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Plants in pot or basket

To make it easy for you, you can now also order plants with matching ornamental pot. There is a choice of various Artstone, terra and ceramic pots. From black to white and from curry to rosé. Which pot will you choose?

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Buying a houseplant is 1 thing but buying a matching pot so it becomes a beautiful whole is something else. How easy is it to buy a great houseplant together with a pot or basket in one go? That way your new green friend is ready to shine in any room in one go. 

At Green-Bubble we have a nice range of houseplants in a pot or basket but we also have a large assortment of special pots and baskets. 

Houseplant in pot with watering system 

Apart from the 'normal' pots and baskets, we also have super smart pots, because these smart pots have a watering system. By means of this watering system, you will only have to water the plant it will house once every two months. You want this one, don't you! 

Besides the handy watering system, the pot for a potted houseplant or basket itself is also very functional, as it is break-proof, feather-light and UV-resistant. These unique pots come in three different colours; green, grey and white and in two different shapes; Lechuza round and Lechuza cube. In short, a trendy pot suitable for anyone who sometimes forgets his green friend.

Artstone pots for a houseplant in pot or basket

Artstone pots, you have probably seen them before. These pots appear to be made of stone and therefore look plumb heavy. Nothing could be further from the truth, Artstone pots are made of a mixture of Resin and crushed stone. The final product results in a plastic-like substance that is lightweight. Each Artstone pot is unique and has its own pattern. So your potted houseplant will shine great in this one.

Besides the beautiful appearance of the Artstone pots, they also have a handy built-in drainage system. Many plants in a pot or basket are sensitive to excess water, which often results in root rot. The drainage system prevents your green friend from getting wet feet. Even when there is a shortage of water on dry days, the drainage system will still help water the plant in a pot or basket. To spare the drainage system, you can remove the plug under the pot and the water will flow away.

In short, a handy and clever plant pot that will support your potted houseplant when you can't. Another advantage of these Artstone pots is that it doesn't matter whether you put them inside or outside. Handy, then, if you want to take your plant outside in the summer months, you don't have to repot it. 

Ceramic pots for a potted houseplant 

Ceramic is a collective term for all objects that are or were made of fired clay.  The term Ceramic comes from the Greek word 'Keramos', which stands for potters' clay or work that is made of earth. Ceramics are known for their aesthetic qualities and highly durable nature. Ceramic pots are resistant to all weather conditions. Moreover, they are colourfast and absolutely not harmful to nature because they are natural. Ceramic pots, if you don't drop them broken, will last more than 100 years! 

Nowadays, ceramic pots have super nice treatments and are often glazed, making them shine beautifully. So your potted houseplant will shine in one of our ceramic pots.

Terra pots for a potted houseplant 

Terra pots also fall under ceramic pots, but terra is always unglazed and easily recognisable by its orange/red colour. Terra pots always bring atmosphere with them, especially when they contain a beautiful plant. The official name of Terra is Terracotta and it originates from Italy. Freely translated, Terracotta means 'earth baked'. Terracotta is unglazed pottery made of red-fired clay and it is quite fragile. Terracotta can be made from any clay anywhere in the world. Making a beautiful Terra pot, however, requires craftsmanship. Beautiful patterns, edges and drawings can be made in the clay. After one is satisfied with the shape and any decorations, the clay needs to dry for a few days. After the drying process, the object can be put in an oven. This kiln should have a temperature between 900 and 1100 degrees Celsius. 

Terracotta production goes back centuries, with the first pieces of Terracotta dating back 3,000 years. Terracotta used to be used for everything, it was an everyday utensil. It was used to store foodstuffs but also oil and wine. Later, the fired clay was used for even wider purposes and even roofs and kilns were made from it.

With Ceramic and Terra pots, always keep in mind the drainage what water, make sure you use Hydro grains or use another way that the water does not stay at the bottom of the pot.


Baskets for a houseplant in basket

Nowadays it is also very trendy to place your green friends in a basket, this gives a trendy look. The baskets at Green-Bubble are made of different raw materials. For example, our Yoshiko basket is made of 100% seagrass and Noah's basket is made of reed. All baskets for your houseplant in basket are high-quality and beautifully woven. If you are looking for a basket with just that little bit extra, the Vic basket might be for you! This basket is two-coloured and has handles, making it stand out a little more. If you are not so fond of braided baskets, the Ludo basket might suit you. Ludo is made of a beautiful strong fabric and brings the Mediterranean atmosphere with it.

Most of the baskets for sale at Green-Bubble have a plastic inner cover so you don't have to worry about wet spots under the basket. Should your purchased basket not have a plastic inner sleeve, we recommend the following: take a bag large enough to cover the entire inside of the basket. Make a layer of Hydro grains at the bottom of the basket to avoid a layer of water. Place the potting soil on top and plant your green friend in the basket. Voilà a trendy basket where your new houseplant will have a great time.

You can put the houseplant in the basket both indoors and outdoors, but we do not recommend putting baskets outside all year round. The basket will last longer if it is placed inside during the autumn and winter months. During these months it often rains and this will not benefit the (often natural) material of the basket.

The baskets at Green-Bubble are available in many different sizes, so there will always be a suitable basket for your plant.

Metal pots for a potted houseplant

Nowadays, metal pots are also extremely popular to house your green friend. With metal, any shape, pattern, relief and colour is possible. At Green-Bubble we have a wide range of metal pots that also respond to the latest trends such as; pots with bright colours, pots with a rusty look, pots with a concrete look and pots in high gloss. For instance, if you are looking for a real eye-catcher, the Elisa Mystic Green is probably something for you. This potted houseplant is available in three different sizes and you won't get bored with its beautiful colours and patterns. However, if you are looking for a slightly quieter variant that also has a rusty look, the Elisa Mystic Bronz is probably the one for you! Now, should you still be looking for a slightly fancier pot then maybe Jenna or Kody is right up your alley. Both pots are high-gloss and will add real value to any interior.

Ask us for advice

When you want to pimp up your home with a plant and basket or pot, it is sometimes difficult to choose from our large selection. That is why we are happy to help you choose. Call or Whatsapp us for advice at 06-23740835 or send an e-mail to [email protected]. You can also fill in our contact form.

Buy plants in a pot or basket at Green-Bubble

Are you looking for a beautiful, healthy and rock-solid potted houseplant? Then you've come to the right place at Green Bubble! The moment you buy one of our flowering eye-catchers, you naturally want a beautiful and fresh plant. At Green Bubble we work directly with growers so we can guarantee the freshness of our houseplants. We strive to deliver healthy and high-quality plants to our customers every day. This means you get your houseplant delivered as fresh and good as possible!

Want to buy a houseplant but don't feel like going to your local garden shop? We understand that, which is why we ship your flowering houseplant directly to you, free of charge! Buying a houseplant is easy in our webshop, where you can buy different kinds of plants of the highest quality! 

Easy ordering and great houseplants, that's what Green Bubble stands for. Want to buy a great houseplant? Join the Green Bubble! 


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