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Hanging plants

Let it hang out and give your interior a boost with one of our cool hanging plants. When you think of a hanging plant, you might think of an ivy or other type of hanging plant. But did you know that there are a lot of hip hanging plants for indoors nowada

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A hanging plant gives an extra dimension to your interior. When you think of a hanging plant, you may first think of an ivy or another type of hanging plant for outdoor use, but nowadays it is completely hip to have a hanging plant inside your house! A hanging plant is a type of plant that has many different species. In principle, any houseplant can  serve as a hanging plant, but hanging a large plan may not be a very practical idea. Fortunately, there are special hanging plants that are also really suitable as a hanging plant. A hanging plant on the cabinet is also an option. In this case, the hanging plant will grow down and hang over your closet, as it were.

There are many different hanging plants for indoor use. For example, small hanging plants that do not take up as much space or strong hanging plants that are very easy to care for. Indoor hanging plants fit into any space in your home. A hanging plant gives a nice extra green dimension to your interior. Read on to learn more about hanging plants!

Care of a hanging plant

The maintenance of a hanging plant is not much different than for a normal plant. Be careful not to give the hanging plant too much water in a pot with holes, then it can drip! Take your hanging plant down every now and then to see if the leaves still look good! If the leaves of the hanging plant are yellow, this is often a sign that the plant gets too much light. If the leaves of the hanging plant show brown spots or edges, this is almost always a sign of too much water.

Furthermore, the care of a hanging plant differs per species. Some hanging plants like shade and other hanging plants would like more light. If your hanging plant likes enough light, hang the plant close to a window so that enough sun rays fall on the hanging plant. The hanging plant is a perfect and trendy plant for your home! Because there are many different types of hanging plants, there is a nice green hanging plant for every plant lover!

Ideal places for your hanging plant inside the house

A hanging plant can look nice in any room in your house. For example, a hanging plant is nice to hang in a bedroom, but hanging plants can also hang above your bed, for example! It's just where you want your hanging plant to be. A hanging plant can also function as a normal houseplant. For example, you can also put a hanging plant in a bowl or in a nice pot. The effect you get is that the hanging plant runs over the pot! This is very graceful for example on a cupboard or on a large table. Hanging plants are also very cool in a hall. For example, you can hang the hanging plants from the ceiling so that you create a green entrance. 

Hanging plant in your living room

A hanging plant in your living room gives a cool 3D effect to your interior. Hanging a hanging plant really gives the idea that you are in a jungle! There are many hanging plants that are ideal for indoor use. If you want to enjoy your hanging plant for a long time and do not want to look too much at your hanging plant, strong indoor hanging plants are perfect for you. There are also hanging plants that appreciate shade. These hanging plants are therefore perfect for living rooms that are decorated darkly!

Hanging plant in your kitchen

A hanging plant in your kitchen gives a fresh green atmosphere to your kitchen interior! An example of a nice hanging plant for the kitchen is the Rhipsalis. The Rhipsalis is a strong hanging plant for inside the house. The Rhipsalis is an easy hanging plant that can grow well in the shade and needs little care. This hanging plant gives a healthy and sustainable vibe to your kitchen! Maybe you will eat healthier with some green hanging plants in your neighborhood! 

Hangplant and is a badkamer

If you are looking for hanging for your bathroom, there are perfect hanging plant species that love high humidity! A hanging plant that likes to always have slightly moist soil is the Scindapsus. This hanging plant has beautiful round leaves and grows beautifully by means of suckers that hang down! Different fern species are also ideal hanging plants for your bathroom. This hanging plant also likes sufficient humidity and water. So make sure that these green hanging plants get enough water! The vapor from your bathtub or shower cabin will not be enough for the plant to survive. 

Hanging plant in your bedroom

A hanging plant in your bedroom provides that healthy and green look to your bedroom interior. Air-purifying hanging plants are perfect for your bedroom! These hanging plant species filter toxins from the air in your bedroom and at the same time they provide more oxygen and humidity. The Peperomia is a plant type with many different species. The Peperomia hanging plant is a hanging plant that is good at purifying the air! This green hanging plant is also known for its nice various leaves.

Different types of hanging plants

There are many different types of hanging plants that all have unique properties. Think, for example, of hanging plants that bloom or hanging plants that need very little light and maintenance. Because there are so many different types of hanging plants, it is a perfect plant for every kind of plant lover!

Strong hanging plants

Strong hanging plants are ideal for people who do not have such green fingers and where it could still happen that the hanging plant falls off somewhere! No problem, strong hanging plants are there to save you. A perfect strong hanging plant is the Rhipsalis. This is a hanging plant species that needs very little care and can really take a beating! This green hanging plant is known for its hanging green branches.

Small hangplantjes

Do you have less space in your house but do you still want to hang or place a nice hanging plant? Small hanging plants do not take up that much space but are still very nice and still give that famous green dimension to your interior. Examples of small hanging plants are, for example, the Peperomia hanging plants. These come in all kinds and is a very hip and trendy little hanging plant! 

Bloeiende hangplanten

Hanging plants are generally mainly very green. While green hanging plants are nice, the flowering character of many species is a bit lacking. Fortunately, there are certain flowering hanging plants for indoor use! You wouldn't say it right away, but the Rhipsalis is a hanging plant that can indeed bloom! If he feels completely at home, hundreds of small white flowers can appear on the plant! Furthermore, there are not many types of flowering hanging plants for indoor use, but it is of course always possible to turn a flowering houseplant into a flowering hanging plant that you hang inside! A little creativity works wonders.

Pots for your hanging plant

Of course, you want your hanging plant to hang stable and be in a strong pot. With a hanging plant pot it is essential that there is a plastic cover in the hanging plant pot or that there are no holes in the bottom of the pot. The moment you have a hanging plant pot without a plastic cover or with holes at the bottom, it is quite possible that if you are going to water it will drip out again at the bottom! You also want the hanging plant pot to hang stable. If you do not have a place to hang your hanging plant, you can always choose to put your hanging plant in a normal pot. The hanging plant will not hang that but will spread over the surface where the hanging plant stands.

Buy a hanging plant at Green Bubble

Are you planning to add an extra green dimension to your interior through hanging plants? Then you've come to the right place at Green Bubble! Thanks to our direct cooperation with growers, we can offer you the hippest, trendiest and best hanging plants.

We are completely enthusiastic about fun and healthy hanging plants. Don't feel like buying hanging plants at a garden centre? No worries, at Green Bubble you can easily order hanging plants online. Also, all orders over € 20,- are delivered free of charge!

You can easily order different hanging plants online at Green Bubble. Often you have also delivered it quickly at home! Ease of ordering and beautiful hanging plants, that is what Green Bubble stands for. Do you want to buy a nice hanging plant? Join the Green Bubble!


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