anthurium is the Greek name and comes from 'Anthos' which means flowering and 'Oura' which means tail. The Anthurium owes this Greek name to its flowers.

Water the Anthurium.

This houseplant is easy to care for but needs enough water. It is important that the soil always remains moist and does not dry out. In the summer months, the Anthurium will need water more often than in the winter. Water this houseplant twice a week in the summer months, and once a week in the winter is enough. It is better to give the Anthurium small amounts of water more often than once very much. Do this especially if you notice that the soil still feels very wet 4 days after a watering. An Anthurium that gets too much water will show this and this is reflected in its leaves. When brown spots with a yellow edge can be seen, immediately reduce the amount of water during a watering.

We recommend that you give this houseplant lukewarm/warm water instead of cold tap water. Also, the Anthurium does not like calcareous water. His preference is for rainwater, it is not necessary but it will promote the health of the plant.

Due to the tropical origin of this houseplant, it is beneficial, especially in the winter months, to spray it. In the winter months, the humidity in our rooms is quite low and this plant needs high humidity to grow properly. Spraying the plant also increases the chance of new flowers. In addition, spraying helps to keep the plant healthy and the color of the flowers and leaves will remain more beautiful.

The best location for the Anthurium

This houseplant likes the necessary daylight. Therefore, place the Anthurium in a light spot but without direct sunlight for optimal growth. When this houseplant gets too much or too little sunlight, this will become visible on the leaf. When the leaves turn yellow, this is a sign of too much sunlight. Too little sunlight will lead to green flowers or no flowers at all. The most ideal location for the Anthurium is in front of a north-facing window. Make sure that you do not put them above or near a heater. This will not benefit the humidity.

Giving the Anthurium extra nutrition

Immediately after purchase, the Anthurium will still have enough nutrients to develop properly. After 6 to 8 weeks we recommend that you fertilize the Anthurium. To do this, use the food especially for flowering plants. Never give this houseplant more than indicated on the packaging. It is better to give the Anthurium too little than too much nutrition. In autumn and winter it is not necessary to fertilize the Anthurium, it can even be harmful to the roots. The bud formation will also be better if you do not give the Anthurium extra nutrition in the winter months.

The flowering of the Anthurium

With proper care and regular fertilization of the Anthurium, this houseplant blooms all year round. 365 days of enjoying beautiful flowers, that's what you want, right? The flowers of the Anthuriums are beautifully shaped flower sheaths with spiral cauliflowers in them. The flower sheath or the leaf comes in dozens of different colors. When the Anthurium has shiny leaves and produces new flowers, you can assume that this houseplant is having a good time. This is also a sign that you will enjoy its special flowers in the coming years. With some species, the plant comes to rest for a few months after its 3 months of flowering. If this rest lasts longer than 3 months, your Anthurium will not have a good time.

Repotting the Anthurium

Once every two years it is time for a new pot if you want your Anthurium to grow larger. We recommend repotting the Anthurium in the spring. During this period, the houseplant can better recover from any damage to its roots. The new planter must be 20 percent larger (in diameter) than its predecessor. The Anthurium likes an airy potting soil with a high peat content, so use special Anthurium potting soil, for example. We recommend that you only use hydro granules if there is a drainage hole in the planter. There is a big advantage to this, namely; that the excess water can drain away. This prevents root rot due to a standing layer of water. However, for easy maintenance, a waterproof pot is the easiest. You have to keep a close eye on the soil!

Is the Anthurium a poisonous houseplant?

The leaves and flasks of the Anthurium are both slightly poisonous. When consumed, nausea and/or vomiting may result. Therefore, always place the plant out of the reach of children and pets. If (a piece of) the leaf / flower has been swallowed, we advise you to contact the doctor.

Common diseases in the Anthurium

The Anthurium is not specifically susceptible to certain diseases or pests. If you do see bugs, we advise you to treat them as soon as possible with a chemical or biological pesticide.

Multiplying an Anthurium

If you want to propagate an Anthurium, cuttings are the easiest way to do this. It is best to use the stem cuttings. You should remove all petioles without damaging the eyes in the leaf axils. Then plant these cuttings upright in a mixture of sand and peat and place them in a warm place, preferably 25 degrees. To get the temperature and humidity higher, you can also make a plastic bag around the cutting. After a few weeks, the trunk will produce roots and then the leaves will also be visible. Then you need to repot the plant and put it in special Anthurium potting soil.

The different types of Anthuriums at Green Bubble

At Green Bubble we have a nice assortment of up to 24 different types of Anthuriums. From smaller specimens to larger ones but also from "peach" color to black. In short, there will always be an Anthurium that fits in your room.

We also have 2 special Anthuriums, namely:

  • Anthurium Jenmani XL - 90 cm

This houseplant will become your great friend, because it has a strong air-purifying effect. With its shiny, leathery leaves that each have a special drawing, it is the great cousin of the Anthurium. This houseplant will produce fewer flowers, but it is at least as beautiful because of its special leaves.

  • Anthurium Jungle King - 60cm

This houseplant will become the 'King' of your Urban Jungle! He has it all, the looks, the functionality and easy care. This houseplant also has a good air-purifying effect. At the time of purchase, this houseplant does not yet have flowers and these will also bloom less often with the Anthuriums. However, with the right care, the Jungle King will also come into bloom.

Buy an Anthurium at Green Bubble

Are you looking for a beautiful and healthy Anthurium as a houseplant? At Green Bubble you've come to the right place! The moment you buy one of our Anthurium you naturally want a beautiful and fresh plant. At Green Bubble we work directly with growers so that we can guarantee the freshness of our houseplants. We strive to deliver healthy and high-quality plants to our customers every day. This way you will get your houseplant delivered as fresh and as well as possible!

Do you want to buy an Anthurium but don't feel like going to the local garden store? We understand that, that's why we send your Anthurium directly to you and that for free! You can easily buy an Anthurium in our webshop where you can buy different types of Anthuriums of the highest quality!

Ease of ordering and cool houseplants, that's what Green Bubble stands for. Do you want to buy a crazy Anthurium? Join the Green Bubble


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