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Top 10 plants

A house is only a home with a good dose of green, don't you think? Plants purify the air and it has been proven that you can focus better in a green environment! 

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Top 10 houseplants

The choice is huge at Green-Bubble and we understand that sometimes it is difficult to make a choice. Are you going for a large houseplant, a small one, a colorful or a darker variant. There is so much choice that you sometimes can't see the wood for the trees! We like to help you and therefore also with making a choice of your future green friend. To make it a little easier, we have put together a top 10 of houseplants for you. This is a top 10 compiled from all plants in the range.

1. Top 10 houseplant: Strelitzia

At number 1 in this list is the Strelitzia, or Bird of Paradise plant. Definitely indispensable in the top 10 houseplants. The Strelitzia is a super versatile luxury houseplant that can always find a place in its new environment. Originally, this eye-catcher comes from South Africa and it is mainly known for its beautiful flower. The Strelitzia also owes its nickname to its flower, because this flower resembles a real bird of paradise. There are many different types of Strelitzias from large to small and the shape of the leaves is variable. The Strelitzia is truly a stylish plant in any interior! The Strelitzia does need some attention, especially if you want it to bloom! When you have mastered the care, you will enjoy this green houseplant for years. The soil in which the Strelitzia stands should always be moist, but make sure that there is no water at the bottom of the pot. Watering is also closely related to the location. Preferably the Strelitzia should be placed in a light spot with a few hours of full sunlight. If it gets too much sunlight, the leaves will turn ugly.

2. Top 10 houseplant: The Pancake plant

The Pancake plant is a super hip houseplant with a great look! A small but nice top 10 houseplant. The leaves of the Pancake plant look like small pancakes, this makes it a special houseplant. The Pancake plant gives a retro look to a room but the atmosphere that this houseplant brings is largely dependent on the pot in which you put it. It is not a large houseplant and looks nice on any table, windowsill or wall unit. The Pancake plant is a suitable houseplant to start your urban jungle with or to expand it of course. You have little to worry about with the Pancake plant. This houseplant loves to get a nice splash of water once a week. It is not a very thirsty plant, so make sure that there is no water at the bottom of the pot! The right location is very important for the Pancake plant, it does not need much sun but indirect light is important!

3. Top 10 houseplant: The Philodendron 

The Philondendron houseplant cannot be missed in our top 10 houseplants. There are so many different species, sizes and colors that there is always a houseplant that suits you! However, our favorite among the Philondrons is the Philodendron Verrucosum. This houseplant is about 30 centimeters high but its leaves can even grow larger than its length. So it really is a houseplant with large leaves. The Philodendron Verrucosum also originally comes from the jungles of South America. Because of its tropical origin, this houseplant does like the necessary moisture, both a watering and a sprinkling once a week are more than welcome. It is best to place the Philodendron Verrucosum in a spot with a little more shade, so it is ideal for a dark corner of your home.

4. Top 10 houseplant: The orchid

The Orchid, who does not know this famous top 10 houseplant? Say what a picture, color, beautiful flowers and also low maintenance. Actually we only see plus points for the Orchid, of each color there is an Orchid to be found! Nowadays there are between 25.000 and 30.000 different varieties. Now you will think that they cannot all need the same care. The majority of the Orchids need the same care, so it is easy if you are a fan of the Orchid.

We recommend to always pour the water on the base and not on the plant itself. It's even better to take the plant out of its pot (if possible) and put the whole root ball in the water for 5 to 10 minutes. This allows the roots to absorb the water properly and also prevents the plant from standing in a layer of water.

5 . Top 10 houseplant: The Anthuriums


We'll stay in the flowering houseplants for a while but the Anthuriums is a great mix between flowers and greenery. Definitely an addition to the top 10 houseplants. The Anthurium is a great tropical houseplant and is known for its beautiful flowers. The Anthurium originates in the tropical rainforests of South America and there are around 600 different species of Anthuriums. The Anthurium is also one of the few houseplants that blooms throughout the year. Apart from the fact that this houseplant has a particularly beautiful appearance, it does not require much attention and is therefore easy to care for. However, it is important that the soil always remains moist and does not dry out. 

This houseplant likes the necessary daylight. Put the Anthurium therefore in a light place but without direct sunlight for optimal growth.

6. Top 10 houseplant: The Banana plant 

The Banana plant or Banana tree is also known as the Musa and it is a real tropical top 10 houseplant. This popular houseplant can be found everywhere nowadays and is a real eye catcher in your home with its large leaves. It is even possible that bananas grow on your Banana plant! The Banana plant is a plant that needs a lot of care. Give it enough love and care and you will enjoy your Banana Plant for a long time. The Banana plant is a houseplant that comes from the tropics. And that's why the Banana plant is a great lover of water. Not only watering it with a watering can but also watering it once a week will help the houseplant stay healthy!

7. Top 10 houseplant: The Sansevieria

The Sansevieria or according to its original name the Dracaena trifasciata is originally from Africa. In the Netherlands we call this top 10 houseplant the Vrouwentong and in Belgium it is also called Wijventong. The Sansevieria is one of the strongest houseplants you can buy and is really only "dead" by too much water. It is a special houseplant and recognizable by its sturdy, pointed leaves that grow upright. 

Sansevierias consume very little water and when in doubt about watering, it's best to skip it once. The soil may be dry before you water the Sansevieria again. In terms of location, the Sansevieria is not very picky, lots of sun or lots of shade, it doesn't really care.

8. Top 10 houseplant: The Pineapple Plant 

The Pineapple plant is an all-time-favorite and perhaps has the cutest look of all. This little top 10 houseplant instantly brings summer into your home! 

Of course, the Pineapple Plant is recognizable by the small pineapple that grows from the plant. The Pineapple plant comes from the Bromelia family. A Bromelia plant is a plant species known for its beautiful flowers and colors. Fortunately, taking care of a pineapple plant is not a complicated task. Pineapple plants do not need a lot of water. So first check carefully whether your Pineapple plant really needs water. The position of the pineapple plant is very important. The Bromelia pineapple plant likes a nice warm and light spot. Avoid the fierce midday sun. The pineapple plant doesn't like too much light and UV rays, which can cause it to burn.

9. Top 10 houseplant: Dracaena

The Dracaena, dragon tree or dragon plant is a well-known top 10 houseplant. The Dracaena got the name Dragon Tree because the leaves of the plant in some species can have a red color. The Dragon's Blood Tree is native to areas in Africa and Central America. The Dracaena is a plant that looks beautiful and tropical and at the same time requires very little care. It is therefore truly a lout-proof houseplant. In winter the Dracaena only needs water once every 3 to 6 weeks. This depends on the temperature in which the plant is placed and how dry the soil is. So only water the Dragon Tree in the winter when the soil is dry!  The location of the Dracaena is not very important to get a healthy houseplant. The Dragon's Blood Tree is a true shade plant and can easily grow in a place where there is always shade.

10. Top 10 houseplant: money tree plant

Last but not least in the list of our top 10 houseplants comes the Money Tree plant. How cool is the stem of this amazing houseplant? You just keep looking at it!? Originally this eye-catcher comes from the swamps of South America but nowadays it can be found in almost all continents. Besides the cool looks of this houseplant there is another advantage, because it is a very easy houseplant to take care of. The Geldboom plant only needs a splash of water once every three weeks. The tree stores water in its stem. The Geldboom plant likes the necessary sunlight and warmth. Be careful with direct sunlight because this can be too much of a good thing for this green pearl.


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