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Popular indoor and outdoor plants

For plants that can be placed both inside and outside Green Bubble is the place to be.
These indoor plants can be put outside in the summer for some extra energy.
We put the flowers (uhh... plants) outside!

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When you put the houseplant outside, it is wise to let it get used to its new location. Therefore, do not immediately put it in full sunlight. This can burn the leaves and the plant will not like this. Make sure that you bring the plant back inside with a temperature of below 15 degrees.

When you put the plant outside, it will of course also receive more light than when it is inside. More light = more water consumption. Therefore, make sure that the plant gets enough water. This way you prevent dehydration of your showpiece and it can continue to grow.

Do you find it difficult or exciting to choose via our website? From our greenhouse we can send live photos of the plants we have. That way you can watch and choose which plant you like best. The chosen plant will be the one we send. Send us a WhatsApp message via +31686863976.

Plants that can stand both indoors and outdoors

Strelitzia (Paradijsvogelplant)

The Strelitzia, also called the Bird of Paradise plant , originates from South Africa but is nowadays often found on the coast of Spain. The Strelitzia is known for its cracks in the leaf which are a protective measure. The cracks in the leaf prevent an entire stem from breaking off with every gust of wind. Since the plants on the coast grow in the wind, this is a very clever way for the Strelitzia to protect itself.

The Strelitzia can easily be placed in the garden in summer, nice in the sun. The Strelitzia does not have to slowly get used to the sunlight because the plant is used to direct sunlight. The Strelitzia is one of the few plants that is grown under direct sunlight. The plant even needs this to stay beautiful. Give the Strelitzia enough water and bring it in at a temperature of below 15 degrees Celsius.

Bananenplant (Musa)

The Banana Plant, or the Musa , is originally from Southeast Asia and Australia but is also widely found in Tropical areas. The Musa can tolerate a lot of sunlight and is therefore very suitable for standing outside in the summer. This plant can also stand in full sunlight. Given its tropical origin, the Musa is used to this. Make sure that the Banana Plant receives enough water and bring it back in at a temperature that drops below 15 degrees Celsius.

European Olea Olijfboom

Where most olive trees actually have to be outside to stay beautiful, the Olea Europea  can  also act as a houseplant. The olive tree gives a great Mediterranean atmosphere to your home and in the summer you can grab some extra hours of sunshine in the garden or your balcony. With good care and enough sunlight, the olive tree can grow small olives even in the Netherlands. The Olea Europea needs to get enough water, it consumes more water than other plants, partly due to the sunlight it catches. Make sure that the soil remains slightly moist, but make sure that the roots are not flooded.

Location of the Olive Tree

The Olive Tree is not difficult to care for. However, it is important that the tree is placed in a sunny place. Due to its Mediterranean origin, the Olive Tree is used to full sun and can use all available hours of sunshine in the Netherlands to stay beautiful and healthy. In case of a shortage of sunlight, the Olive Tree will lose its leaves and to replenish this, the olive tree will need a lot of time.

Watering the Olive Tree

Due to its sunny location, the Olive Tree will consume more water than other trees. In the summer, the tree may therefore receive enough water. The amount is different per tree. They remain living products and one tree may be more thirsty than the other. Make sure that the soil remains slightly moist, but do not give too much water. Too much water can lead to root rot and this will not do the Olive Tree any good.

Is the Olive Tree hardy?

The Olive Tree is hardy to about minus 7 degrees Celsius. With the cold days we recommend wrapping the trunk and soil with a specially designed cover, plastic film or a jute bag. This way you prevent the tree from freezing to pieces. Let the Olive Tree air every few days so that no moisture accumulates under it, which can cause mold.

Tips for putting indoor plants outside

When you are going to put an indoor plant outside, it is important to know what the best location for the plant is. Can the plant be in full sun right away or does it first have to get used to its new place? Can the plant stand in the sun at all or does it prefer to be in a spot in the shade? Make sure you are aware of your green friend's needs and ensure proper care. This is to avoid disappointments.

Most indoor plants that can be placed outside have a Tropical origin.
This means that they are used to a warmer climate. We recommend bringing the plants back in when the temperature drops below 15 degrees Celsius. This way you ensure that the cold does not affect the plant and you can enjoy the plant for a long time.

Remember that the plant captures more light outside. More light = more water consumption. Make sure that the soil of the plant always remains slightly moist. You can water the plant more than you do when it is inside, unless it rains heavily of course. 

Buy a plant at Green Bubble

If you are looking for a beautiful plant for both indoors and outdoors, we are happy to help you at Green Bubble. We always ensure that our plants are healthy and of the best quality. Through our direct collaborations with growers, we can achieve this. With our special delivery service, we deliver the plant to your home at a delivery time of your choice. Order your plants easily online and Join the Green Bubble.

Do you want to choose a plant yourself by means of live photos and / or a video?
Send us a Whatsapp message on +31686863976 and we will send a number of copies from the greenhouse to choose from.



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