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Plants bedroom

Considering putting plants in the bedroom? Good idea! Although it is often claimed that plants in the bedroom are unhealthy, this is not the case. Plants are actually healthy because they have a cleansing effect on the air in your room.

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Create a nice environment with plants in your bedroom. The bedroom is a place where you can completely relax and where you can withdraw. In this space, a nice atmosphere is important. Besides a comfortable bed, bedroom plants also contribute to this. 

There was a time when scientists advised against putting plants in your bedroom. During the day, plants need light to start their photosynthesis, which takes carbon dioxide from the air and produces oxygen. At night when there is no light this does not work. Because of the absence of light, scientists thought the plant would use a lot of oxygen. However, after a study it was found that the plant only takes such a small amount of oxygen out of the air at night that we don't have to worry about it. A bedroom plant in your bedroom gives many benefits. When you place plants in your bedroom, in many cases it can provide:

Better air quality
Reduction of stress
A better smell 
A better quality of sleep 

But similarly, there are a number of plants that bring a specific benefit. For example, the Pineapple plant is known as the 'anti-snoring plant'. So if you suffer from a snoring partner or maybe even pet, then the Pineapple plant is the perfect bedroom plant for you!

The big question now, of course, is which plant species is best to place in the bedroom. Think for example of the tropical Aloe Vera, the fun Grass Lily or the sturdy Sansevieria. The answer is: all plants, actually all plants are suitable for your bedroom. Some plants are just more suitable because they contribute to a better oxygen quality. Read on quickly and find out our all-time bedroom plants!  

The Sansevieria as a bedroom plant

The Sansevieria is actually the most ideal plant for the bedroom if you go for the most functionality. This is because the Sansevieria is 1 of the few plants that produces more oxygen at night than during the day. Another nice touch is this carbon monoxide killer is almost impossible to destroy, it is a very strong plant. Originally, the Sansevieria comes from faraway Africa and is also called 'Woman's tongue'. This green houseplant has beautiful long stems with white stripes on the side. Perfect for a retro or minimalist interior. 

The Sansevieria is the definition of an easy houseplant and is therefore truly easy-care. Even the biggest survivors need occasional attention.  Absolutely do not overwater the Sansevieria! In fact, this bedroom plant is not very thirsty at all. When in doubt about a new watering, we recommend you wait a while. The location of the Sansevieria does not really matter to it. Lots of sun or shade, it can handle it all. However, light is essential for the growth and leaves of the Sansevieria. We do not recommend a full shade location to promote the beauty and growth of the Sansevieria. 

The Aloe Vera as a bedroom plant

The Aloe Vera was closely scrutinized by space agency NASA several years ago. After a study, it was found that the Aloe Vera plant is the most air-purifying plant. This plant also removes many harmful substances from the air caused by paint and other chemical products! 

The Aloe Vera is native to Africa and the Arabian peninsulas. The Aloe is a succulent plant with thickened leaves where the plant stores nutrients and its healing juice. The Aloe Vera plant is a special plant, not only because of its special and healing side effects but also because of its appearance. This bedroom plant looks like a Cactus with its blue-green pointed, spiny leaves. However, this is not the Aloe Vera, they are succulents and belong to the affodili family. These bedroom plants originally grow in poor and dry soil which is why they are also called 'Desert Lily'.

The Aloe Vera is an easy plant to maintain, this is because it is a succulent. Thus, the Aloe Vera plant stores water in its thick and jelly-like leaves. In the period from April to October, this houseplant needs some watering because this is the growing season. A watering is only needed when the entire soil has dried out. From October to March, this houseplant can go weeks without water. Too much water can quickly become fatal to the Aloe Vera, so make sure that a layer of water is not left in the pot. Too much water in combination with too little light can quickly lead to root rot. 

The spoon plant as a bedroom plant 

The Spoon plant is one of the most air purifying plants in existence and besides the fact that this plant is good for the air quality it is also beautiful. So with the Spoon plant you actually kill two birds with one stone!  

Originally, this bedroom plant comes from the Amazon. When the Amazon overflows its banks, the Spoon plant can even survive underwater! Besides being an easy houseplant to care for, it is impossible to let the Spoon plant drown. It can withstand a moist soil and it needs this too! So root rot will not easily occur with this bedroom plant.

Besides that the Spoon plant needs to get enough water, it will also benefit its health when it is regularly sprinkled. He is originally accustomed to a high humidity that is not found in our (bed) rooms. So give the Spoon plant a hand and water it once a week.

The Calathea plant as a bedroom plant

The Calathea plant is slightly less good at purifying air but ensures that you get an ideal sleep rhythm. This plant closes its leaves when it is time to go to sleep and opens its leaves again when the first rays of light reach it.

The Calathea Warscewiczii is a houseplant that needs more attention and care than any other houseplant. However, you get in return a very special houseplant that will stand out in any room. The top of its oval shaped leaves are green and each has its own pattern. The underside of these leaves are deep purple. Originally, the Calathea plants come from the Amazon region and are true shade plants. Despite being a shade plant, the Calathea Warscewiczii consumes a relatively large amount of water. It is better to give this houseplant small amounts of water several times rather than a large amount at one time. As mentioned, the Calathea Warscewiczii needs little light, so it is the perfect plant for a bare corner in your bedroom. 

Monstera Pertusum XL as a bedroom plant 

If you have just a little more space in your bedroom and are looking for a striking type check out the Monstera Pertusum XL. The Monstera Pertusum is perhaps one of the most popular of all plants. This originally tropical houseplant is an addition to any space. Because of its height the Monstera Pertusum is a real eye-catcher within your urban jungle. As long as the soil around the houseplant is slightly moist, then this beautiful bedroom plant is already satisfied. Give the Monstera a splash of water every week. In return, this air purifier will give you fresh and pure air to sleep in!

Place this bedroom plant in a light spot but not in direct sunlight. Otherwise you risk burning the leaves of this green houseplant.

The melon plant as a bedroom plant 

This crazy plant is ideal as a green accent in your bedroom and it looks super hip too! It looks like little watermelons are growing on this green houseplant. The melon plant is a real easy houseplant. Yet even this bedroom plant needs a little love now and then. Water this melon plant once a week and this green houseplant will be eternally grateful. The melon plant likes to shine in the sun but does not like direct sunlight. So find a light spot for this houseplant where the sun does not shine directly on it. 

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